Top-rated eco-friendly dog products

January 13, 2023 - 11 min read
Top-rated eco-friendly dog products

As a pet parent, you want to ensure your doggo is healthy and happy. But it's also essential to take care of our environment — after all, it’s where you both live!

You might be surprised by just how large your pet’s carbon pawprint is.

Luckily, plenty of eco-friendly and sustainable dog supplies products can help you and your pupper protect planet earth.

Top-Rated Eco-Friendly Dog Treats 

Meat takes a lot of resources to produce, and it’s one of the main ingredients in pet foods. Cats and dogs contribute 64 million tons of carbon dioxide annually – the equivalent of 13.6 million cars driving for a year. One of the critical strategies for a climate-pawsitive pet diet? Embrace meat byproducts and alternative sources of protein. (Yup, insects count.) Here are a few options for more sustainable pet treats.

Eco-Friendly Dried Fish Treats

Open Farm Cod Skin Treats

Open Farm’s Dehydrated Cod Skin Treats

Star Rating: 4.81/5

Looking for an eco-friendly treat that’s simple and tasty? These Ocean Wise® certified Dehydrated Cod Skin Treats from Open Farm are dried slowly to preserve nutrients. And don’t worry about your place smelling like a fish market (although your dog would probably love that!) One reviewer notes that they’re “...not as stinky as other fish treats.” Another reviewer comments these are a hit with her two Shih Tzus. “Highly recommend for picky eaters.” And don’t you love it when even the packaging makes you feel good about yourself? Open Farm partners with Terracycle to ensure their packaging gets recycled into new upcycled products.

Cheerful Chippin Cricket Treats

Chippin Variety Pack

Chippin Variety Pack

Star Rating: 4.5/5

You may not be amped to chomp on crickets for your mid-morning snack, but who says your dog isn’t? (And let’s face it, your dog has probably snacked on more peculiar things this month.) Chippin has created a line of eco-friendly treats chock full of chirpy insects. Fun fact from the manufacturer: one pound of cricket protein only takes 1 gallon of water to produce, compared to 2,000 gallons for beef. All crickets are humanely raised at a farm in Canada. Reviewers rave about this Variety Pack, which includes three types of cricket jerky and a bag of Silver Carp jerky. All packaging is made from 29% post-consumer recycled materials, naturally.

Crunchy Dehydrated Chicken Feet Treats

Crunchy Dehydrated Chicken Feet Treats-1

Campfire Treats Dehydrated Chicken Feet

Star Rating: 4.5/5

Campfire Treats features a wide range of eco-friendly dog treats sourced and made in the USA. These dehydrated chicken feet hold versatile appeal for both large and small fur friends — as a treat for the former and a chew for the latter. One reviewer’s German Shepherd is a massive fan: “You even say the word and she’s drooling puddles waiting for the noms.” Another reviewer says the treats are easy on their dog’s GI system, as he has a “weak GI system” but “no problem digesting these chicken feet.” As a brand, they’re certified “Plastic Neutral” and use post-consumer plastic instead of virgin plastic in their packaging. 

Eco-Friendly Dog Waste Products

Sadly, many dog waste bags aren’t as green as they claim to be. Not to be a downer, but even compostable bags typically decompose only under particular conditions — certainly not in landfills, where oxygen is stifled. (Womp, womp.) But if you can’t bury your dog’s waste in the yard and you’re not ready to flush your dog’s poop down the toilet, here are some products you can invest in that have been proven to be earth friendly.

Home-Compostable Poop Bags

Earth Rated Compostable Poop Bags

Earth Rated Compostable Poop Bags

Star Rating: 5/5

Earth Rated claims their dog bags are home compostable, but we recommend proceeding cautiously. (Please don’t try to compost dog waste in your standard gardening compost — it must be done in a dog-waste-specific area unless you’re trying to contaminate next year’s tomatoes.) 

Earth-Friendly Disposable Pee Pads

Pogi's Training Pee Pads

Pogi’s Earth-Friendly Training Pads

Star Rating: 4.8/5

Have a puppy or mobility-challenged dog that can’t make it outside for potty time?Pogi’s Earth-Friendly Training Pads are made with sustainable fluff pulp and plant-based materials, and they feature a “honey-based attractant” that will help your pup find its way to the bathroom. And it works. One reviewer states, “Even if they were crap we would still buy them because we are trying to reduce plastic! But they are incredible!!!!”

An Eco-Friendly Indoor Potty That Will Last

Crunchy Dehydrated Chicken Feet Treats

Weasy Smart Potty

Star Rating: 4.9/5

Sometimes the most eco-friendly option available is one that 1) isn’t cheap / doesn’t require constant replacements and 2) doesn’t require wasteful refills. The Weasy Smart Potty is made of 100% recycled plastic and checks those boxes. You’ll never need to buy another pee pad. There are other reusable indoor potties, such as the Bark Potty and grass-based potty pads, but you’ll need to toss and replace those monthly.

Eco-Friendly Dog Grooming Products

Some of us became YouTube-professional dog groomers over the past few years…and some tried. But even if you take your pup in for monthly grooming sessions at a salon, you’ll find it handy to have some eco-friendly dog cleaning wipes and dog wash on hand for emergencies.

Ethique Solid Dog Shampoo Bars With Equally Solid Reviews

Ethique Solid Dog Shampoo Bars

Ethique’s Bow Wow Bar™

Star Rating: 4.8/5

Ethique is top-notch in creating eco-friendly shampoos, so we were excited to learn they offer a selection of shampoos for pooches! Bonus points for nixing the plastic. Without a bottle, there’s no need to pin your dog. Just lather the bar and go. The Bow Wow Bar™ also gets rave reviews for its cleaning properties. “So easy to apply, smells great, and leaves my puppy super fluffy,” says one reviewer. And if your dog has sensitive skin, Ethique’s Shampooch Unscented bar has your pupper’s name on it. 

Convenient Grooming Wipes That Don’t Cost the Earth

Attitude’s Pet Grooming Wipes

Attitude’s Pet Grooming Wipes (Unscented)

Star Rating: 5/5

We have a love/hate relationship with pre-moistened wipes of any variety. They’re so convenient, but tossing them after one use feels so wasteful. Luckily, there are a few that are more eco-friendly than others. Attitude’s unscented Pet Grooming Wipes are biodegradable, dermatologically tested, and come in recyclable packaging. Reviewers say they’re “Great for in-between baths,” and they actually work: “My dog's hair feels so clean and looks shiny after these wipes.”

A Sturdy-Yet-Somehow-Also-Compostable Dog Brush

Compostable Dog Brush

Redecker Natural Dog Brush

Star Rating: 5/5

Redecker knocked this one out of the park. Their 100% compostable dog brush is beautiful and durable. “After buying several cheap dog brushes only to have them fall apart after a few weeks, I splurged & bought this brush,” says one reviewer. It works well for every pet, from Chihuahuas to Calico cats. 

Eco-Friendly Dog Beds

Dirt, peanut butter treats, incessant drool — dog beds get pretty disgusting! The most eco-friendly thing to do is to purchase durable, washable dog beds so you don’t have to replace them. The second most eco-friendly thing to do is just let your dog sleep on the floor or in your bed with you (admittedly, not for everyone).

A Comfy Canvas Fill-It-Yourself Dog Bed

Molly Mutt Dog Bed

The Molly Mutt Bed

Star Rating: 4.9/5

According to Molly Mutt, roughly one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned every second. That’s not great. What IS great? You don’t have to toss all those shredded stuffed toys your puppy destroyed. Just turn them into a bed. Stuff the OG Molly Mutt bed’s 100% cotton canvas bed with old bedding, clothes, and stuffed toys in your house. Have a doggo that struggles with separation anxiety? Try putting some of your worn clothing in there. The scent could soothe them when you’re away.

A Classy Organic Cotton Dog Bed With Custom Fill Options

Scout Organic Dog Bed

Scout Organic Cotton Dog Bed – YaYa & Co.

Star Rating: not available at the time of review

Have a dog with a particular eye for design? Yaya & Co’s organic dog bed is a piece of washable art. Fill options include recycled polyester, buckwheat hulls and cedar shavings, pine and cedar shavings, or down. OK, so technically, this dog bed doesn’t have reviews yet. However, the fact that there were only five left in stock at the time we wrote this post is a great sign. Somebody try this and tell us how it goes.

A Dog Bed That’s Better Than Yours

avocado dog bed

Dog Beds - GOTS Organic Certified | Avocado Green Mattress®

Star Rating: 4.5/5

OK, you could already own an Avocado mattress. In that case, your dog’s bed is as good as yours and built to last. The washable organic cotton exterior covers a waterproof inner liner filled with 100% GOTS organic certified latex, layered on three inches of coconut husk. Avocado is a Certified B Corporation and a carbon-negative business, so why not get the dog bed frame, too? You’re supporting a good cause.

Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

Dogs can make toys out of nearly anything — shoes, delivery boxes, a beautiful handwoven basket that you JUST purchased to hold your blankets (still sore about that one). The most eco-friendly move (assuming you don’t want to continue replacing your household items) is to get dog toys built to last by brands that care about the environment. 

A Fun Recycled Treat Toy for Power Chewers

West Paw Qwizl toy

West Paw Qwizl® Treat Toy

Star Rating: 4.5/5

If a toy is torn to bits and thrown in the trash within .3 seconds, does it really matter if it’s made from sustainably sourced hemp? Enter: West Paw’s dog toys for tough chewers. We’ve personally tested theQwizl with a 90-pound German Shepherd, and two years later, it looks as new as the day we purchased it. The “Zogoflex” material it’s made from can be recycled infinitely. When/if your toy reaches the end of its life, just send it back to West Paw’s toy recycling program

A Delicious Crocheted Bagel for Gentle Chewers

Ware of the Dog Bagel Toy

Ware of the Dog Hand Crochet Bagel & Cream Cheese Dog Toy

Star Rating: 5/5

The Ware of the Dog founder has a background in luxury fashion and gives organic cotton, recycled t-shirt scraps, and more upcycled materials a second (adorable) life! All-natural dyes color these Fair-Trade-Certified toys; all hand-knit by craftswomen in Nepal. Might we suggest the Hand Crochet Bagel & Cream Cheese? It’s “a quality toy with fun details like sesame seeds,” says one reviewer. Just be aware that while it looks like a delicious breakfast item, it’s not ideal for dogs that eat their toys.

A Tug-of-War Toy Made from Recycled Firehose

Tug and Go Dog Toy Firehose

Tug And Go professional

Star Rating: 5/5

Is your dog obsessed with tug-of-war? This Tug and Go repurposed firehose is a perfect pupper birthday gift. (Or half-birthday gift. Or “I’m-sorry-I-came-home-super-late” gift.) In addition to the double-walled firehose, toys are made with two types of firehoses and repurposed food-grade burlap, so they’re tough. Reviewers love how “heavy duty” it is, and one reviewer says it’s “exactly the texture [her dog] prefers to chew on.”

Eco-Friendly Dog Leashes and Collars

Does your dog consider his leash the best chew toy ever? Even if it’s frayed, the most eco-friendly thing you can do is keep using it (assuming it’s not about to snap). If it’s wholly unusable and you need an eco-friendly upgrade, here are a few solid options.

An Upcycled Climbing Rope Collar with a Lifetime Warranty

upcycled climbing rope dog collar

Black and White Collar from Wilderdog

Star Rating: 5/5

There’s a cult following behind the Wilderdog brand, and it’s not hard to see why. Super cool designs? Durable hardware? Made from upcycled materials?? LIFETIME GUARANTEE????

Simply put, they get it. The Black and White collar is an excellent pick. It’s classic and made from a durable climbing rope and heavy-duty hardware. This reviewer says it all: “Well made, stylish, they last forever!”

A Harness Built for a Lifetime (Literally) 

Lifetime Harness® Atlas from Pet Company

Lifetime Harness® Atlas from Pet Company

Star Rating: 4.8/5

Atlas Pet Company’s Lifetime Harness comes in a rainbow of shades and is perfect for active dogs that pull during their walks. “Does what it says it does,” says a reviewer. “My dog no longer pulls like an ox.” Reviewers also love the magnetic clasp — “truly an awesome feature.”

A Classy Rope Leash With Premium Hardware

leash built to last with warranty

Flax Marine Rope Dog Leash (Standard/Petite)

Star Rating: 4.8/5

There are a TON of options for dog leashes out there. But the internet keeps pulling us back to the quality of The Foggy Dog’s Marine Rope leash. The double-braided nylon is also used on boats year-round, so it won’t get mildewy or fray like other leashes might. You probably won’t need to replace it, but it does have a lifetime warranty. “Best leash I’ve ever had,” says one reviewer. “My 5-month-old puppy has chewed on it, but there is absolutely no evidence.”

Eco-Friendly Dog Bowls

Technically, any bowl is fine for dog food — the set your mom gave you will do the trick! But if you’re not keen on sharing your go-to Cap’n Crunch bowl, here are some excellent options. 

A Bamboo Dog Bowl That Helps Clean the Ocean

Eco-friendly Bamboo Dog Bowls Free The Ocean

Eco-friendly Bamboo Dog Bowls | Free The Ocean

Star Rating: 5/5

This bowl by Free the Ocean is made from bamboo fibers and rice husks that naturally break down when disposed of. Additionally, each bowl helps fund the removal of 10 pieces of plastic from the ocean! It’s also top-shelf dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean your bowl while cleaning the sea. “These bowls are so durable, easy to clean, attractive, and are a steal at this price,” says one customer. Another customer buys and donates them to animal rescues. Good deeds all around!

A Featherweight Bowl to Quench Thirst On the Go

Lifetime Bowl™ from  Atlas Pet Company

Lifetime Bowl™ from  Atlas Pet Company

Star Rating: 4.8/5

Looking for a porta-bowl (couldn’t resist!) that’s lightweight and virtually bulletproof? This bowl breaks down to the size of a credit card, so your pup will never again be without fresh water while you’re on the go. (Well, you also have to bring the water.) “I can clip it to my leash and not even think about it and the extra weight,” says one reviewer. “Everything we hoped for in a bowl,” says another. “Featherlight, compact, durable, easy to clean.” If it ever gets a hole, send it to the company for repair. Landfill free is the way to be.

Lightweight Dog Food Bags for Camping and More

Bear Bags from Hilltop Packs

Bear Bags from Hilltop Packs

Star Rating: 5/5

These aren’t specifically made for dogs but work well for carrying dry kibble! Ditch the plastic Ziplocs next time and take one of Hilltop’s Bear Bags, which are ultralight and made from recycled water bottle plastic. “Tough and ultralight” are the common theme amongst reviewers of these USA-made bags. Versatile enough to fit plenty of food for a camping trip or multiple dogs, but packable enough for a weekend.

We know what you’re thinking: plenty of other pet products could be included in this list. We agree! We’ve hit on some essential items here, but we couldn’t fit everything — there’s too much great stuff out there. 

Want to make sure your four-legged friend is living an environmentally friendly life? Our best advice is to make do with what you already have rather than buying new.

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