The 6 best dog parks in Denver

June 11, 2021 - 4 min read
Dog in a puddle in a park

The 6 Best Dog Parks in Denver

With its fresh mountain air and laid-back attitude, it’s no surprise that Denver has seen a boom in popularity over the past decade. And as more people flock to the area, the number of pets in the region has also grown, creating a need for dedicated space for pups to roam and play. Fortunately, city planners have been actively planning for this and are working with Denver’s Parks and Recreation department to ensure the needs of the city’s four-legged residents are being met.

When it’s time to put on your pup’s leash and head outside, here are six spaces that are sure to be fan favorites for both you and your best friend. Just remember, no trip to the park is complete without the essentials — a leash, water bottle, collar with an ID tag, waste bags and a towel — and it’s best to leave your dog’s favorite toys at home.

For Footloose, Off-leash and Fancy-free Play in the City

Lowry Dog Park

Address: Yosemite Way & E. 4th Place

Phone: 720-913-1311

Hours: Sunrise to sundown

Within the friendly fenced confines of Lowry Dog Park, you can put adventurous dogs through the paces (and exciting obstacles) at the agility court. There are two separate open spaces for play, making it easy to find the right space for your dog’s energy. The park itself scored highest on “overall condition” and “surface material” condition in a 2018 survey of users regarding Denver’s 13 dedicated dog parks.

Kennedy Dog Park

Address: 9700 E. Hampden Ave

Phone: 720-913-1311

Hours: Sunrise to sundown

Located next to the Kennedy Golf Course, this recently upgraded three-acre park now features a fully fenced enclosure. It’s divided into two sections, one earmarked for low energy pups, the other for high energy, so you can tailor your dog’s exercise and experience depending on their age, fitness and activity level.

Railyard Dog Park

Address: 2005 19th St.

Phone: 720-913-1311

Hours: 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Though popular with residents of the Riverfront Park neighborhood specifically, Railyard Dog Park is centrally located for all city dwellers. The fenced triangle space sits on nearly an acre and offers two separate play areas for dogs large and small. Its smart urban design, with clever landscaping, shade structures and quick-draining soil to reduce puddles (much to your dog’s dismay), makes this park a great place to visit no matter the weather.

Walks, Hikes and Runs Farther Afield

Chatfield State Dog Park

Address: 11500 N. Roxborough Park Road, Littleton Colorado

Phone: 303-791-7275

Hours: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Social: Facebook

This park, managed by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife department, features both leash options. You can hike a 1.6-mile trail loop with your dog on a 6-foot leash or use the designated off leash area. The dog park, set on 69 acres of varied terrain, has two ponds and both paved and unpaved walking trails. A trip to Chatfield will set you back $10 for the state park entrance fee, as well as a $3 cover for up to three dogs at the dog park.

Cherry Creek State Park Dog Park

Address: 4201 S. Parker Road, Aurora, Colorado

Phone: 303-690-1166

Hours: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Social: Facebook

If a water feature excites your dog beyond compare, the off leash area at Cherry Creek State Park could be paradise. Cherry Creek runs through the western edge of this 107-acre expanse of leash-free romps, bringing more than 250,000 visitors to the area each year. Save time and money by purchasing an annual vehicle park pass for $80 and a dog off leash area (DOLA) pass for $25 (good for both Cherry Creek and Chatfield State Park).

Glendale Farm Open Space Dog Park

Address: 12300 S. Havana St., Castle Rock, Colorado

Phone: 303-660-7495

Hours: One hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset

Social: Facebook, Twitter

The 17 fenced acres of open space is for the dogs, but the adjacent 1.6-mile Glendale Farm Trail is for the people, too. Your dog can run free, play fetch or tackle the agility course in the off-leash area, then you can take a hike together to enjoy the incredible views of the Front Range mountains.

Most outdoor adventures are all fun and games, but if the unexpected happens, pet insurance provides peace of mind. Consider protecting your dog with a ManyPets health insurance plan to help you cover veterinary care in case your dog gets hurt at the dog park.