The Best Dog Subscription Boxes

Digby Bodenham
31 March 2021 - 9 min read

We've reviewed the best dog subscription boxes so you can find the one which is right for you. We’ve split each of our reviews into three different categories: food boxes, treat boxes and mixed boxes. Scroll down for more information about each box.

Food box

Mixed box

Treats box


You may have heard of companies like Tails, who offer dog subscription boxes that deliver all the food you need for your dog to your door every month.

There are lots of them about, delivering everything from weekly treats to monthly mixed boxes of toys and gadgets. We've reviewed a selection of the best boxes available in the UK and negotiated a special offer with one of them. - Food

Tails is a food delivery service that offers bespoke meals for your pooch. They use your dog’s breed, age, weight, health issues and exercise levels to figure out the nutrients and portion sizes your dog needs.

The form is easy to use and is written in simple terms, meaning there is not any confusion over, for instance, what classifies as a crossbreed or a mixed breed – if you pick crossbreed, you simply put in the two or three breeds your dog's parents are.

We entered Johnny, a large dog of 30kg, five years old, who was 'active' and couldn't eat wheat. Tails then gave us their recommended portion size and dietary needs, and a price of £34.31 per month including delivery.

They also offer your first box free, except for a £1 delivery fee. This box is slightly smaller than the regular box you pay for, and they estimate it lasts 18 days.

Bear in mind that the price for your doggy food box will vary depending on your dog’s age, breed, size, health and dietary requirements.

Tails has a score of 9.6 on Trustpilot, based on nearly five and a half thousand reviews, and a host of positive testimonials on their website.

Get your first box from Tails free here with just a £1 delivery charge. - Treats is similar to Tails in that it tailors its products to your dog. It doesn't offer a full food box, just a box of four treats. says it try to put locally-sourced, British ingredients into their treats, and that their bakers, nutritionists and customer service team are all from the UK.

Each box costs £4.95 regardless of your dog’s breed or size, and you can pick whether you want it delivered monthly, fortnightly or weekly. All their treats are hypoallergenic and gluten free, according to their website. - Treats

Top Collar offers a treats box that contains a different 130g treat every fortnight. They don’t add any sugars, fats, salts or preservatives to their treats and they are gluten free and made in Britain.

They offer the chance for new customers to receive one free trial box before any payment is received. They also offer a special Christmas box.

This service costs £5.99, and you can upload a photo of your dog that they will put on your box every delivery.

There is an option of tailoring the products if you want to improve your dog’s joints, coat and skin, digestion or weight.

Order your free trial box on Top Collar's website for just a £1 delivery charge. - Mixed box

The Pawsome box includes toys, snacks, and healthcare products. Their boxes are tailored to your dog, and they ask for your dog’s size, based on four categories:

  • Under 5kg
  • Between 5kg and 10kg
  • Between 10kg and 25kg
  • Over 25kg.

The box contains six products, and the website states that their total value is worth nearly twice what the box costs. The subscription starts at £19.90 for one month, whatever size dog you have. There are options for one, three, six and twelve-month subscriptions; the longer the subscription, the bigger discount you'll receive. – Mixed box

Ginger & Browns offer four standard boxes of three to five items and one bespoke box:

  • The Original Box contains treats, toys and grooming products.
  • The Playful Pooch contains products that encourage playfulness, such as puzzles and training treats.
  • The Wholesome Hound box offers products that are free from grain, low in fat and are made from either eco-friendly or sustainable materials.
  • The Destroyer Box contains products that are made to be more durable than normal items.
  • The Bespoke Box is personalised to whichever products you pick.

They will provide enough food to feed your pet for the month based on their calculations. They also offer the option of a box that will be sent to you on Christmas and your dog's birthday.

We asked for a quote for Rocky, our hypothetical dog, and Ginger & Browns got back to us the same day with a long email comparing food brands and offering us the best option. They totally personalised our box and their service was fast and simple. A positive customer service experience is always a bonus.

A 12-month contract would cost £68 per month based on Rocky's requirements but bear in mind the price will be different depending on what your box contains and your dog's attributes. - Mixed

Loot Crate is a dog subscription box with a twist.

Rather than offer standard dog treats and toys, they produce crates (for people and pets) that contain products for geeks, gamers and pop-culture fans.

Not only do they provide tasty treats for your canine friend, they also contain pet t-shirts based around a different theme each month. Some of their past themes include:

  • Dead, which contained zombie-style treats
  • Versus, which contained Batman vs Superman and Alien vs Predator products
  • Quest, which contained Battlepug and Adventure Time products
  • Futuristic, which contained Jetsons and Rick and Morty products
  • Anti-Hero, which contained Harley Quinn and World of Warcraft products
  • Speed, which contained Iron Man products
  • Horror, which contained The Walking Dead and Scooby Doo products

Prices start from £17.42 per month, and they offer the option of monthly, three-month, six-month or 12-month plans.

Get your dog kitted out with some pop culture gear here. – Mixed box

The Vivadogs box isn’t tailored to your dog but they do ask for your dog’s size based on three choices (small, medium, large). The box includes a Spot Laser toy, an anti-flea collar, and various types of snacks and foods. There’s also an option to include an extra toy for an additional cost.

They offer monthly, six-month and 12-month plans, with prices starting at £13 a month.

Vivadogs donates 10% of its profits to dog rescue shelters around the UK. – Mixed box

Pawpost offers boxes for both dogs and cats. They say that all their toys are eco-friendly and ethically produced. Their meats are British and sustainably sourced, and their other foods are gluten-free and hypoallergenic. This means that they are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction in your pet.

Their boxes offer food and toys, but it doesn’t say anywhere that they include accessories or gadgets.

Pawpost offers three boxes:

  • Dog Treat Box
  • Dog Box
  • Cat Box

They offer one-month, three-month, six-month and 12-month plans, with prices starting at £17.95 per month. - Mixed box

This company also provides boxes for both cats and dogs. Their boxes contain five or six ethically sourced or organic items, consisting of treats, toys and accessories.

They offer six different types of boxes, ranging from small treats boxes to the Double Trouble (for two dogs).

Five of the six boxes are tailored for dogs, with one box specifically for small to medium size dogs, and a separate box for larger dogs. They even have a Tough Nut box for dogs which are heavy chewers.

Like many other boxes, you can select dietary requirements to remove any allergens. - Mixed box

Purplebone sells products such as dog bedding and clothes. It also offers grooming services.

They offer three boxes, for small, medium and large dogs, all of which are the same price at £24 a month. They say this is about half what the products are worth if you were to buy them individually.

Each of their boxes contains:

  • 60 waste bags
  • Two treats
  • Two toys
  • One wash accessory
  • One mystery special gift
  • Discount coupons for Purplebone stores

Again, you can specify dietary requirements before you place your order. - Mixed box

Houndhaus supports homeless dog owners, and there is an option to add a special pack on to your order that is given directly to a homeless dog owner in order to help them support their pet.

For all boxes, you can specify your dog’s size, as well as whether they have any dietary requirements or need extra-resilient toys. The price varies depending on the size of your pooch. Hound offers three box types:

  • Classic Dog Treat Box contains five to six products, including treats, waste bags from the second box, a chew and a toy, along with a waste bag dispenser in the first box.
  • Lite Dog Treat Box is a smaller version of the Classic Dog Treat Box and contains a selection of three to four products.
  • Puppy Treat Box includes puppy treats, multiple toys and chews and bones for dental development. They also come with training and ownership tips to help you care for your new dog.

Houndhaus also offer other products, such as dog-themed Christmas cards and clothing accessories.

Get your first box with Houndhaus here. – Mixed box

Woof-Box allow you to pick the products you want in your box. They include:

  • Treats
  • Chews
  • Biscuits
  • Toys
  • Healthcare products
  • Hygiene products
  • Grooming products
  • ‘Innovative’ products (such as gadgets)

They offer three plans – one month, three months or six months. Monthly plans begin from £18.95. – Mixed box

Tail Wagger offer both dog and cat boxes. They donate 10% of their profits to DogsTrust. There’s an option to sponsor a dog through the charity too, which starts at just £1 a month.

They offer three boxes:

  • Two to three items at £13.99 per month.
  • Four to six items at £21.99 per month.
  • Seven to 10 items at £34.99 per month.

The offer is reasonably customisable, including your dog’s food preferences, weight, and an option to tell them what your dog likes. - Mixed box

Protect My Pet are a team of veterinary professionals, offering boxes for both dogs and cats that focus on flea and worming treatments for your pet when they are due. It offers boxes for small, medium, large and extra large dogs, and small and large cats.

The company provides a Premium box that includes monthly flea treatments and quarterly worming treatment for both cats and dogs. These treatments are provided by Drontal and Advantage. The dog box also contains biodegradable waste bags and natural British-made treats, and the cat box includes treats and a wet food pouch. These boxes start at £10.99 for small dogs and £9.99 for small cats. The boxes are also letterbox-sized, meaning the package should fit through your door and you won't have to be in to receive it.

Its Essentials box is cheaper and only provides flea and worming treatments. These start at £6.99 for both cats and dogs.

Protect My Pet also offer a multi-pet discount. Signing up two dogs or cats results in a 10% discount, three a 20% discount, and four a 30% discount. However, you cannot mix and match between dog and cat boxes. - Mixed box

DoggTreats offers three plans of either one, three or six boxes, and you can opt for either monthly or bimonthly delivery. Each box is shipped on the 22nd of each month, and the contents are tailored based on the size of your dog (either small, medium or large).

DoggTreats has two types of boxes:

  • Snack Pack This box consists of three or four healthy treats, and costs £9.99 per box.
  • Mega Box This box contains a mixture of six to seven treats or toys. It costs £17.90.

The company also donates 50p of every box they send out to Dogs Trust.

So which one should I pick?

It depends on what you're looking for.

Boxes that allow you to personalise it for your pet are nice. That’s why the Tails box is a good choice if you’re looking for an easy way to get your dog’s food for the month while making sure they get all the correct nutrients.

Alternatively, the Tail Mail box from Ginger & Browns is a good choice if you need a little more variety in your box, while also wanting a high level of customisation.

Which box you want will depend completely on your and your dog’s requirements, but it’s good to know that there are quite a few out there to choose from!

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