ManyPets vs. Healthy Paws

ManyPets and Healthy Paws: A paw-by-paw comparison

From payouts to coverage, learn how ManyPets stacks up against Healthy Paws pet insurance.

  • No annual payout limits
  • No hidden fees
  • Dental accidents and illnesses covered*
4.6 out of 5
4.6 out of five star rating on Trustpilot
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Why choose ManyPets?

Your choice of pet insurance company could impact not just your bank account but also your pet's health.

ManyPets offers nose-to-tail* coverage at competitive prices, with no hidden fees or annual payout limits. Here's how we compare to Healthy Paws.

How does ManyPets compare to Healthy Paws?

Features ManyPets Healthy Paws
No annual limit
No fees $25 fee to sign up
No condition-specific waiting periods 🚫
All plans cover sick visit exam fee 🚫
All plans cover Rx medication
Can quote any breed Excludes some breeds
Treatment of pre-existing conditions Covered if 18 mos no signs or symptoms* 🚫
Dental illness 🚫
Hereditary conditions
Diagnostic testing
Vet specialists & ER visits

Comparisons are based on information manually taken from each competitor's website on November 7, 2023. These are subject to change at any time.

Forbes Advisor 2023. America's best pet insurance company. ManyPets was awarded 5 stars

Forbes' #1 Pet Insurance Company for 2023

Choosing pet insurance: key considerations

The right pet insurance company can protect your finances and your pet. Here's what to look for.
Basil conditions covered

Nose-to-tail coverage*

ManyPets offers wide-ranging coverage for accidents and illnesses.

Basil Claims Paid

No payout limits

ManyPets has no annual or lifetime limits on payouts for eligible claims.


No extra fees

ManyPets includes no added or hidden fees


Hereditary conditions

ManyPets covers conditions common to your breed unless they're pre-existing.

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Dental coverage

ManyPets covers dental illnesses in addition to dental accidents.

Basil Painless

Competitive pricing

Independent industry observers* find that ManyPets offers competitive prices relative to its peers.

5-star pet insurance customer reviews from Trustpilot

From substantial reimbursements to outstanding support, hear from our customers about life in the ManyPets pack.
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Find the best insurance for all your woofs and meows

ManyPets offers coverage for dogs and cats, including puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats, and senior dogs and cats.



Unlike some other providers, ManyPets policies may cover claims related to accident or illness exams and periodontal disease, and we don’t place annual limits on payouts for approved claims, even as your pet gets older.

*ManyPets analyzes every claim on its own merits, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. Exclusions apply, including those for pre-existing conditions. Only claims unrelated to an excluded treatment or condition are eligible for coverage.