The best pet insurance, from nose to tail

  • We cover more that others ignore
  • No limits on claims or reimbursement, annual or otherwise
  • Pick any vet — no networks, no restrictions
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ManyPets does more for the world’s many pets

We’ll pay for the usual stuff, plus things like exams, hereditary conditions, and often pre-existing conditions.

Oh, and our prices are tough to beat.

Always ahead of the pack

What to consider when you’re buying pet insurance

We’ll never stop at the bare minimum

More conditions covered

We’ll cover the stuff other companies won’t, like hereditary conditions, dental illnesses, exam fees and more

More claims paid

No limits on claims or reimbursement, annual or otherwise.

More customization

Customize copays and deductibles, and get up to 100% of your vet bill back when your pet has an accident or illness.

More vets

Choose any licensed vet. No networks, no restrictions.

More climate-pawsitive

We’re the only insurance company that offsets your pet’s carbon pawprint.

More painless

Submit online claims in moments. Get reimbursed in a flash.

More senior-friendly

We’ve got aging pets covered. You’ll never get paid less as your furry friend gets older.

More service

Reach our Care Team anytime by email, phone or text, and get 24/7 access to virtual vet consultations.

More transparent

No surprise fees. Change or cancel anytime.

A closer look

ManyPets vs the pack

Here's how ManyPets stacks up against other pet insurance companies.

Many Pets Nationwide PetsBest HealthyPaws PetPlan Embrace ASPCA FIGO TrustedPals Lemonade Trupanion Pumpkin
No Annual Limits
Plans with 100% Reimbursements Optional
Plans with Zero Deductible
No Condition-Specific Waiting Periods
No fees (Sign-up, Interest, Claims-handling) Costs ExtraCosts ExtraCosts ExtraCosts ExtraCosts ExtraCosts ExtraCosts ExtraCosts Extra

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Why ManyPets wellness plan?

Getting your pet healthy is great. Keeping them healthy is better.

  • Wellness exams and vaccinations
  • Preventive meds for fleas, ticks and heartworm
  • Dental cleanings for cleaner teeth and fresher breath
  • Holistic care for anxiety, coat and skin health
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Frequently asked questions about us

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