Do Chihuahuas like toys?

April 12, 2024 - 3 min read
A black and tan Chihuahua with a quizzical look stands outdoors with blurred trees in the background.

Chihuahuas are known for their surprising stamina and resilience, meaning they sure do love to play.

Finding the right toy can assist in training and keep our dogs healthy and happy. However, it’s tough to pin down what might be right for your chihuahua.

Below, we discuss the best toys for chihuahuas, what kinds they like, and how you can understand your dog’s behavior.

Understanding chihuahua behaviour

One of the smallest dog breeds around, the chihuahua is known for its confidence, loyalty and smart, cheeky behaviour. It’s a small dog packed with a big personality.

Although small, they’re very energetic and alert, meaning they do require patient training from a young age.

We always recommend positive reinforcement training and play is an essential part of this. Sometimes, getting the right toy can be a lifesaver and help iron out bad habits early.

Toy types for chihuahuas

Fawn coloured Chihuahua

There are different types of toys you can buy, but we’ve categorized them in:

  • Plush

  • Interactive

  • Chew

  • Puzzle

Each provides different types of stimulation, from mental to emotional.

Plush toys for chihuahuas

There are hundreds of dog plush toys you can buy, but we recommend choosing one that is:

  • Durable: this means they’ll last longer and prevent it from becoming a choking hazard.

  • Non-toxic: we recommend always looking at the materials, as some can be toxic or act as allergens.

  • Washable: this stops the toy from becoming too dirty, which is important given the prevalence of dental disease in chihuahuas.

  • Secure, with no loose parts: loose parts can easily fall off and become choking hazards, so pick one that’s secure.

  • Suitable to your dog’s personality: most dogs have preferences, so try to get one that you know yours will like.

  • Allergen-free: be extra careful if you have a dog with allergies and check to see if the toy has any materials that could trigger them.

Interactive toys and puzzles for Chihuahuas

Interactive toys and puzzles keep your dog mentally stimulated and rectify boredom, especially in breeds as smart as the Chihuahua.

We recommend finding one that is:

  • The right size: As with other toy types, getting the right size is essential to keeping it from becoming a choking hazard.

  • Recommended: Checking reviews is always helpful, as you can see recommendations from other Chihuahua owners.

  • Suitable to your dog’s personality: Always keep your dog’s interests and play style in mind. Your chosen interactive toy should match your Chihuahua’s preferences.

  • Rotatable: You’ll want something that easily rotates with other toys, as changing what your dog plays with is an excellent way to maintain mental stimulation and prevent boredom.

Chew toys for Chihuahuas

Chew toys promote excellent oral hygiene, which is one of the most common health issues in Chihuahuas.

A lot depends on your Chihuahuas personality, as chew toys may not be appropriate if they tend to inhale everything down quickly.

Generally, look for a chew toy that is:

  • Durable: Don’t get one that easily breaks, but try to avoid ones that are too tough as well. Generally, don’t get a chew; you can’t bend or break a chew toy with your hands.

  • Soft enough: Don’t get one that’s too hard, but don’t get one that’s so soft that your dog can eat it too quickly and choke.

  • Non-toxic: Some chews have coatings, so review the ingredients to see if there’s anything potentially toxic or is an allergen.

  • The right size: As with other toys, don’t get ones too small that your Chihuahua can choke on it, or too large that it can cause damage. Make sure it’s a suitable shape too.

  • Suits your dog: It should be something your dog likes. You know them best.

As a note, you can even make safe, homemade chew toys

Benefits of toys for chihuahuas

Dog toys have a few clear benefits, especially for Chihuahuas.

Dental health

Toys can help to keep the mouth clean, which, as mentioned, is essential for Chihuahuas.


Playing with your dog, especially games like tug-of-war, is an excellent way to form bonds.


Chihuahuas love to exercise, and toys provide an avenue to exert physical and mental energy.


Dogs can get bored, and Chihuahuas are prone to chewing things they shouldn’t when in this state. Toys help prevent this. 

Chihuahua toy safety tips

The main thing for Chihuahua-specific toys is the size. Don’t get toys which are too big, but don’t get ones that are small enough to be a choking hazard.

It’s beneficial to get toys which promote good oral hygiene, like toothbrush toys, as toy breeds are more prone to dental disease.

Most importantly, get toys that suit your dog’s personality—you know your Chihuahua best.

Keep your Chihuahua safe

Owning a Chihuahua is a joy, and you’ll soon find these small dogs are full of fun and energy.

However, it’s important you keep yours safe. Our Chihuahua insurance can help protect against unexpected accidents and illnesses.*

*pre-existing conditions excluded. See your policy for details.