Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Cats

December 11, 2019 - 1 min read

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Christmas is fast approaching. This time last year we recommended a range of goodies to reward your cats for their love and affection. Just in case you are looking for new ideas to pamper your little furry rascals at home this year, below is our list of 10 ultimate Christmas gifts for cats this Christmas!

Great Christmas Gifts for Cats

Cats are notoriously indulgent animals, and the festive season is no exception. Come Christmas morning, if you and your human loved ones start opening all your presents and leave the cat out of the fun, there will most likely be consequences. So, as we care about our customers’ safety, we decided to help out by compiling a list of our favourite Christmas gift ideas for the felines in your life, and a few for you as well.

For Cats:

Under £5

Under £20


  • If you want to give your cat even more ways to keep busy, this is the play zone to get - Giant Cat Play Zone - £69.99

  • Not your ordinary scratching post. This scratcher set is also a sophisticated den where you cat can chill in style. - Meyou Cube Metal: around £100

  • The ultimate luxury a cat can ever dream of. This automatic microship feeder recognises your cat by its microchip as it approaches and only opens for it. It automatically shuts when your cat walks away, keeping the food clean and protected from other pets in the house. - SureFeed Microchip Cat Feeder: around £70

Christmas treats for Cats:

For cat-loving humans:

Under £5

Under £20

Under £40:

Of course Christmas is not just about the gifts – the important thing is that, whatever awaits you under the tree, your fluffy feline friends will be there to greet you and, naturally, help open the presents. We hope you have a very happy festive season, filled with joy, love and a lot of purrs.

Irina Wells
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