Cat sitting: Rates, services and benefits

February 24, 2024 - 3 min read
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Our feline friends can be pretty self-reliant, but they still need their owners for a few things, including putting out food, changing litter, and letting them out for a breath of fresh air! That’s why, when you go away for holidays and trips, if you’re not taking your cat with you, you’ll need to find a sitter to look after them.

Sitters are a way for owners to provide personalised care and attention for cats in the comfort of their own homes, and to reduce the stress that can come from staying in unfamiliar environments like catteries. If you’re planning a trip, let’s take a closer look at the services that cat sitters offer, how much you can expect to pay, and why a sitter might be beneficial for both you and your pet.

What does cat sitting involve?

A cat sitter will typically provide a range of services to meet your cat’s needs while you’re out of the house. These services include:  

This list isn’t exhaustive, and some cat sitters may offer additional services such as grooming, plant watering, and mail collection for a little added convenience while you’re away. Of course, these services should be negotiated and clarified with the sitter beforehand to ensure they're qualified and willing to provide them.

How much does a cat sitter cost?

Like any type of pet service, cat sitter prices vary depending on several factors:

  • Location: Cat sitting rates may be higher in larger cities and urban areas thanks to the higher cost of living.

  • Experience and qualifications: Professional sitters with certifications or extensive experience may charge more.

  • Visit duration and frequency: Some sitters charge per visit, while others may offer daily or weekly rates. Similarly, some sitters may charge more if you want them to spend a bit more time with your cat during each visit. 

  • Additional services: Extra services like grooming or administering medication can increase the cost of cat sitting. It may also be possible to book a cat sitter overnight for an additional fee. 

Cat sitting fees

While costs for cat sitting widely vary depending on your location in the US (and the sitter's level of

experience), here are some basic numbers to help you get an idea:

Service type Price (varies depending on location)
Drop-in visit (15 minutes) $15–$25 per visit
Drop-in visit (30 min-1 hr) $30–$40 per visit
Extra pet +$5–$10 for each additional cat
Overnight stay $35–$70 per night

For the most accurate and current rates, it's best to check with local service providers or a national average from a reputable pet care service website (more on those later).

The benefits of cat sitting

You may be able to get a friend or family member to look in on your cats as a favor, but if you can’t do that (or don’t want to), professional cat sitters bring plenty of their own benefits:

  • Familiarity: Cats are territorial, and hiring a cat sitter means they can stay at home while you’re away, in the environment where they feel most comfortable. 

  • Personal attention: Most cats love getting scratches and cuddles. With a cat sitter, you can make sure they’re getting this dedicated kind of personal attention, along with services tailored to their needs.

  • Food: Cat sitters will make sure your cat is eating its food and can hand out treats occasionally.

  • Hygiene: Your cat sitter will change your cat’s litter and make sure its hygiene needs are being met. 

  • Peace of mind: You don’t want to spend your holiday worrying. Cat sitters can send regular updates that your kitty is happy and healthy, straight to your phone. 

  • Health: Your cat sitter can check that your cat hasn’t had any bumps that might need a vet’s attention, and give it any prescribed medications.

  • Extras: Cats sitters normally offer extra services during their visits, if you arrange those extras with them beforehand. These include taking out the bins, watering plants, collecting mail, and turning lights on and off. 

Choosing the right cat sitter

It’s important to pick a cat sitter that fits you and your kitty’s needs best. Think about the following factors when you’re making your decision: 

  • Recommendations: If there are any fellow cat-lovers in your friends or family circle, why not ask for cat sitter referrals? Similarly, your vet might be able to give you some reputable cat sitter contacts.

  • Interviews: It’s typical to talk to a cat sitter on the phone, if not meet them in person, before hiring them. Think about the questions you’ll want to ask them before you meet. 

  • Reviews: Check your cat sitter’s website or social media page (if they have one). The reviews they’ve received will give you a good idea of whether they’ll be compatible with you and your cat.

  • Insurance and qualifications: Some cat sitters will have animal-related qualifications, including pet first aid, that help them stand out from the crowd. It’s also worth checking if they have insurance to protect against any accidents that might occur while they’re sitting. 

How can I find a cat sitter near me?

If you’re looking for cat sitters or cat sitting companies in the US, there are a few good ones to peruse. Just make sure you're filtering by location, services required, and reviewing profiles thoroughly before booking.



  • Wide selection: Access to a vast network of pet sitters and services.

  • Flexible services: Offers both in-home visits and boarding options.

  • User reviews and ratings: Helps in making informed decisions based on other pet owners' experiences.


  • Varied experience levels: Sitter experience can vary, requiring thorough vetting.

  • Service fees: Charges service fees for bookings.​​



  • Cat specialization: Exclusively focuses on cats, ensuring catered care and understanding.

  • Insurance coverage: Provides insurance for bookings for added peace of mind.

  • Satisfaction guarantee: Offers a guarantee for services rendered.


  • Availability: Service coverage may vary by location.

  • Pricing: Rates are set by individual sitters, leading to variability in costs.​​

The Comforted Kitty


  • Cat-centric service: Dedicated solely to cats, offering specialized care.

  • Comprehensive care: Services often include additional perks like mail collection and plant watering.

  • Positive reviews: High praise from customers for their professionalism and the level of care provided.


  • Geographic limitation: Service area is limited compared to larger platforms like Rover.

  • Cost: Premium service comes with a premium price tag.​​

The bottom line: When choosing a cat sitter, consider what matters most to you and your furry friend—whether it's the breadth of services, specialized cat care, or the sitter's experience and reviews.

For that extra peace of mind, it might be worth exploring cat insurance: if your sitter needs to take your cat to the vet while you’re away, your policy can help with the costs* and ensure your cat gets the treatment that it needs. Explore cat insurance with ManyPets, and get a risk-free quote from us today in seconds!

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*pre-existing conditions excluded. See your policy for details.

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