8 best dog parks and hikes in Boulder

June 16, 2021 - 4 min read
Dog on his way to walk

With breathtaking views of the Foothills and Rocky Mountains at every turn, it’s no wonder that there’s no shortage of dog-friendly hikes and off leash dog parks in Boulder. When taking your pup on a hike in the area, keep in mind that they must be leashed in trail parking areas and trailheads. They can, however, go off leash on trails if they are under voice and sight control and have proper “Voice and Sight” identification. Pet parents can obtain this tag by attending a free, hour-long class and registering their pets. Obtaining this tag ensures that your pup will come when called and won’t chase wildlife.

Ready to hit the trail? Grab your pup’s leash, tag and water bottle and head to one of our favorite dog-friendly outdoor spaces.

Dog Parks in Boulder

Valmont Dog Park

Address: 5123-5275 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO 80301

Hours: Open from dawn until dusk

Social: Facebook, Yelp

Enjoy gorgeous views of the iconic Flatirons as your dog frolics with her four-legged friends in this large, three-acre space in Valmont City Park. Valmont Dog Park has fenced areas for both small and large dogs and has multiple areas for leashing/unleashing to keep traffic flowing. Expect to find cement, grass, and sand in the play areas and a fire hydrant for your pooch to sniff and mark. Water fountains, picnic tables, and benches are also available.

Howard Heuston Off-Leash Dog Area

Address: 3200 34th St, Boulder, CO 80301

Hours: Open from dawn until dusk

Phone: (303) 413-7200

Social: Yelp

This neighborhood park features a 1.25-acre off leash dog area with different rules than your typical dog park. Only those who have registered with the city’s Voice and Sight program are allowed to let their dogs off leash, with the tag visibly displayed on the animal. Note that only two dogs per guardian are allowed in the park at one time. The park also features a children’s playground, basketball court, picnic tables, paved paths, and bike route access.

Foothills Dog Park

Address: 4598 7th St, Boulder, CO 80304

Hours: Open from dawn until dusk

Social: Yelp

Foothills Dog Park is located within the 65.2-acre Foothills Community Park in North Boulder. Choose from three sections: one for any size dogs, another for small dogs, and the third for large dogs. Another bonus: there are hiking trails nearby to explore the area on leash (and off leash, if your dog has a Voice and Sight tag).

East Boulder Dog Park

Address: 5660 Sioux Dr, Boulder, CO 80303

Hours: Open from dawn until dusk

If your pup enjoys swimming, East Boulder Dog Park is the perfect choice. Located near the East Boulder Community Center, the park has separate areas for large and small dogs and a quaint lake for quick swims. Just be aware that the water quality may not always be ideal for swimming, especially when you see potentially harmful blue-green algae in the summer months.

Twin Lakes Off-Leash Dog Swim

Address: 6346-6380 Nautilus Dr, Boulder, CO 80301

Hours: Open from dawn until dusk

Bring your furry friend for a short 0.7 mile hike on the West Lake trail of the Twin Lakes Open Space, located in the heart of the Gunbarrel neighborhood. Play fetch in the small field close to the main gate or let your dog swim in the lake. Keep in mind that dogs need to be leashed near the east lake.

Dog-Friendly Boulder Hikes

Chautauqua Park

Address: Baseline Rd & 9th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Phone: (303) 442-3282

Social: Yelp

This popular park (go early to avoid crowds!) has a variety of trails close to the jagged hills of the Flatirons rock formations. A popular dog-friendly hike is the Chautauqua to the Bluebell-Baird trail, or more experienced hikers can opt for the Royal Arch Trail for a thrilling ascent up to a natural arch. Parking is limited, so it may be easier to carpool or walk to the park with your pup. As with all outdoor adventures, remember to check your pet for ticks when you leave and keep a safe distance from wildlife while on hikes.

Wonderland Lake Park

Address: 4201 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304

Hours: Open from dawn until dusk

Phone: (303) 441-3440

Social: Yelp

For a quintessential Colorado view of a glassy lake surrounded by rolling hills, head to Wonderland Lake Park for a leisurely 1.5 mile stroll on a wide path around the lake. Other options include the Foothills Trail (.9 miles), Old Kiln Trail (1.4 miles), and the Four Mile Creek Trailhead (3.0 miles). Swimming is permitted for dogs in the warmer months.

Mount Sanitas

Address: Sunshine Canyon Dr, Boulder, CO 80304

Phone: (303) 441-3388

Social: Yelp

Mount Sanitas typically gets a lot of foot traffic due to its location just north of downtown Boulder and its network of trails of varying difficulty. If you’ve got a friendly dog who doesn’t mind running into other hikers and their four-legged friends, Mt. Sanitas is a good bet on a beautiful day. Enjoy views of sweeping plains and snow-capped peaks in the distance as you make your way up or down the Mount Sanitas Trail (1.6 miles) and the mile-long Sanitas Valley Trail.

Most outdoor adventures are all fun and games, but if the unexpected happens, pet insurance provides peace of mind. Consider protecting your dog with a ManyPets health insurance plan to help you cover veterinary care in case your dog gets hurt at the dog park.