What does ManyPets pet health insurance cover?

Last updated 3 years ago - 1 min read

Your ManyPets pet health insurance policy covers your pet's treatments and healthcare costs in the event of an accident or illness. If your dog eats a sock and needs their stomach pumped,  you're covered (provided this occurs after your policy's waiting period has ended and during your policy period). Or if your cat develops diabetes during your policy period and the vet prescribes them insulin, you're covered.

Accident and illness coverage includes items and services such as:

    • Diagnostics, including bloodwork and lab work, x-rays, MRIs, urinalysis, ultrasounds, and CT scans
    • Medications, including prescriptions and injections
    • Procedures, including surgery 
    • Hospitalizations, including emergency care
    • ...And more.

Best of all, you can visit any licensed veterinarian and there are no caps on payouts!

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