Best songs for dogs and cats (a playlist)

April 1, 2021 - 1 min read

Hey there!

We are excited & proud to introduce our new monthly playlist. Each month we'll be sharing some soothing sounds for your pets to help them relax and chill out.

We hope you and your pets enjoy the "ManySounds 1" playlist. Be sure to let us know what songs you would include in the playlist comments. And stay up to date with all of our playlists by following us on Spotify. Enjoy!


“Flushing Meadow” – Living Room

“Retour” – Tony Anderson, Lara Somogyi

“Thought Space and Time” – Alsever Lake

“Kalia” – Jahara

“Mahalo” – Sol Rising, Koala Karlous

“Night Lights” – Croquet Club

“Illusion (Piano Mix)” – Lucas Carlson

“Bed” – LuaLua

“River Day” – imagiro

“Lighthouse (Piano Mix)” – Roary

“Tokyo” – Jeremiah Fraites

“Volante (Piano Mix)” – Kollen

“Feel Good Inc.” – Benjamin Mørk

“Falling Apart into Someone New” - Eik Octobre

David Teich
Lead Content Editor

David Teich is Lead Content Editor at ManyPets. He loves pets, Scrabble, Oxford commas, and typing loudly.