8 gifts I think my dog will love (and yours will, too)

December 6, 2023 - 3 min read
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Do dogs need more than food, water, their owner's love, and a ratty old ball to be happy?

Ummmm, no. Technically not. But I'm still buying gifts for my dog, and I bet you are too.

So here's a more important question: What gifts is your dog LEAST likely to ignore in favor of the cat's toys or whatever he can drag out of the trash can?

Just a heads-up: While we're fans of these brands, ManyPets isn't associated with them. We've handpicked each gift listed without any compensation for mentioning them.

OK, let's get into it.

A super soft bed

avocado dog bed

Some dogs will always prefer to sleep with you, even if it's on a plank of plywood.

Other dogs—particularly the oldsters with arthritis or conditions like degenerative myelopathy—will appreciate a bed with some cushion.

There are plenty of great dog beds out there, but I've got my eye on this one from Avocado, filled with organic latex.

A non-chewed leash

upcycled climbing rope dog collarMy dog doesn't care whether his leash is chewed (in fact, he might prefer it).

Regardless, I've got this sporty leash made from upcycled climbing rope in my cart. It's cute, durable, and guaranteed for life with normal (read: non-chewing) use.

A collar upgrade

Mighty paw martingale collar

Whether you're team collar or team harness (or both), I think an upgraded collar is just the ticket for a handsome pup.

This one's got reflective stitching, which is helpful if your puppy's doing the potty dance at midnight.

A GPS tracker

Fi dog collar with GPS

Is it overkill to track your dog's steps? I mean, debatable. Exercise is pretty key to your dog's health and happiness.

But beyond that, GPS on a dog is just plain useful. I love the idea that I have another way to quickly find my pup if he sneaks out, even if 90% of the time he's across the street eating the neighbor's cat's food.

I've heard good things about this one, which is a collar + tracker combo.

This Kong toy, specifically

dog kong

My 90-pound pup has slobbered and ripped his way through myriad toys. He's even swallowed a stuffed snake that emerged whole (I know, gross). Simply put, he's a menace to toys everywhere.

Only one toy has stood the test of time: this specific Kong. I put peanut butter or pumpkin in it to keep him busy, but even empty, it's his favorite. Buy it in your dog's size and thank me later.

A non-sloppy water bowl

Slopper Stopper dog water bowl

There are so many adora-bowls out there. I think I own about six different options. But this one has saved me from mopping up trails of slobber across the kitchen floor. Worth it!

Tasty treats

Open Farm Cod Skin Treats

Don't have time to make your own delicious and healthy homemade dog treats? Why not? Just kidding. These cod skins from Open Farm are a great pick for pups with allergies to chicken or beef. (They're also a little smelly, so steel yourself.)

One note about treats: avoid rawhide. It's inexplicably still widely sold, despite causing choking and intestinal blocks in pups.

Pup insurance

A great dog insurance policy is designed to help reimburse you for the accidents and illnesses that life tends to throw your dog's way.

CTA _12

Top-ranked* dog insurance

Dogs have a nose for the finer things. Get outstanding insurance.

Learn more about our dog insurance policies that are designed to help you focus on your pup's health, not paw-blems. *According to Forbes Advisor’s “Best Pet Insurance of 2023”

CTA _12

Bonus points for adding on a non-insurance Wellness plan like ours to help cover routine and preventative care!

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