What it costs to vaccinate your dog in 25 cities

May 16, 2024 - 4 min read
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Dogs are vulnerable to dangerous viruses shortly after birth, which can cause severe symptoms and even (sadly) death.

While a dog's mom provides passive immunity to their puppies through their milk, this protection only lasts until the puppies are 12 weeks old. That's why it's crucial to talk to your vet about vaccines they recommend for your pup!

How much do dog vaccines cost?

How much exactly can you expect to pay for vaccines? Well, costs vary based on multiple factors, which we'll get into later. But we'll start with one of the biggest factors in pricing: location, location, location.

We used data from Banfield Pet Hospital’s price estimator tool to break down the cost of vaccinating your dog in the United States’ 25 most populous cities.

(Keep in mind that these costs don't include the cost for the veterinary exam, which is typically a requirement for your pet to be vaccinated.)

Average cost of dog vaccines in 25 cities*

City Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine DAPP vaccine Bivalent influenza vaccine Leptospirosis Lyme disease vaccine Rabies vaccine
New York, NY $35.91 $41.97 $56.84 $25.70 $46.11 $29.83
Los Angeles, CA $36.34 $42.48 $57.53 $26.01 $46.67 $30.19
Chicago, IL $34.20 $39.98 $54.13 $24.47 $43.92 $28.41
Houston, TX $32.57 $38.07 $51.55 $23.31 $41.82 $27.05
Phoenix, AZ $32.57 $38.07 $51.55 $23.31 $41.82 $27.05
Philadelphia, PA $35.04 $40.96 $55.47 $25.08 $45.00 $29.11
San Antonio, TX $32.57 $38.07 $51.55 $23.31 $41.82 $27.05
San Diego, CA $36.79 $43.01 $58.24 $26.33 $47.25 $30.57
Dallas, TX $32.57 $38.07 $51.55 $23.31 $41.82 $27.05
Austin, TX $32.17 $37.61 $50.92 $23.02 $41.31 $26.72
Jacksonville, FL $32.17 $37.61 $50.92 $23.02 $41.31 $26.72
San Jose, CA $39.10 $45.71 $61.90 $27.98 $50.21 $32.48
Fort Worth, TX $32.57 $38.07 $51.55 $23.31 $41.82 $27.05
Columbus, OH $32.57 $38.07 $51.55 $23.31 $41.82 $27.05
Charlotte, NC $32.57 $38.07 $51.55 $23.31 $41.82 $27.05
Indianapolis, IN $31.79 $37.16 $50.31 $22.75 $40.82 $26.40
San Francisco, CA $40.57 $47.42 $64.21 $29.03 $52.09 $33.70
Seattle, WA $35.91 $41.97 $56.84 $25.70 $46.11 $29.83
Denver, CO $33.38 $39.01 $52.83 $23.88 $42.86 $27.72
Oklahoma City, OK $31.02 $36.26 $49.10 $22.20 $39.83 $25.77
Nashville, TN $31.02 $36.26 $49.10 $22.20 $39.83 $25.77
El Paso, TX $31.79 $37.16 $50.31 $22.75 $40.82 $26.40
Washington, D.C. $35.91 $41.97 $56.84 $25.70 $46.11 $29.83
Las Vegas, NV $34.20 $39.98 $54.13 $24.47 $43.92 $28.41
Boston, MA $35.91 $41.97 $56.84 $25.70 $46.11 $29.83

Why do vaccine costs for dogs vary so much?

So you may have noticed that even for the same national veterinary clinic (Banfield), the price of identical vaccines varies by location.

San Francisco takes the cake for the highest overall vaccine costs, while Indianapolis has some of the lowest costs. Why is that?

Regional variations in dog vaccination costs are influenced by several factors. Let's break it down!

Urban vs. rural disparities

In densely populated urban areas, such as New York City or Los Angeles, veterinary clinics face higher rent, labor, and operational costs, which leads to higher vaccination fees.

In contrast, rural areas with fewer veterinary clinics and lower operating expenses may offer more competitive pricing.

Cost of living

Cities with a higher cost of living, such as San Francisco or Boston, typically have higher veterinary costs across the board, including vaccination services.

If you call one of these cities home, you can expect to pay more for dog vaccinations compared to areas with a lower cost of living.

Local market dynamics

Supply and demand for veterinary services can also impact vaccination costs. In areas with limited competition among veterinary clinics, prices may be higher.

On the other hand, cities with a higher concentration of veterinary clinics and pet care facilities may have more competitive pricing and lower vaccination costs.

Geographic location

Geographic location can also influence vaccination costs. Some locations, like San Diego, are notorious for having larger flea populations—the downside of having great weather year-round.

Other regions with a higher risk of Lyme disease or heartworm transmission may have a higher demand for those vaccines, which impacts the overall cost.

How to save money on vaccines

While dog vaccinations are 100% essential, you can try several cost-saving strategies to manage the costs.

Low-cost vaccination clinics

Many communities offer low-cost or subsidized vaccination clinics, often organized by local animal shelters, rescue organizations, or veterinary schools.

These clinics may provide basic vaccinations at a significantly reduced cost or offer discounted vaccination packages for multiple pets. Ask your vet and search online to find locations near you!

Wellness plans and packages

Some veterinary clinics and insurance companies offer wellness plans or packages that include routine vaccinations, exams, and preventive care services for a fixed monthly or annual fee.

These plans can help spread out the cost of veterinary care over time and may offer additional discounts on other services.

Discounted vaccine clinics

Sometimes, vet clinics offer discounts or special events. You might be able to get vaccines at a discounted rate and invest in other preventive services, such as microchipping or parasite control, at a lower cost.

Group or multi-pet discounts

If you have multiple pets, the cost of vaccines can really add up. Ask your vet if they offer discounts for multi-pet households or group rates for vaccines.

Budgeting and planning

Man and dog looking at laptop

While you can't plan for every accident or illness your dog might encounter (which is when great dog insurance really comes in handy), you can plan for routine preventive care like vaccines.

Create a dedicated budget for pet healthcare expenses, including vaccinations, annual exams, and emergency care.

The costs of skipping vaccines

Thinking about opting out of vaccines? The money you'll save now will likely add up later.

A study conducted by the University of California, Davis (published in 2014) found that dogs who contracted leptospirosis, which attacks the kidneys and liver, were hospitalized for an average of 11 days and racked up a treatment bill of more than $5,000.

Treatment of parvovirus can cost up to $2,500. The fatality rate for dogs acquiring parvovirus who are unvaccinated, improperly vaccinated, or have lapsed vaccination is 90% when untreated.

And without a rabies vaccination, dogs are susceptible to a viral disease that has no cure, can’t be treated with medication, and is essentially always fatal.

In other words, paying now for vaccines can save you money (and sanity) in the long run.

The bottom line

Regular preventive care for your dog, including vaccinations, can help prevent costly health issues down the line.

By staying up-to-date on vaccinations and maintaining good overall health through preventive measures, you can potentially avoid more expensive medical treatments in the future!

* all prices based on Banfield's price estimator tool as of May 2024. Prices are subject to change at any time. For detailed information, refer to Banfield Pet Hospital’s price estimator tool.

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