Amazing Christmas Presents for Your Pets

October 11, 2021 - 3 min read

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This Christmas is gearing up to be the biggest ever for pets as many of us look to spoil our cats and dogs.

So many of us have brought a new pet into our homes since the start of the pandemic that it’s no surprise that the demand for festive pet treats has increased.

Pets are such a big part of family life; what better way to show how much they mean to us than with their own Christmas gifts?

Here's some of our festive favorites to spoil your pet this year.

PitPat Weighing bowl

PitPat weighing bowls

If you’re a bit of a tech lover and addicted to your gadgets, you might be interested in a smart pet bowl like this one from PitPat.

It's perfect for pet owners who worry about feeding their cat or dog the right amount of food each day. A smart bowl can use WiFi to connect to an app on your smartphone, which lets you track exactly how much your pet is eating and drinking.

The PitPat weighing bowl’s integrated scales mean that you know exactly how much you’re feeding your dog, which saves time on weighing it all out separately.

When you download the PitPat app, you can see and measure exactly how much food your pet’s getting through each day.

Dog puzzle slow feeder toy

Dog puzzle feeder

Does your dog ever get bored or need a bit more mental stimulation in their life? There are so many slow feeder toys available, like this one. It'll keep them busy, keep them well fed, and even help improve their dog's IQ!

It’s an interactive toy designed to improve intelligence and engage your dog. It’s also useful in ensuring they’re not eating too quickly and getting indigestion.

The toy lets your dog smell their food, but they have to figure out how to move the puzzle around if they want to eat it.

The toy has different snack compartments and moving parts, which will keep them busy and entertained while also teaching them how to problem solve.

Cat scratching deck

Cat cardboard scratching decks

If you want to let your cat live out the dream of being a superstar club DJ, the cat scratching deck might be what you’re looking for.

The deck is made from sturdy materials that are designed to withstand your cat’s scratching. It comes with a moveable arm just like a real turntable deck, which is also detachable.

It’s a fun substitute for your traditional cat scratch post. The Cat Scratching deck is made out of cardboard, and it will give them, hours of fun scratching something other than your furniture!

Great for posting amusing pictures and videos on Instagram and TikTok.

Tractive GPS tracker

Tractive cat GPS tracker

If you have a cat or dog that likes to explore and have its own personal adventures, then a GPS tracker is exactly what you need. This one from Tractive gets good reviews.

Any stress or worry you might have if your cat hasn’t come home as normal can be eased with a tracker.

It shows you not only the location of your cat with the GPS cat collar attachment but also all the places they’ve been visiting. If they’ve found some secret hangouts, you’ll soon know about them!

The Tracker can also monitor the activity of your cat and tell you about their health and fitness levels.

HiK9 Raised Pet Bed

HiK9 dog bunk beds

If you’re looking for something a little bit different from your conventional pet bed, why not take a look at the HiK9 Raised Bed.

They’re hygienic, practical, and nicely designed to fit in your home. Each bed is collapsible, which makes them ideal for traveling. They come highly recommended by our very own Content Marketer, Derri.

“They don't look like much, and they are a bit expensive, but they're actually amazing! Loads of options that make them really easy to clean, suitable for enormous dogs, and you can use them for boundary training. I have a version that means my dogs can have bunk beds.”

With sizes ranging from cat-size to absolutely enormous and a wide range of customizable covers and cushions, you should find a good match for your pet and your decor.

Rodney Dennis
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