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Our online claims platform was built in partnership with vet team members like you. Your claiming experience is now easier and more efficient than ever.

By streamlining the process, and sending all documents through the vet portal, claims are paid to you much more promptly.

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How else is our portal helping vets?

To save you time, all of your claims information, including your practice details and our ManyPets customer details, are stored in the portal.

All you need to do is input a policy number or customer email address and select the relevant pet. Then add the claim amount, the invoice and medical records for any new claim.

We know how busy you are – so we made sure you can save unfinished claims and come back to them later.

You can also track your claims in real time and view policy information, so less time on the phone.

95% of vets agree that our portal has made claiming easier

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You can see updates and receive notifications for any claims on the ManyPets Portal.

For further queries, you can email our vet claims team directly at

We aim to respond to emails within 48 hours. Please note, we do not currently offer pre-authorisation.

For emergency information that is not visible on our portal you can call us Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm on 0345 646 1213


All the questions our vets ask us the most

Do you offer pre-authorisation?

We don't offer pre-authorisation on vet fee claims at present, but we know it's something vets are interested in. 

Can you pay vets directly?

Yes, you can choose to be paid directly via our online portal.

Do you offer a vet discount?

No, we don’t offer any discounts on our policies to vets at present. 

Can I treat my own pet if I have your cover?

Yes. We know many professionals feel comfortable treating their own pet so that's fine with us. We just ask that all charges are in line with your practice pricing policy. For example, if staff get a discount, the discounted rate should be charged for the claim – not the standard higher price for clients.

Is my pet covered if I take it to work at a practice with me?

Our public liability cover does not cover pets in practices. So if your pet caused an accident or injury we wouldn't cover that. However, check with your practice because their business insurance might offer you protection.