Dog insurance

ManyPets insurance for minor scrapes and dog-gone emergencies

From bow-wow boo-boos to canine cataclysms, ManyPets reimburses pup parents* for life’s many accidents and illnesses.

  • Fast direct deposit reimbursements
  • No hidden fees; no annual payout limits
  • Choose any licensed vet
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What does dog insurance cover?

ManyPets offers top-ranked** pet insurance coverage for dogs, covering care at any licensed vet. Your dog insurance policy may cover:
A document with a tick


Get to the root of the problem fast with your pup’s favorite vet.

A magnifying glass with a squiggly graph in it


Lab work, x-rays, MRIs, blood work and any other tests your pup needs.



Rehabilitation, chiropractic treatment, or even acupuncture, so long as a vet prescribes it.

A stomach half full with fluid

Digestive illnesses

Get covered for your dog’s tummy or intestinal issues.

A bone breaking in half

Broken bones

Accidents happen. We’ve got your pup’s back, even if it’s in a brace.

A cancer cell

Cancer treatments

Get covered for (very costly) radiation treatments, surgeries, and chemotherapy.

A DNA helix

Hereditary conditions

It doesn’t matter if your pup got it from his mom or dad - we’ll cover it if it's not a pre-existing condition.

A heart with an exclamation mark

Congenital conditions

If your dog was born with it and it's not a pre-existing condition, we’ll take care of it.

A medication bottle

Prescription meds

If a vet prescribes medication, we’ve got it covered.

A closer look

How does ManyPets dog insurance compare to the competition?

Here's how ManyPets stacks up against other pet insurance companies

Many Pets NationwidePetsBestHealthyPawsLemonade
Policy Details
No Annual Limits
Not included Included Included Included
No Condition-Specific Waiting Periods
Included Not included Not included Not included
No fees (Sign-up, Interest, Claims-handling)
IncludedCosts ExtraCosts Extra Included
Accident & Illness
Sick Visit Exam Fees
Included Included Not includedCosts Extra
Pre-existing conditions 18 Mos12 MosPost 18 MosAnytime Before Policy12 Mos
Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Included Included Not includedOptional
Dental Illness
Not included Included Not included Not included
Hereditary Conditions
Not included Included Included Included
Diagnostic Testing
Included Included Included Included
Vet Specialists
Included Not included Included Included
Cancer Treatment
Included Included Included Included
Wellness Plan
Routine Checkups
Included Included Not included Included
Preventive care
Included Included Not included Included
Dental Cleanings
Included Included Not included Included
Holistic Care
Included Not included Not included Included
Customer service
Live Chat Available
Not included Included Not included Not included
24/7 Tele-Vet Coming Soon Included Included Not included Not included

Comparisons are based on quotes manually taken from each competitor's website in 2022. These are subject to change at any time.

Forbes Advisor 2023. America's best pet insurance company. ManyPets was awarded 5 stars

Forbes' #1 Pet Insurance Company for 2023

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Why ManyPets dog insurance?

ManyPets offers nose-to-tail dog health insurance* for accidents and illnesses at competitive prices with no hidden fees.

Your ManyPets dog health plan may also cover certain items—like accident or illness exams and treatments for dental disease—that some of our competitors don’t.

And unlike many other companies, ManyPets dog insurance plans don’t place annual caps on reimbursement for approved claims.

Pre-existing conditions and insurance

Like other pet insurance companies, ManyPets doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.

However, certain past conditions may lose their “pre-existing” status if your pet has been free of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for a certain time period —18 months in most states*.


Insurance for your canine’s canines

Yes, ManyPets dog insurance includes coverage* for dental injuries.

And unlike some of our competitors’ plans, the ManyPets pet insurance policy also includes coverage* for dental illnesses like periodontal disease.

Dog insurance quotes tailored to your pup

Whether your pup’s in the prime of life or well into their golden years, we can tell you how much their dog insurance will cost.
drawing of dog brushing teeth

Save big on your coddled canine's preventative care

ManyPets Wellness Plan designed for dogs

All the items healthy canines need, including:
  • Vaccines & boosters
  • Routine health check-ups
  • Parasite prevention: flea, tick, heartworm
  • Dental care: professional cleanings and at-home dental care
  • Vitamins, supplements, and more

$600 in wellness benefits for $46.04 $34.99/mo

A pile of puppies climbing on each other in a pyramid

Insurance for all your woofs and meows.

ManyPets offers insurance* for dogs and cats of all ages, including puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats, and older dogs and cats. Get information on options for the whole furry family.



Purebred or mixed, we've got your dog covered

We insure both purebred and mixed breed pups. Learn more about your dog below!

5-star pet insurance customer reviews from Trustpilot

From substantial reimbursements to outstanding support, hear from our customers about life in the ManyPets pack.
Dog insurance should be easy — and now it is

How dog insurance claims work

Green house with cross on it

Visit any vet

Pick a vet, any vet. No networks, no restrictions.

Cell phone

Claim online

File a claim online anytime during or after your pet's vet visit.

Painless money

Get up to 80% of your vet bill back*

No, really. 80%.

We've got answers

Dog insurance FAQS

All the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask about our dog insurance

How much does dog insurance cost?

In the US, the cost of insuring your dog can depend on:

  • Your pet's breed

  • Their age

  • Where they live

The best way to find out exactly how much it’ll cost to insure your dog is to get a quote! We promise it only takes a few moments.

How is the cost of pet insurance impacted by where my dog lives?

Different states and zip codes are a bit more expensive for veterinary care than others, which may lead to somewhat higher premiums in those locations. However, keep in mind that other factors, including age and breed, also affect prices. Learn how we calculate pet insurance costs.

Is pet insurance more expensive for older dogs?

Age is just one of several factors that influence your premium. All other factors being equal, a premium for an older dog is indeed likely to be higher than a premium for a younger one. Since older dogs are significantly more likely to develop serious health conditions.

Why are some dog breeds more expensive to insure than others?

Some dogs are more prone to health conditions than others, and as a result, certain dog breeds cost just a bit more to insure. Dogs with a propensity to develop breed-specific medical conditions—for instance, flat-faced or “brachycephalic” breeds like French Bulldogs and Pugs — tend to have higher premiums.

Learn more in our guide to how we calculate pet insurance costs.

Are dog vaccinations covered?

Vaccinations aren’t covered under our dog insurance policy. However, vaccinations and other types of preventative care may be reimbursed under our non-insurance Wellness Plan!

Do dog insurance plans cover end-of-life services?

ManyPets pet insurance does indeed offer coverage for euthanasia and cremation related to accidents and illnesses that qualify for coverage. Not all pet insurance companies can say the same. But for now, let’s just think about keeping your furry family member happy, healthy, and frisky well into their senior years.

Are there any age restrictions for enrolling in dog insurance?

You can enroll your dog in pet insurance up until they’re 14 years old (plus one day). If you insured your doggo before they turned 14, they’ll never age out of their policy as long as you maintain continuous coverage. Meanwhile, a puppy must be at least 8 weeks old before ManyPets can insure them.

What does dog insurance not cover?

Your dog's insurance policy will not cover:

  • Accidents or illnesses that meet the definition of a pre-existing condition

  • Future treatment of any injuries to a leg when there have been cruciate ligament problems to any other leg prior to your policy being in effect

  • Hip dysplasia if a pet is six years of age or older when the policy goes into effect, or if the pet has been previously diagnosed with or treated for hip dysplasia

  • Coverage may also be denied if proper routine care is not provided to your dog and such a lack of routine care is a direct factor in the claimed accident or illness.

Other exclusions may apply. For more information, please refer to the exclusions section of our sample policy.

Do all vets accept dog insurance?

ManyPets doesn’t work directly with veterinarians. Instead pet parents simply submit their claim directly to ManyPets, and we’ll reimburse you for any approved claims directly. Pick any licensed vet — no networks!

Doggy advice and tips!

Caring for a dog is delightful, even though it can sometimes be ruff. Straight from the ManyPets blog, learn some key tips and tricks for furbulous pupper parenting.

*ManyPets analyzes every claim on its own merits, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. Exclusions apply, including those for pre-existing conditions. Only claims unrelated to an excluded treatment or condition are eligible for coverage.

**According to Forbes Advisor’s “Best Pet Insurance of 2023”