ManyPets Guide to Pre-Existing Conditions

October 30, 2022 - 3 min read

Pet insurance can be a life-saver — literally. In a worst-case scenario, it may be the only tool that enables you to pay for crucial veterinary care.

At ManyPets, we whole-heartedly believe in the immense value of insuring your pet. At the same time, we think it's important to be up-front about what may be excluded from coverage. Like all pet insurance companies, ManyPets places restrictions on coverage for pre-existing conditions.

How Does ManyPets Define Pre-Existing Conditions?

A condition is considered to pre-exist your pet's Accident & Illness coverage if any of the following have occurred within the past 18 months:

  • Your veterinarian has diagnosed or provided medical advice for the condition

  • Your pet has received veterinary treatment for the condition

  • Your pet has displayed signs or symptoms consistent with the condition

When Does ManyPets Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

All pet insurance companies restrict coverage of pre-existing conditions. But unlike some companies, ManyPets will cover past health conditions in certain circumstances.

A health condition is considered pre-existing only if your pet has been diagnosed, treated, or displayed signs or symptoms consistent with a particular condition within 18 months prior to your policy effective date (or during your 15-day waiting period after purchase).

Can I Still Insure My Pet If They Have a Pre-Existing Condition?

Yes, absolutely! Even though ManyPets won't be able to cover that specific condition, we'll still be able to cover any conditions that don't pre-exist your Accident & Illness policy.

Plus, once your pet has been free of diagnosis, treatment, and symptoms for 18 months, we'll be able to cover the pre-existing condition as well. Or, to put it more precisely, we will no longer consider that condition to be pre-existing. (The only exceptions are hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament conditions, which will still be considered pre-existing conditions even after 18 months have passed.)

How Can I Know If My Pet Has a Pre-Existing Condition?

A history of veterinary treatment doesn't necessarily mean your pet has any pre-existing conditions. For instance, any non-recurring illness that's not related to another treatment or condition — a temporary stomach bug, for instance — would not be considered a full-fledged health condition. So if your pet had an upset tummy one time, that doesn't mean a pre-existing condition exclusion will now apply to all stomach problems.

If you'd like to know whether your pet has suffered from any health issues that pet insurance companies tend to categories as pre-existing conditions, you should ask your veterinarian to review your pet's medical history from the past 18 months. Your vet should be able to offer sound guidance.

But if you want to be extra careful, feel free to call our customer support team once you have 18 months of medical history in hand. You can reach us at 1-888-978-5291 — our team would be happy to let you know if any exclusions apply.

Do Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions Apply to the ManyPets Wellness Plan?

Nope. A ManyPets Wellness Plan will help reimburse you for routine and preventative care like wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention, dental cleanings, vitamins, supplements, and more. Your pet's medical history won't affect your reimbursement.

How Can I Avoid Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions?

That's easy: Insure your pet while they're still young — then keep them insured. Health conditions are only pre-existing if they pre-exist your Accident & Illness coverage. The second your plan's waiting period is over, any new conditions that develop from that point forward will be eligible for coverage.

Just FYI, if your coverage is canceled for any reason, even temporarily, any conditions that developed during your now-expired policy period will be considered pre-existing from that point forward. This will be the case even if you sign up for coverage again in the future, whether with ManyPets or any other company.

But if you insure your pet before they develop health conditions — and keep them insured — you'll never have to worry about pre-existing conditions at all.

Have any other questions about ManyPets insurance? Visit our FAQ page or read our sample policy.

David Teich
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