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What is ManyPets?
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Coverage information

What does ManyPets pet health insurance cover?
What about cancer?
What does ManyPets pet health insurance not cover?
Does ManyPets cover pre-existing conditions?
What’s the difference between a pet health insurance policy and a pet wellness plan?
Does ManyPets cover routine or preventative care?
What are bilateral conditions, and does ManyPets cover them?
Does ManyPets cover dental?
Does ManyPets cover hip-dysplasia?

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How does ManyPets pet insurance work?
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Will my vet accept my pet health insurance policy?
How can I cancel my pet health insurance policy?
Can I insure multiple pets?
What happens if I miss a payment?
Is my information safe?
How can I reach your team?

Claims information

How do I file a pet health insurance claim?
What documentation do you need from me?
How will I get paid for a claim?
How fast will my claim get paid?
Should I file a claim if my vet’s invoice is less than my deductible?
Will my monthly premium (price) increase after filing a claim?
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