ManyPets x The Kin

ManyPets x The Kin

ManyPets has partnered with The Kin to offer 3 free months of 24/7 vet advice, vaccine record storage, and more.

  • Connect with vets 24/7 via video, chat, phone, or email
  • Store and share vaccination records
  • Get vaccine dose reminders
  • Get personalized, expert advice and content
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What is The Kin?

The Kin is one app for all your pet parent answers. With your subscription, you can talk with licensed vets 24/7 via video, chat, phone, or email; receive expert, personalized content; store and share your pet's vaccine records, and get vaccination dose reminders — all in one place.

Here's what you can do with The Kin – an app for pet parents*

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Talk with licensed vets 24/7

Connect with experts via video, chat, phone or email on your pet health, behavior or nutrition questions.

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Store and share vaccine records

Keep vaccine records in one spot for easy access and sharing with your pet's care team, for travel purposes, and more.

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Get personalized advice

With handpicked articles, written or reviewed by experts.

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Never miss another vaccine

With reminders for all your pet's upcoming boosters.

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The Kin is always my first step

The Kin is always my first step when I feel something might be wrong with one of our four dogs. This app has already saved me a few vet trips and calmed my anxiety several times.

Why ManyPets + The Kin

ManyPets and The Kin have a shared passion for pet health, from tricky claims to tricky conditions. That's why we're working together to make caring for your pet easier, from late-night health concerns to everyday care.*


How does The Kin app work?

The Kin app is a support app for pet parents. It allows you to:

  • Connect with veterinary professionals 24/7: Get instant access to veterinary advice via video, chat, phone, or email whenever you need it, right from your smartphone.

  • Manage vaccine records: Keep all your pet’s vaccination records in one secure and easily accessible place for quick and easy storage and effortless sharing with your pet’s care team, for travel purposes, and more. 

  • Vaccination reminders: The Kin offers reminders for when it’s time for your pet’s next vaccination.

  • Access curated content: The Kin provides personalized content to help you understand and manage your pet’s health and wellbeing better. This includes articles, tips, and guides on a wide range of pet care topics.

Is The Kin apart of ManyPets?

Nope. And offer activation does not require a ManyPets policy purchase.

That said, we believe ManyPets and The Kin make an unbeatable pair when it comes to managing your pet's health.

With both offers being risk-free (MP 30-day free look with no claims** / The Kin 3 months free) why not give us both a try!

How do you sign up for The Kin app?

Sign up two ways:

  • Visit and click Subscribe

  • Or, download The Kin app from the Google Play or Apple App store, open it, and click "Sign Up" [see #2 for next step]

2. Enter the Promo Code: During the sign-up process or within the app's promo code section, enter the promo code MANYPETS. This code will apply the three-month free offer to your account.

3. Enjoy the Service: After successfully applying the promo code, you will have full access to all The Kin features for 3 months at no cost.

Remember, after the initial 3-month period, the service will automatically continue at a subscription rate of $4.99 per month, which can be canceled at any time.

Who are the "experts" on The Kin app?

The Kin's experts are certified vets. On average, they have 10+ years of experience, and they’re ready to answer any questions related to health, behavior, and nutrition.

You can talk with them 24/7 over chat, video, phone, or email. They’re total pet people, so they can help with all your questions (even the ones you’re too embarrassed to ask your vet) with no judgment.

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The Kin offer activation details

To activate your 3 free months of The Kin:

  1. Visit

  2. Click Subscribe Now

  3. Follow the steps to enroll

  4. Download the app to your iOS or Android device

Enroll now to enjoy the dedicated pet parent advice and support only ManyPets + The Kin can deliver*!

*The Kin offers access to consultations with licensed vets, nutritionists, and behavioral specialists. However, The Kin’s services are not intended to be a substitute for professional in-person veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Use of The Kin’s services does not facilitate ManyPets to provide any coverage and/or claims payments, and does not meet ManyPets’ requirements for routine care.

Offer activation is not contingent on enrollment with ManyPets, and advice, recommendation, and other items provided by The Kin are not associated with ManyPets. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding your pet’s care, treatment, or medical conditions.