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Soaring vet bills? ManyPets insurance for cats in need

The cat's out of the bag: ManyPets can reimburse cat parents* for accidents and illnesses

  • Fast direct deposit reimbursements
  • No hidden fees; no annual payout limits
  • Choose any licensed vet
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Good news. We accept all veterinarians.

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What does cat insurance cover?

ManyPets offers top-ranked** pet insurance for cats, covering care at any licensed vet. Your cat insurance policy may cover:
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Get to the root of the problem fast with your cat’s favorite vet.

A magnifying glass with a squiggly graph in it


Lab work, x-rays, MRIs, blood work and any other tests your cat needs.



Rehabilitation, chiropractic treatment, or even acupuncture, so long as a vet prescribes it.

A stomach half full with fluid

Digestive illnesses

Get covered for your cat’s tummy or intestinal issues.

A bone breaking in half

Broken bones

Accidents happen. We’ve got your cat’s back, even if it’s in a brace.

A cancer cell

Cancer treatments

Get covered for (very costly) radiation treatments, surgeries, and chemotherapy.

A DNA helix

Hereditary conditions

It doesn’t matter if your cat got it from his mom or dad - we’ll cover it if it's not a pre-existing condition.

A heart with an exclamation mark

Congenital conditions

If your cat was born with it and it's not a pre-existing condition, we’ll take care of it.

A medication bottle

Prescription meds

If a vet prescribes medication, we’ve got it covered.

A closer look

How does ManyPets cat insurance compare to the competition?

Here's how ManyPets stacks up against other pet insurance companies

Many Pets NationwidePetsBestHealthyPawsLemonade
Policy Details
No Annual Limits
Not included Included Included Included
No Condition-Specific Waiting Periods
Included Not included Not included Not included
No fees (Sign-up, Interest, Claims-handling)
IncludedCosts ExtraCosts Extra Included
Accident & Illness
Sick Visit Exam Fees
Included Included Not includedCosts Extra
Pre-existing conditions 18 Mos12 MosPost 18 MosAnytime Before Policy12 Mos
Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Included Included Not includedOptional
Dental Illness
Not included Included Not included Not included
Hereditary Conditions
Not included Included Included Included
Diagnostic Testing
Included Included Included Included
Vet Specialists
Included Not included Included Included
Cancer Treatment
Included Included Included Included
Wellness Plan
Routine Checkups
Included Included Not included Included
Preventive care
Included Included Not included Included
Dental Cleanings
Included Included Not included Included
Holistic Care
Included Not included Not included Included
Customer service
Live Chat Available
Not included Included Not included Not included
24/7 Tele-Vet Coming Soon Included Included Not included Not included

Comparisons are based on quotes manually taken from each competitor's website in 2022. These are subject to change at any time.

Forbes Advisor 2023. America's best pet insurance company. ManyPets was awarded 5 stars

Forbes' #1 Pet Insurance Company for 2023

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Why ManyPets cat insurance?

ManyPets offers nose-to-tail cat insurance* for accidents and illnesses at competitive prices with no hidden fees.

Your ManyPets cat insurance plan may also cover certain items—like accident/illness exams and treatments for dental disease—that some of our competitors don’t. And unlike many other companies, ManyPets cat insurance plans don’t place annual caps on reimbursement for approved claims.

Pre-existing conditions and insurance

Like other pet insurance companies, ManyPets doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.

However, certain past conditions may lose their “pre-existing” status if your pet has been free of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for a certain time period —18 months in most states*.

Orange cat lying down playing with toothbrushes

Insurance for your feline's chompers

Yes, ManyPets cat insurance includes coverage for dental injuries.

And unlike some of our competitors’ plans, the ManyPets pet insurance policy also includes coverage* for dental illnesses like periodontal disease.

Healthy cats start here

Safeguard your cats with just a few taps

Kitten insurance


Cat insurance

Bengal cat

We insure a wide range of cats

Here are some of the most popular cat breeds that have been insured with ManyPets:

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Save big on your fabulous feline’s preventative care

ManyPets Wellness Plan for cats

All the items healthy cats need, including:
  • Routine health exams
  • Vaccines and boosters
  • Preventatives for fleas, heartworm, and intestinal parasites
  • Professional and at-home dental care
  • Vitamins, supplements, and more

$600 in wellness benefits for $32.88 $24.99/mo

A pile of puppies climbing on each other in a pyramid

Insurance for all your woofs and meows.

ManyPets offers insurance* for dogs and cats of all ages, including puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats, and older dogs and cats. Get information on options for the whole furry family.



5-star pet insurance customer reviews from Trustpilot

From substantial reimbursements to outstanding support, hear from our customers about life in the ManyPets pack.

How we take care of your cat (and you)

Cat insurance should be easy–and now it is.

1. Visit any vet

Pick a vet, any vet. No networks, no restrictions.

2. Claim online

File an online claim in seconds anytime during or after your cat's vet visit.

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3. Get paid

Get up to 80% of your vet bill back. Yes, really. 80%.

We've got answers

Frequently asked questions about kitten and cat insurance

Why do I need insurance for my cat?

While you've heard they have nine lives, cats aren’t immune to accidents and injuries. When you also consider the fact that insuring your cat early is the best way to avoid future exclusions for pre-existing conditions, pet insurance for cats is definitely worth it.

When is the best time to buy cat insurance?

As early as possible! The earlier your kitty is insured, the longer they’ll be able to maintain insurance for emergencies*—and the more likely they’ll be able to trot through life without any exclusions for pre-existing conditions hanging over their furry heads. You can insure your kitten as early as eight weeks old.

Is pet insurance worth it for an indoor cat?

Absolutely. ManyPets cat insurance covers illnesses as well as accidents, and indoor cats can certainly fall ill with costly health conditions like parasite infections and kidney disease.

Even mishaps like tail-pull injuries or eating toxic foods can happen in the home. Insuring your cat can save you a leg and a paw—even if they’ve seen little of the world beyond their scratching post.

Why choose ManyPets over other cat insurance providers?

ManyPets will reimburse you for the high costs of diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries. This includes some very important things that many providers don’t cover, like hereditary conditions, dental illnesses, and virtual visits.

How much coverage should I get for my cat?

Great question, and the answer is: it depends on your budget and unique needs.

When you buy your policy, you’ll select an annual deductible amount and a reimbursement level percentage, both of which will affect your overall premium.

Your deductible is the initial amount deducted after the coinsurance is applied to covered items in a claim before you start getting reimbursed for coverage. A lower deductible means a somewhat higher premium, and vice versa. Unlike some insurance companies, we never use per-incident deductibles. So once you’ve met your annual deductible, it’s gone for the rest of your 12-month policy term.

Your reimbursement level amount is the percentage that you’ll be covered for on each qualified claim.  A higher reimbursement level amount means a somewhat higher premium.

You can also purchase our non-insurance Wellness plan which may help you pay for your cat's preventative care. It's a completely separate product and will not affect your insurance premium, but that's an additional cost to consider.

How much does cat insurance cost?

Pricing varies depending on multiple factors. To learn your cat’s price, just get a quote here.

What does cat insurance cover?

Cat health insurance will reimburse you for health care costs related to illnesses and accidents. This includes diagnostics, surgeries, supplies, kitty meds, and many more items and services. Learn more about what insurance covers.

What does cat insurance not cover?

Cat insurance won’t cover a claim that’s not related to an accident or illness (though our wellness add-on does cover routine preventive care). Insurance also doesn’t cover claims filed during an initial waiting period. But unlike many other providers, we will cover your cat for a pre-existing condition so long as they’ve been free of symptoms and treatment for 18 months.

For a full look at what insurance doesn’t cover, visit this article.

Do all vets accept cat insurance?

You can pick any vet you want! Just FYI, most vets don’t work directly with insurance providers. Instead, you’ll just simply submit your claim directly to ManyPets, and we’ll directly reimburse you for your vet visit.

Does cat insurance cover spaying and neutering?

No, generally, we don’t cover spaying or neutering.

Does cat insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Unlike most insurance companies, ManyPets may sometimes cover treatment for pre-existing conditions if your pet has been free of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for 18 months (this is not a guarantee; see your plan for details). Of course, the easiest way to make sure pre-existing conditions are never an issue is to insure your cat when they’re young.

Does ManyPets pet insurance cover regular or routine vet visits?

ManyPets insurance only covers vet costs related to accidents or illnesses.

However, ManyPets does offer an optional, non-insurance Wellness Plan, which can be purchased in addition to insurance. The plan reimburses routine and preventative care for pets, up to the plan's available limits.

*ManyPets analyzes every claim on its own merits, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. Exclusions apply, including those for pre-existing conditions. Only claims unrelated to an excluded treatment or condition are eligible for coverage.

**According to Forbes Advisor’s “Best Pet Insurance of 2023”