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Is pet insurance worth it?

Pet insurance is more than just a financial cushion; it helps your pet access critical care. Is it the right choice for you and your furry family member?

What do other pet parents and vets think?

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Is pet insurance worth the cost?

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How pet insurance works

Pet insurance covers your dog or cat for unknown and unplanned accidents and illnesses. If they get hurt or sick, your insurance policy may help reimburse you for the cost of vet care, including medications and emergency surgeries.

In exchange, you pay a monthly premium, which is probably why you’re reading this page. And we get it: You’re already contending with a wide array of pet care expenses. If you add the cost of dog insurance or cat insurance to the list, what’s the upside?

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When pet insurance makes a difference

With a covered mild illness or injury, pet insurance can put a bit of money back in your pocket. But that’s the least of it.

Some emergency vet care clinics charge as much as $600 just to see your pet, and after treatment these appointments can cost well over $1,000.

Plus, major surgeries often cost multiple thousands of dollars. And some care, like cancer treatment, may cost more than $10,000. So, do potential vet bills justify the price of pet insurance?

Well, when critical treatment is beyond your budget, pet insurance may be the only tool that lets you choose treatment over the unthinkable. We’ve seen it again and again.

Do all pets really need pet insurance?


Do young, healthy dogs and cats need pet insurance?

Younger pets get sick or hurt more often than you’d think. On average, pets are just under four years old when their owners file accident or illness claims with ManyPets. Plus, insuring your pet while they’re younger means they’re less likely to encounter future exclusions for pre-existing conditions—more on this later.

Does it matter how old my pet is?

Keep in mind that prices hinge on a variety of factors. But let’s give you a general sense of how premiums can change depending on age.⁵

Meet Normy, an adorable medium-sized mixed-breed dog from Kansas City, Missouri (pretty much the exact center of the continental US).

dog drawingHere’s how Normy’s premium would vary depending on his age, assuming a $500 deductible and an 80% reimbursement percentage:

Age Monthly premium
2 months old $20.36
1 year old $18.51
2 years old $18.51
3 years old $18.51
4 years old $20.60
5 years old $24.95
6 years old $30.04
7 years old $36.29
8 years old $44.10
9 years old $53.53
10 years old $63.93
11 years old $73.62
12 years old $79.59
13 years old $79.59
14 years old $79.59

Now here’s Run-of-the-Meow, an American Shorthair cat in the same location:

cat drawing

Age Monthly premium
2 months old $12.24
1 year old $11.68
2 years old $12.27
3 years old $12.88
4 years old $13.52
5 years old $15.55
6 years old $17.89
7 years old $20.56
8 years old $23.64
9 years old $27.19
10 years old $31.28
11 years old $35.97
12 years old $41.36
13 years old $47.57
14 years old $54.70

Of course, these are just two pet breeds in one specific location. Still, this should give you a good sense of how these things change over time.

There's a reason insurance costs more for older pets: As they age, cats and dogs are more likely to develop serious health conditions that are extremely costly to treat out-of-pocket. The premiums may be higher, but in some emergencies, those costs can be a drop in the bucket compared to your insurance payouts.

What does ManyPets pet insurance cover?

ManyPets offers top-ranked¹ pet insurance coverage for dogs and cats, covering accident, illness, and emergency care at any licensed vet. Your policy may cover:
A document with a tick

Sick exams

Get to the root of any accident or illness concerns with your pet's favorite vet.

A magnifying glass with a squiggly graph in it


Lab work, x-rays, MRIs, blood work and any other tests your pet needs.

A stomach half full with fluid

Digestive illnesses

Get covered for your dog or cat's tummy or intestinal issues.

A bone breaking in half

Broken bones

Accidents happen. We’ve got your pet’s back, even if it’s in a brace.

A cancer cell

Cancer treatments

Get covered for (very costly) radiation treatments, surgeries, and chemotherapy.

A DNA helix

Hereditary conditions

It doesn’t matter if your pet got it from their mom or dad - we’ll cover it if it's not a pre-existing condition.

A heart with an exclamation mark

Congenital conditions

If your pet was born with it and it's not a pre-existing condition, we’ll take care of it.

A medication bottle

Prescription meds

If a vet prescribes medication, we’ve got it covered.


Other treatments

Rehabilitation, chiropractic treatment, hydrotherapy, or even acupuncture, so long as it's administered by a vet.

What does pet insurance actually pay you?

Looking for a more precise breakdown of costs vs. rewards?

First, we’ll tell you some of the highest claims⁴ we’ve received for common conditions.

Condition Highest individual ManyPets claim received
Hip dysplasia >$9,800
Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) >$16,000
Bloat (AKA Gastric Dilation-Volvulus) >$10,000
Luxating patella >$7,200
Cataracts >$4,600
Epilepsy >$4,100
Cruciate ligament disease >$16,000
Dental disorders >$6,700
Corneal disorders >$6,500
Bone cancer >$7,700

It’s easy to see why so many people underestimate the potential costs of vet care!

Now let’s give you a specific scenario to think about. See that $9,800 hip dysplasia claim we mentioned?

Well, we’ll be conservative and reduce that number to $5,000 (which, by the way, is not at all unusual for a major veterinary hip surgery). Here's how much that could cost with and WITHOUT pet insurance:

Hip dysplasia surgery With pet insurance Without pet insurance
Total surgery cost $5,000 $5,000
80% reimbursement level $4,000 (80% of $5,000) -
Annual deductible $500 -
Amount reimbursed $3,500 $0
Your out-of-pocket cost $1,500 $5,000

OR we can imagine a grimmer scenario: no hip dysplasia surgery—because you can’t afford it.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Dalmatian with stethescope around his neck

What impacts the cost of pet insurance?

How much IS pet insurance? Very broadly speaking, ManyPets plans often cost between $30-$50 per month for adult dogs, and between $20-$30 per month for adult cats. 

But the cost of pet insurance often changes as your pet gets older, and it can vary widely based on a number of other factors, including:

  • Coverage Selections: Your chosen reimbursement level percentage and annual deductible will affect your premiums.Generally speaking, choosing a higher reimbursement level percentage or a lower annual deductible will result in higher premiums.
  • Species: Pet insurance for cats is often less expensive than pet insurance for dogs, since cats tend to suffer from fewer health conditions.
  • Breed: With all other factors being equal, a breed that’s prone to many serious health conditions will command higher premiums than a breed that’s known to be healthier.
  • Location: Premiums tend to be higher in areas where vet care is pricier, like urban centers.
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What doesn't impact the cost of pet insurance?

There are some other factors that customers mistakenly worry will influence their pet insurance costs. Here are some things that absolutely DO NOT currently affect your premiums:

  • Your pet’s claims history

  • Past or chronic health conditions

  • Your pet’s gender

  • Time spent outdoors

  • Where you bought/adopted your pet

Is a savings account enough?

At first, lots of pet parents are confident that their bank balances can stand up to any and all vet bills.

But when push comes to shove, many are forced to use their credit cards instead. Taking care of a pet involves a wide array of expenses, from vet care to supplies to grooming.

According to one survey, more than 60% of pet owners underestimate the cost of pet parenthood, and nearly half have gone into debt to pay for pet care.

Savings account vs Pet Insurance

How do many pet parents handle unexpected expenses?²


of pet owners were caught off guard by an unexpected medical expense


of pet owners have gone into debt for their pet

origami dollar dog

Unforeseen health conditions can significantly contribute to these challenges.

When major accidents or illnesses arise, pet care costs sometimes spiral out of control. ManyPets has seen INDIVIDUAL CLAIMS for over $20,000.³

Some savings accounts can weather that kind of financial storm, but most can’t, leading to some very tough decisions we hope our pet parents never have to make.

You don't get to know in advance whether your puppy will have a long, healthy life or a challenging one full of expensive health issues.

Insurance means never having to weigh the cost of care against the wellbeing of your pet. I think that's worth the premium."

Redditor (username withheld for privacy)
A pile of puppies climbing on each other in a pyramid

Learn more about pet insurance for the whole furry fam

ManyPets offers insurance³ for dogs and cats of all ages, including puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats, and older dogs and cats. Get information on options for the whole furry family.



When should I think twice about buying pet insurance?

Look, we’re a pet insurance agency—we believe in what we offer! And if you ask us, pet insurance is worth it in the vast majority of cases. 

But there is one major factor that could make you think twice about pet insurance: Pre-existing conditions.

Why pre-existing conditions matter

Like other pet insurance offered in the market, the ManyPets insurance policy does not cover these (though we won’t consider a condition to be pre-existing if your pet has been symptom- and diagnosis-free for 18 months³).

We’re not saying a pet with pre-existing conditions shouldn’t be insured, but you should consider the scope of your pet’s conditions. It might still be worth it!

For instance, a pet with allergies might not get coverage for that specific issue, but they’d still be covered for any number of other illnesses, like cancer, if that’s not already a pre-existing condition.


Pre-existing conditions and insurance - how does it work?

ManyPets has exclusions for pre-existing conditions, but past conditions don’t always prevent future coverage. Get the details.


But if your pet has a laundry list of past illnesses, it may be tough to receive any insurance payouts on a ManyPets policy. Plus, some pre-existing conditions could affect future coverage more than you'd think. For example, a systemic issue like an autoimmune disorder could jeopardize coverage for seemingly unrelated conditions.

For these reasons, it’s wiser to maintain coverage into your pet’s senior years than to start a new policy for an older pet. If a condition is NOT pre-existing, it stays covered for as long as your pet remains continuously insured. So don't underestimate the value of getting pet insurance when your furry friend is still young. The sooner they’re insured, the fewer treatments will be off-limits from a coverage perspective.

Of course, if you have a sizable budget and you're open to taking calculated risks, this could also influence your decision on pet insurance.

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The bottom line: is pet insurance right for you?

Pet insurance is about peace of mind and preparing for what could happen, rather than just counting dollars. It empowers you to make the best healthcare decisions for your pet. It may even help you erase the phrase “economic euthanasia” from your vocabulary.

Think of it like a home security system: You hope you'll never need it, but if something does go wrong, you'll be very glad you have it. Of course, you may never face a home security emergency. But there is actually a strong chance you'll need to file a pet insurance claim at some point.

And if you don't, well, that’s good news; it means you have an extremely healthy pet.

What vets think about pet insurance

Hearing the words ‘they’re insured’ from a pet owner is such a relief to us as vets. It means we both know that the cost of treatment becomes a less significant factor in major medical decision making. Our choices get to be made primarily based on what we all agree is best for the pet.

Dr. Kirsten Ronngren, DVM MRCVS

The peace of mind that pet insurance provides is truly priceless. Unfortunately, unexpected veterinary costs do pop up, and the last thing you want to worry about is money when your focus should be on helping your pet feel better.

Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM

What do actual customers think?

Find out what ManyPets customers have to say about pet insurance.

5 out of 5
Trustpilot independent customer feedback

“So worth it”

“I’ve already recommended ManyPets to all my family and friends, because you never know what could happen to your loved animal, and it makes making tough decisions and saving your pet’s life that much easier. I can happily say I was able to save my dog’s life without having to be in financial distress. So worth it. If you love your animal, get insurance for them!”

Rachael V.
5 out of 5
Trustpilot independent customer feedback

“Thank you for saving my dog and wallet”

As a young first-time dog mom, things can get confusing, but the ManyPets staff has been extremely helpful with assisting me on any of my questions and working with me. The staff is personable and have been very sympathetic as my dog undergoes medical treatment. Thank you ManyPets for saving my dog and wallet :)

Samantha K.
5 out of 5
Trustpilot independent customer feedback

“ManyPets is a godsend”

I’ve had Pet Insurance through ManyPets for almost two years now. After one bad experience without insurance that almost destroyed my credit years ago, It’s imperative that I have coverage for my dog. ManyPets is a godsend! I pay about $30/Month and it’s worth every penny.

Alex E.
5 out of 5
Trustpilot independent customer feedback

“Happily surprised”

I was unsure if pet insurance was worth it, so I researched several different companies before committing to ManyPets. Their policy had an excellent price with no annual limit for my 3-year-old mixed breed small dog. I was also happily surprised that the price included vet fees, periodontal disease treatment, and physical therapy, which other companies charge extra for.

Lucas M.
5 out of 5
Trustpilot independent customer feedback

“They lifted a huge part of the burden”

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the support I got in one of the most difficult times of my life. I lost my dog after spending $3,000. I had purchased pet insurance just in case, for the peace of mind. When the whole ordeal was over I was so scared all my claims would be denied. My claims were all approved and I was reimbursed my portion in less than two weeks, and I later received a hand-written card with condolences for my loss. At a time I couldn’t handle any more stress, they lifted a huge part of the burden.

Elizabeth S.
5 out of 5
Trustpilot independent customer feedback

“Such a relief”

The insurance plan completely saved us when one of our dogs had a mystery illness, requiring several ER trips and a lot of expensive tests. It has been such a relief to not have to take the cost of treatment into consideration when it comes to his health.

5 out of 5
Trustpilot independent customer feedback

“Awesome pet insurance provider”

This year has been extra hard on me regarding vet visits with my dog. Based on the policy I chose, I feel that ManyPets insurance options are extremely fair, and my monthly premium is reasonable. I have made multiple claims against the insurance this year, and each time, ManyPets has processed my claims very rapidly. They are fair with regards to coverage, and they pay out approved claims reimbursements very quickly. The process to submit claims is very easy to understand.

Ashley B.
5 out of 5
Trustpilot independent customer feedback

“I can bring her to the vet without worrying about the price”

When I got my French bulldog I was so worried about the vet bills, but ManyPets has been absolutely amazing! It’s simple and straightforward. It’s been such a relief when my pet is sick knowing I can bring her to the vet without worrying about the price.

Katrina M.

Get your risk-free pet insurance quote

Pet insurance is more than just an added expense; it's an investment in your pet's well-being and your own peace of mind. And with ManyPets, you get insurance coverage without hidden fees or annual payout limits. 

Find out what it would cost to give your furry family member nose-to-tail pet insurance coverage. Get an insurance quote today.

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Save on preventative care

Speaking of healthy, you can save big on preventative care, too. Our non-insurance Wellness plan is the perfect complement to your Accident and Illness policy. Get up to $600 in annual Wellness reimbursements for covered products.

ManyPets Wellness Plan for Dogs & Cats

  • Routine exams and vaccinations
  • Prevention for fleas, ticks, and heartworm
  • Professional cleanings and at-home dental care
  • Vitamins, supplements, and more

¹According to Forbes Advisor’s “Best Pet Insurance of 2023”

²Data from Lending Tree's Pet Debt Survey, updated September 2020

³ManyPets analyzes every claim on its own merits, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. Exclusions apply, including those for pre-existing conditions. Only claims unrelated to an excluded treatment or condition are eligible for coverage. The payment received in the event of a claim depends on various factors, including the policy coverage, the specific incident, and the cost of veterinary treatment. Please review the policy terms and conditions to understand how claims are processed and what coverage is provided.

⁴Claims displayed are received from various locations and are isolated to the specific condition and specific invoices for that particular claim situation. Veterinary costs may differ depending on the location. Please note that these are not intended to represent average treatment costs for these conditions but rather serve as examples of the potential extremes in veterinary expenses.

⁵Quotes pulled October 3, 2023, from zip code 64129. The selected location and selected breed have been chosen as representative examples for demonstrating how premiums may change with age, and are intended to provide a general sense of cost trends for these factors alone only on October 3, 2023. These figures are not universally applicable to all pets or all locations, as premiums can vary based on a number of factors, including location, age, and breed, to name a few. In addition, prices are subject to change over time. For an accurate and current price, get a quote for your pet today.