6 best animal shelters in Denver

June 11, 2021 - 4 min read
Dog waiting for a family

6 Best Animal Shelters in Denver

When you adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter, you save two lives. By rescuing your new family member, another dog in need gets a second chance to find a home with the spot yours left behind. While it may take a little time to find your perfect match, you can be sure that foster parents and shelter volunteers keep the dog’s best interest at heart. From personality to pedigree, the adoption application process provides rescue organizations the tools they need to help you find a perfect match.

Whether you’re adding to your pack or are adopting for the first time, here are six Denver-area animal shelters to consider:

Big Dogs, Huge Paws Rescue

Email: wecare@bigdogshugepaws.com

Address: P.O. Box 761, Larkspur, CO 80118

Phone: 303-322-4336

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp

This foster-only giant breed rescue group operates in 10 states with nearly 2,000 volunteers. The group focuses their efforts on specific breeds including Anatolian Shepherds, Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Leonbergers, Mastiffs, Newfoundlands, Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish Deerhounds. If interested, prepare for a comprehensive application process and have patience. Additionally, the organization encourages potential adopters to have an open mind when it comes to applying for a specific animal because each one has different needs.

Dumb Friends League

Email: https://www.ddfl.org/contact-us/

Address: 2080 S. Quebec St. Denver, CO 80231

Phone:  303-751-5772

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Founded in 1910, Dumb Friends League is the largest community-based animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region. In addition to placing adoptable cats and dogs, the rescue organization also rehabilitates and places horses from its 168-acre facility in Franktown, Colorado. According to its website, Dumb Friends League has one of the highest placement rates for homeless animals in the country, helping to place over 18,000 small animals and 200 horses in 2019 alone.

Foothills Animal Shelter

Email: info@fas4pets.org

Address: 580 McIntyre St., Golden

Phone: 303-278-7575

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This open-admission shelter is committed to the Socially Conscious Animal Community movement (a framework for treating animals respectfully and creating the best outcome for pets) and its staff and volunteers serve as a community resource for all pet parents in Jefferson County. Open-admission shelters take in any animal in need, and Foothills offers a variety of services including pet adoption, pet licensing, affordable spaying and neutering, vaccinations, microchipping and reuniting lost pets.


Cat adoption center address: 720 W. 10th Ave.

Cat adoption center phone: 720-266-6081

Dog adoption center address: 1005 Galapago St.

Dog adoption center phone: 303-595-4917

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When a veterinarian’s client asked him to help save an injured dog and paid for the stray’s emergency care, MaxFund Animal Adoption Center was born. Donations started small, via donated services, yard sales and a collection plate in the vet office, but over time grew into an organization leading the no-kill movement in Colorado. In addition to a foster network and adoption services, MaxFund provides inexpensive vaccinations, pet food, and spay/neuter clinics for pets of lower-income families as well as a pet therapy program for veterans and senior citizens.

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue

Email: Contact

Address: 10021 E. Iliff Ave., Aurora, CO 80247

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This Denver-area animal shelter works to pull younger dogs from high-kill shelters in surrounding states, including New Mexico, Kansas, Texas, Wyoming and Utah. All dogs live with foster parents until they are adopted. Since its inception in 2010, the Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue has saved over 6,000 lives.

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

Address: 2390 S Delaware St, Denver, CO 80223

Phone: (303) 744-6076

Social: Facebook

If you’ve got your heart set on giving a cat a loving home, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue cares for thousands of abandoned, abused, neglected, and homeless cats and kittens. The rescue partners with shelters across the country to provide a safe haven for cats, including those with  Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), two viruses that are treatable but require veterinary care. Kittens and undersocialized cats receive the social skills they need with loving fosters until they find their forever homes.

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