15 gifts your cat *might* consider acknowledging

November 29, 2023 - 5 min read
Best cat gifts

You feed your cat the best food you can afford.

You buy them the finest catnip-infused toys.

Yet somehow, your cat's favorite object remains the remote control, and their favorite bed is your dog's.

While we can't hope to find gifts to rival the ever-popular shoebox or a shred of paper from your garbage can, we can try.

Here are 15 unique gift ideas for your cat that they might (*gasp*) even love.

Just a heads-up: While we're fans of these brands, ManyPets isn't associated with them. We've handpicked each gift listed without any compensation for mentioning them.

A box, elevated

A kitty compression box

Whisker and Box

$42 at time of publishing

This isn't just any box—it's a sanctuary for your cat's love of tight spaces. Your cat's still going to try to test out every single delivery box, but at least this is one that doesn't look like recycling in your living room.

A self-warming bed

self warming cat bed

K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Pad

$12.99 at time of publishing

A lot of people love buying electric heating pads or heat lamps for cats, but IMO, electricity and cats don't mix well. This bed radiates body heat, so it's a great, safe solution for a chilly cat that usually gravitates towards warm spots—like your laptop.

Something else to scratch

cat scratch laptop

Cat Scratcher Laptop

$33 at time of publishing

Does your bouclé chair look extra bouclé-y, thanks to your cat's claws? Redirect your cat's scratching habits to something a little less expensive. This cat-scratch laptop toy fits the bill. Bonus points if you can get your cat to sit still and wear glasses for a picture.

An addictive wand toy

wand toy for cats

Frisco Fabric Teaser Wand Cat Toy

$6.99 at time of publishing

There are myriad cat toys out there, but I don't know one cat owner who doesn't own and love this particular one. Something about the texture of the fabric—or the fact that it kind of resembles a snake—makes cats go absolutely bananas at playtime.

Warning: Dogs tend to eat these and get intestinal blockages. Plus, they make them super slobbery, and I'm not sure your cat's going to love that. Best to keep for cat-use only.

A crinkly tunnel

A small-space-friendly tunnel for cats

SmartyKat Crackle Chute Collapsible Tunnel Cat Toy

$12.78 at time of publishing

I have never met a cat that didn't love a tunnel. Add in some crinkly, crunchy sounds, and you've got the perfect gift for cats who love to stalk and pounce. It's super fun when multiple cats are involved, as it takes hide-and-seek up a notch.

A witty catnip toy

funny existential kitty catnip toy

BlueQ Existential Kitty Catnip Toy

$8.99 at time of publishing

Weirdly, not every cat loves catnip. But for those kitties that do, it's definitely worth the investment for a fresh catnip toy. You probably already own this fan favorite, so opt for one that will also make you LOL.

A fancy-pants stainless steel water fountain

stainless steel cat water fountain

Veken Oval Stainless Steel Water Fountain

$26.98 at time of publishing

Water is so so so important for your cat's health, and if they don't get enough, it could exacerbate health issues. If your cat turns up their nose at the "stale" water you literally JUST poured into their bowl, you should look into this gorgeous fountain. It's reportedly quiet, clean, and it's probably better than leaving the faucet dripping for your cat.

A microchip-sensing cat feeder

a microchip activated cat food feeder

Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder

$199.99 at time of publishing

For cat owners who understand the struggle of keeping other pets away from a slow eater's dish, this microchip-detecting feeder is a game-changer. It recognizes your leisurely diner's microchip, allowing them to eat at their own pace without any interruptions. (By the way, there are cheaper options out there, but the reviews aren't quite as good.)

A kitty GPS tracker

A kitty GPS tracker

Tractive GPS Tracker for Cats

$49.99 at time of publishing

Does your cat think they're the star of Mission Impaws-sible every time a door opens? Microchipping is a must, but consider also getting them this GPS tracker that connects to their collar. If you have outdoor cats or indoor/outdoor cats, this is especially useful for tracking their whereabouts.

A classy new collar

leather cat collar

Supakit 'Emerald' Green Breakaway Leather Cat Collar

$37 at time of publishing

Your cat probably doesn't care about their collar, but if they did, I'm sure they'd pick something tasteful like this gorgeous green leather one. Or perhaps this vegan rainbow cork collar alternative. Both collars feature breakaway safety clips, which is 100% a must for a curious kittie's safety.

A wall-mounted cat perch

A wall-mounted perch for cats

"The Nest" by Catastrophic Creations

Starting at $89 (at time of publishing)

Most cats love to climb up on perches—consider it a carryover from their ancient roots in the wild. It's a great way to stay safe from predators while having the best vantage point. Give them the home field advantage with this wall-mounted perch, which features a modular/flexible design. Bonus: it takes up a lot less space than a cat tree.

Cat-safe greens

Wall-mounted cat-safe greens

Planter Cat Shelf by Catastrophic Creations

$39 at time of publishing

If your cat is munching on your houseplants, it's time for a safer alternative. Not only are so many seemingly innocuous plants toxic, but your plants probably aren't too happy about the situation, either. Swap out those hazardous greens for cat-friendly options like cat grass. The Cat Mod Planter's the perfect spot.

A cozy merino wool cave

merino wool cave for cats

Meowfia Premium Felt Wool Cat Cave

$49.99 at time of publishing

This little cozy cave is made from 100% Merino wool, and it's the perfect spot for your more reserved cat to retreat when they're overwhelmed or ready for a nap. I honestly wish they made these in human size.

A sweatshirt with your cat's face on it (for you, mostly)

a custom sweatshirt with cat's face

Custom Pet Embroidered Sweatshirt

Starting at $140 (at time of publishing)

Need an excuse to buy a sweatshirt with your cat's face on it? Here you go.

It's also a fantastic gift for other cat parents in your life.

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