5 best groomers in Denver

June 11, 2021 - 3 min read
Dog laying on floor

5 Best Groomers in Denver

When your dog gets down (in the mud) and dirty, and it’s time for a glamorous groom, Denver offers a variety of options to help get your pup clean again. From bare-bones DIY options to full puppy spa services, here are five groomers where your pup will emerge as one Haute dog.

Doggy Downtime

Address: 1408 Oneida St.

Email: doggydowntime@yahoo.com

Phone: 720-965-5821

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Yelp

Denver’s first low-waste, holistic dog groomer offers haircuts and bath and brush services as well as nail trims and dental services. For dogs who respond well to touch, the boutique also offers reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing that can be helpful for older dogs and muscle rehabilitation.

Lily’s Bath and Biscuits

Address: 4051 Tejon St.

Phone: 303-975-6664

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Yelp

Schedule a Fear Free grooming session, drop in for a nail trim or do it yourself with a $19 dog wash option at Lily’s Bath and Biscuits. The space also operates as a boutique with thoughtfully-merchandised goodies, including treats, toys, food, and gear.

Luke & Company Fine Pet Supply & Outfitter

Address: 430 Broadway

Phone: 303-282-0377

Social: Facebook, Instagram, Yelp

It’s the law of threes at Luke’s — three groomers, three self-service tubs, and three levels of service for each. The groomers work hard to provide your dog some TLC in a stress-free environment, or you can do the job yourself.  Salon-style services range from a “Bath and Brush” to a full groom with breed-specific trim, while self-service packages begin with a “Bring Your Own Supplies” option for $5 ($2 extra for the use of the dryer) to $15 for the use of all the tools. Either way, your dog will be ready to show up and show out.

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Praise the Paw Dog Grooming

Address: 1222 E. 6th Ave.

Phone: 303-550-9522

Social: Instagram, Yelp

Jennifer Foreman’s boutique offers a full groom with all the trimmings as well as additional glow-up services like a “Doggie Dye,” nail trim, anal gland expression, or teeth brushing. She schedules every dog on its own to ensure a relaxed, stress-free visit.

Dog Savvy

Address: 1402 Larimer St.

Phone: 303-623-5200

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

The groomers at Dog Savvy pride themselves on keeping their fingers on “the pulse of pup culture,” and your dog’s style will reflect their commitment. There are three tiers of salon service, as well as one tailored specifically for Poodles and doodle mixes. While your pup gets groomed, shop for dog treats and a little something for yourself — Dog Savvy sells greeting cards, stickers, and apparel for two-leggers.

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