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Great Dane vs Chihuahua W

W Golden Retriever vs Labradoodle

Shiba Inu vs French Bulldog W

W American Bulldog vs Cockapoo

W Labrador Retriever vs Shih Tzu

Border Collie vs Dachshund W

W Rottweiler vs Papillon

German Shepherd vs Pug W

16 baller breeds. 4 rambunctious rounds. 1 epic tail.

It’s the question on every lolling tongue: Which team of hoopster hounds will fetch the ManyPets Madness trophy in 2023?

AI — coming in with the clutch assist — will determine which canine competitors win their matchups. Along the way, you’ll learn how these breeds stack up to one another when it comes to appearance, grooming, temperament, and health issues.