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Guide to Dog Walking and Leash Training

Whether you have a young, curious puppy or an adult dog who races to the door when they see a leash in your hand, taking your furry friend for a walk is likely one of the best parts of their day — and yours.

6 Best Groomers in Atlanta

6 Best Groomers in Atlanta Even the most low-maintenance dog needs a day at the spa once in a while, as regular grooming helps our pets stay clean and avoid issues like matting.

14 Best Veterinarians in Chicago

14 Best Veterinarians in Chicago From holistic, preventative and urgent care to nutrition and behavior assessments and counseling, these 14 veterinary clinics across the Windy City offer exceptional and personalized service.

8 Best Dog Parks in Chicago

8 Best Dog Parks in Chicago Designated dog-friendly areas, or dog parks, are the only public areas where canines can legally run off-leash within the Chicago Park District’s 600 parks.