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Nose-to-Tail Coverage for Arkansas's Dogs & Cats

Arkansas is home to a lot of devoted pet parents. In fact, 69% of households in the state contain at least one furry family member. Only six states boast a higher percentage! True to our name, ManyPets insures many pets in Arkansas

On average, the Bear State is one of the least expensive states for pet ownership, including veterinary care. But averages don't tell the whole story. Costs can balloon quickly when you factor in things like emergency care (which can cost well over $1,000 per visit), specialist care, and treatments or surgeries for major health conditions. Cancer can regularly cost over $10,000 to treat.

Pet insurance can be a lifesaver — literally. If your pet needs expensive treatment for an accident or illness, insurance may be the only tool that allows you to afford vet care.

ManyPets is here to help, in Arkansas and all around the country. Our insurance plan covers both accidents and illnesses with no annual or lifetime payout limits. We even offer an optional Wellness Plan that reimburses you for routine and preventative care.

What Does ManyPets Insurance Cover?

Our insurance policy covers accidents and illnesses. And unlike many other pet insurance companies, ManyPets doesn't have annual reimbursement limits for approved accident or illness claims. We’ll cover approved claims (up to the reimbursement percentage selected under your policy) for the following:
A document with a tick


Get to the root of the problem fast with your pup’s favorite vet.

A magnifying glass with a squiggly graph in it


Lab work, x-rays, MRIs, blood work and any other tests your pup needs



Rehabilitation, chiropractic treatment, or even acupuncture, so long as a vet prescribes it.

A stomach half full with fluid

Digestive illnesses

Get covered for your dog’s tummy or intestinal issues

A bone breaking in half

Broken bones

Accidents happen. We’ve got your pup’s back, even if it’s in a brace.

A cancer cell

Cancer treatments

Get covered for (very costly) radiation treatments, surgeries and chemotherapy

A DNA helix

Hereditary conditions

It doesn’t matter if your pup got it from his mama or papa - we’ll still cover it if it's not a pre-existing condition.

A heart with an exclamation mark

Congenital conditions

If your dog was born with it and it's not a pre-existing condition, we’ll take care of it.

A medication bottle

Prescription meds

If the FDA approved it and a vet prescribed it, we’ve got it covered.

What’s Not Covered?

Far too often, pet parents are forced to dig deep into their savings to treat their four-legged friends. It’s our mission to make sure that doesn’t happen. At the same time, there are some instances when claims won’t qualify for coverage. We want our customers to be fully informed, and we don’t believe in burying important info in the fine print.

Like other pet insurers, ManyPets doesn't cover pre-existing conditions. Our insurance policy also won't reimburse you for preventative care (though our Wellness Plan will).

To learn more, check out our guide to what pet health insurance doesn’t cover. Or you can view our sample policy for a full list of exclusions.

Carton vet on one knee looking after a dog with a bandage on paw

How Does ManyPets Define Pre-Existing Conditions?

ManyPets defines a pre-existing condition as follows: "Any condition for which a veterinarian provided your pet medical advice, the pet received treatment for, or the pet displayed signs or symptoms consistent with the stated condition in the 18 months before the policy effective date or during the waiting period." To learn more, read our guide to guide to pre-existing conditions.

Pet insurance companies commonly exclude pre-existing conditions. However, ManyPets will no longer consider a condition to be pre-existing if your pet has been free of symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment for 18 months (the sole exceptions being hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament conditions).

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How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Once your pet's insurance policy is in full effect, you can take them to any licensed vet — including speciality practices or emergency clinics — for accidents and illnesses. Following your vet visit, all you have to do is submit your claim straight to ManyPets. This claim will include your invoice and, if it's your very first claim for this pet, the last 18th months of their medical history (or however much you have).

We’ll reimburse any qualified claims — minus any applicable deductible or co-pay amounts — via direct deposit into your bank account.

Keep in mind: We don't pay claims that result from any injury or illness that occurs within the first 15 days of your policy effective date — this is called your "waiting period." However, we may waive your waiting period if your pet was insured by another pet insurance company within 24 hours of purchasing your ManyPets policy.

To learn more, just read our full explainer on how pet insurance works.

Carton, woman standing in front of vet with phone in hand. Dog at her feet. She is using her phone to make a pet insurance claim

Making Claims Couldn’t Be Easier

ManyPets makes claiming easy. You can submit your claims entirely through your online account: No mail, fax, or fuss. Simply upload your vet bill, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If it's your first time claiming with us, we’ll need the last 18 months of your pet’s medical records (or however much you have). But you’ll only need to do that the very first time you claim for that pet. 

We process claims quickly and typically reimburse customers within 8 to 10 business days of approving a claim. We'll reimburse you via direct deposit to your bank account. If you have any questions, our Customer Support Team is available to answer any questions by phone or email.

Which Breeds Are Popular In Arkansas?

Traversing the Ozark Mountains in the north and the Gulf Coastal Plain in the south, Arkansas boasts countless outdoor spaces, including 52 state parks. And 44% of the state's population is rural — the sixth-highest percentage of any state in the US. It's safe to say that Arkansas is perfect for energetic pets who thrive in outdoor spaces. At the same time, cities like Little Rock, Fayetteville, and Fort Smith are perfect for lower-energy cats and lapdogs who do well in apartments. Here are some of our most popular breeds in Arkansas:

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Well, we certainly think pet insurance is worth it — and you can read this article to learn why.

The bottom line: Without insurance, veterinary care can eat away at your savings, or even be flat-out unattainable. This is especially true of acute medical conditions that require surgery or other costly treatments. For instance, hip surgeries in pets can cost as much as $4,000. Knee surgeries can cost as much as $5,000. A full round of cancer treatment can cost well over $10,000. And those are just a few examples.

Plus, vet prices are rapidly increasing. One reason for this is that veterinary health care is advancing by leaps and bounds, with an ever-growing number of specialty practices and advanced treatment techniques becoming available to pet parents. This leads to better care — but also higher costs. 

Without pet insurance, you may be unable to afford certain treatments if your dog or cat becomes sick or injured.

Pet insurance can quickly reimburse approved claims, putting money back in your bank account. And in some critical situations, it may be the only thing that lets you opt for life-saving treatment instead of euthanasia.

“Unfortunately, unexpected veterinary costs do pop up, and the last thing you want to worry about is money when your focus should be on helping your pet feel better.

Good pet insurance policies will pay for most treatment options that your veterinarian might recommend. Some insurance companies even offer wellness plans to reimburse you for preventive care! The peace of mind that pet insurance provides is truly priceless.”

Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM
Texas skyline cartoon drawing

Simply amazing!

An accident forced me to submit my first claim only three months after buying dog insurance. ManyPets covered the agreed part according to the terms and conditions of my policy. I did just the basics: I submitted a claim, and it has already been solved. I am so glad I decided to get this product for my dogga.
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ManyPets: Dedicated to Customer Care

ManyPets is dedicated to making pet insurance accessible to every pet owner. Peace of mind is what we do. We make things easy to understand, and reimburse you swiftly. 

We also have the best customer support team in the business. In stark contrast to many other companies, the average customer wait time before speaking to a live customer support professional on the phone is less than 60 seconds! We know that taking care of an ailing pet is hard enough; we make things easier. 

We’re humbled to know our customers see things the same way, giving us a 4.6/5 Trustpilot rating (as of March 2023). Independent industry reviewers have reached the same conclusions: Forbes rated us as the #1 US pet insurance provider for 2023! 

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Pet Insurance in Arkansas FAQs

Everything else you may want to know about ManyPets in Arkansas.

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost In Arkansas?

In general, ManyPets puppy insurance starts from just $20 a month, and our kitten insurance starts at just $15 per month. On average, adult dog insurance will cost between $30-$40 per month with ManyPets. Adult cat insurance costs an average of $20-$25 per month. 

On average, Arkansas is less expensive than some other states when it comes to veterinary costs. But prices might range higher or lower depending on a number of factors, including the price of veterinary care in your location. Pricing can also vary between different locations within the same state. All other factors being equal, a pet may have a lower insurance premium in a rural or suburban area (where vet prices might be lower) than they will in a big city (where vet prices are likely to be higher).

Location is just one factor in pricing. To learn more, read our explainer about how we determine pet insurance costs.

Does ManyPets Cover Cancer Treatment?

Although we hope this is something you’ll never have to worry about, ManyPets does indeed cover cancer treatments administered by any licensed vet, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, so long as the cancer isn’t a pre-existing condition. Without pet insurance, these treatments could wind up costing you many thousands of dollars.

Does ManyPets Cover Dental?

Our insurance policy does indeed cover the costs of diagnosing and treating dental injuries or diseases.

Like other pet insurance companies, we don’t cover dental cleanings or over-the-counter dental products (like brushes and chews) under our standard insurance policy. However, you can be reimbursed for this type of routine and preventative dental care if you purchase our optional Wellness Plan. 

Where Can I Get a Pet Insurance Quote?

If you’re a dog or puppy owner, just visit this page to learn how much it’ll cost to insure your canine companion with ManyPets. And if you’re looking to insure a cat or kitten, visit this page to learn how much it’ll cost to cover your feline friend.

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