5 best animal shelters in Atlanta

July 20, 2021 - 3 min read
Dog getting a cap put on his head

There are many animal shelters and rescues in the Atlanta area, and they’re all dedicated to the life-saving work of providing thousands of homeless pets loving homes. Whether you’re looking to add a puppy to your family, adopt an adult dog to go on hikes with, or give a senior dog a place to call home in their golden years, these Atlanta-based shelters are there to help you find the right match.

Atlanta Humane Society

Address: 981 Howell Mill Rd NW (West Midtown location)

Phone: (404) 875-5331

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Yelp

The Atlanta Humane Society is a non-profit organization that has been serving the needs of abused, neglected, and surrendered pets for the past 148 years. This no-kill shelter provides shelter and adoption services as well as veterinary care and community outreach. If you’re looking for a specific type of dog or cat, simply fill out an online form to get real-time pet alerts straight to your phone when the right match arrives at the shelter.

The shelter’s American Heroes Adoption Program offers 50% off on dogs and cats one year and older for first responders, current servicemen/women, veterans, health care workers, and members of the National Association of Independent Truckers.

Best Friends Lifesaving Center

Phone: (404) 815-6680

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp

Find your next best friend or a foster pet at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Atlanta, an offshoot of Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS), one of the premier animal rescue and advocacy nonprofits in the country. As of recently, the Atlanta and New York Best Friends programs have combined to create a new East Coast collaborative solution to saving animal lives. The Atlanta shelter is now entirely foster-based, working with area shelters and animal welfare organizations to find homes for homeless pets. If you can’t adopt just yet, you can always sign up to foster a pet from the Atlanta BFAS.

A close-up of a concerned yellow Labrador Retriever with a gentle expression, receiving an examination by a veterinarian whose hands are shown holding a clipboard, in a clinical setting.

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A close-up of a concerned yellow Labrador Retriever with a gentle expression, receiving an examination by a veterinarian whose hands are shown holding a clipboard, in a clinical setting.

PAWS Atlanta

Address: 5287 Covington Hwy Decatur, GA 30035

Phone: (770) 593-1155

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Yelp

PAWS Atlanta is another no-kill shelter that gives homeless pets a second chance. It’s run by a small staff who care for cats in a free-roaming cat area and dogs in large and small dog areas. A lovely 3.5 acre walking trail and an off-leash area are available on the premises to get to know adoptable dogs better.

If you’ve got kids, get them enrolled in the week-long PAWS Atlanta PALS summer camp — it’s full of fun activities, guest speakers, behind-the-scenes experiences, and interactions with adoptable cats and dogs.

Furkids Animal Rescue & Shelters

Address: 5235 Union Hill Rd Cumming, GA 30040 (Cat shelter & headquarters)

Phone: 770-613-0880

Address: 1520 Union Hill Road Alpharetta, GA 30005 (Dog shelter)

Phone: 678-624-1003

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp

Headquartered in Atlanta, Furkids is a charitable organization that operates the largest cage-free and no-kill shelter for cats, and no-kill shelter for dogs, in the Southeast. Since its inception in 2002, the organization has saved more than 30,000 animals. More than 1,000 of its rescued animals are currently waiting for their forever homes in the organization’s adoption centers, in certain PetSmart and Petco locations, and in foster homes in the city.

Furkids also has a youth volunteer program that allows children of all ages to volunteer, and the organization operates thrift stores and a pet boutique pop-up in the area.

Angels Among Us

Address: PO Box 821 Alpharetta, GA 30009

Phone: (877) 404-5874

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Yelp

Angels Among Us pulls dogs and cats from high-kill animal control facilities throughout Georgia and places them in foster homes in the north metro Atlanta area before finding them forever homes. The group relies on the motto “Rescue One Until There Are None” to save as many adoptable dogs and cats as possible. The rescue organizes several adoption events on weekends at various locations.