Purebred dog insurance

ManyPets coverage for purely pawsome pups

Pure breeds are pure joy, but they can suffer from hereditary conditions. ManyPets insurance can reimburse you for vet care.*

  • Hereditary conditions may be covered*
  • All purebreeds eligible for coverage
  • No annual payout limits, no hidden fees
  • All vets accepted
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French Bulldog

What exactly is a purebred dog?

From the tiniest Chihuahua to the grandest Great Dane, each purebred dog comes from a documented, multi-generational lineage of ancestors with consistent breed traits. Purebred puppers are always adorable but occasionally illness-prone.

Don't see your dog's breed?

Don't worry; we cover all purebred dogs. Just contact us with any questions or get a quote today.

How do I buy or adopt a purebred dog?

If you're buying a puppy, always find a responsible breeder. Puppy mills and backyard breeders often use unethical techniques that harm adult dogs and produce sickly pups.

The American Kennel Club's Marketplace is a good place to start looking. An ethical breeder should have organized, up-to-date paperwork, including things like proof of parasite prevention and vaccine cards.

*ManyPets analyzes every claim on its own merits, subject to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy or Wellness Plan. Insurance exclusions apply, including those for pre-existing conditions (only claims unrelated to an excluded treatment or condition are eligible for coverage). Wellness Plan reimbursement is available only for eligible preventative care treatments.