Pet money matters

There’s a whole bunch of hidden costs that come with being a pet parent — from routine vet care to the price of pet food. The best way to budget? Be prepared. Read on to discover guides and tips to help with financial planning for your furry friend’s future.

The cost of routine and preventative care

Neutering, vaccinations — it all adds up. Discover how much it can cost to keep your pet healthy and happy.

The cost of vet treatment

Vet fees across the UK can vary widely — find out what sort of expenses your cat or dog could incur with a trip to the vet.

The cost of food

Discover the best ways to save on your pet’s food, plus what dangers they face if they eat something they shouldn’t.

The cost of travel

Traveling when you have a pet may mean certain costs — whether you take them with you or leave them at home.

Pet parent and pet high-5

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