5 best groomers in Pittsburgh

August 19, 2021 - 3 min read
Dog running and jumping happy

Though it’s not always pleasant, grooming your cat or dog is essential to good pet parenting. Regularly scheduled pampering sessions (either at home or with a professional) help keep your pet’s skin, coat, nails and teeth healthy while preventing any unpleasant visits to the vet for matted hair or itchy skin.

Whether your pup needs a quick bath after a muddy hike or an all-out spa package, here are five of the best groomers in Pittsburgh to consider:

All God's Creatures

Address: 5121 Penn Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Phone: (412) 661-5636

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All God’s Creatures grooming salon has a near-perfect rating online and, according to reviews, customers return to the business because of the owner’s attention to detail and excellent service. The salon caters to both cats and dogs and the groomers have more than 25 years of experience in the business. Dogs receive a bath, teeth cleaning, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and gland expression. Cats can get a shave down or a lion cut, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping.

A Diamond In the Ruff

Address: 155 S 18th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Phone: (412) 381-2200

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Your pup will shine after a service at this top-rated salon. Groomers go above and beyond regular services at A Diamond In the Ruff by adorning sports-themed and seasonal bandanas and fancy bow ties on pooches. The salon also caters to cats. In addition to traditional grooming services, you can book an appointment for a professional photo session for special days and holidays.

Greenfield Grooming Salon

Address: 517 Greenfield Avenue Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Phone: (412) 421-1100

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Greenfield Grooming Salon, located close to Pittsburgh’s historic Schenley Park, is a full-service salon known for its reasonable pricing, including a $5 discount for new clients. Run by certified veterinary technician Donna Winnie, the salon is also a local favorite for its experienced and professional staff.

In addition to regular services, the salon helps with desensitizing dogs to grooming as well as providing flea and medicated baths. For nervous or grumpy animals, the salon is capable of performing sedated grooming in cooperation with the Greenfield Veterinary Hospital. Greenfield Grooming Salon also offers pet day care and boarding services.

Lather. A Pet Bathhouse

Address: 5100 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Phone: (412) 235-7199

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In addition to standard professional grooming services, Lather A Pet Bathhouse offers DIY pet bathing and grooming, a service that’s especially convenient if you have an animal who is wary of strangers. You’ll get an apron, shampoo and conditioner, a tub with a ramp, fresh towels, and access to a high-powered dryer. The staff can step in if you are having difficulty bathing or need help with a nail trim. For those with some experience trimming dog hair, a table and shears can be borrowed for an extra $25 an hour.

Petsburgh Grooming

Address: 2601 Brownsville Road Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Phone: (412) 352-1818

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Petsburgh Grooming is a full-service salon where all breeds are welcome. You can price out your grooming session with an online quote prior to visiting and, for a few extra dollars, you can add a seasonal scented shampoo and spray (like pumpkin pie or sugar cookie) to any grooming appointment. The salon also sells treats and pet products for you to continue pampering your pup after their service.