Pet insurance for pre-existing conditions

For cats and dogs with pre-existing conditions

A policy for pets with recent conditions that haven’t needed treatment, medication or advice in the last three months.

  • Up to £500 cover for pre-existing conditions in the first year. Increases to £1,000 in the second year if you don’t make a claim
  • Plus a £7,000 overall vet fee limit for new illnesses and injuries
  • All our other policies cover conditions that ended at least two years ago

Why choose our Pre-existing policy?

Here’s what Pre-existing cover can offer you and your pet.
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Useful for previously ill or injured pets

Limited cover for previously treated medical problems in the first year. Cover limit increases in year two if you don’t claim.

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Pre-existing doesn’t mean forever

If your pet’s pre-existing condition needs no vet advice, medication or treatment for two years, we’ll treat it as a new condition if it crops up again later.

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Video vet appointments day or night

Free 24/7 access to a qualified vet for help and advice in your own home.

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No hidden fees for spreading the cost

Pay monthly at no extra cost, making cover for your dog or cat’s pre-existing conditions more affordable.

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What’s a pre-existing condition?

With pet insurance, a pre-existing condition is any medical problems that your pet’s had treatment, medication or advice for.

Insurers may have their own definition for a pre-existing condition. For example, we only class an issue as pre-existing if it has needed treatment, medication or advice in the past two years.

Your vet will note it on your pet’s medical records and if you ever need to make a claim, your pet insurance provider will look at the medical records and they’ll see your vet’s notes.

If the condition existed before you took out pet insurance, claims you make for it or for related health problems are likely to be rejected by most insurers because they don’t cover pre-existing conditions. That means it can be worrying if your policy leaves you with no cover for a medical problem your cat or dog’s had before.

We don’t think that’s fair - so we do things a bit differently.

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Does ManyPets cover pre-existing conditions?

Yes we do - in two ways.

  1. All our policies will cover medical conditions that haven’t needed treatment, medication or advice in the last two years. So if your dog had an ear infection three years ago, they’d be covered for future ear infections as long as they haven’t had any more trouble with it in the past two years. 

  2. We also offer a Pre-existing policy, specially designed to give some cover for problems that have had advice, treatment or medication in the last two years. It won’t cover conditions that your pet has had treatment or advice for in the three months before your policy starts, or that they’re still having treatment for when you take out the policy.

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Quick and easy... Thank you!

Quick and easy and one of the few insurers that cover some costs for pre-existing health issues for your pets
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How does the Pre-existing policy work?

Our Pre-existing policy is designed to give you some cover for conditions that your pet’s had in the past two years, as well as for any new conditions your pet develops:

  • There’s a  £7,000 limit for new and recurring conditions that start after you take out the policy. This limit resets every time you renew your policy.

  • You have a £500 limit for vet fees for all pre-existing conditions in the first year you have the policy, as long as they’ve had no advice or treatment in three months before you buy your Pre-existing policy.

  • That limit increases to £1,000 in the second year if you don’t claim for pre-existing conditions.

  • If, after two years, you haven’t needed to claim for a pre-existing condition it will not longer be classed as pre-existing and you can use the full £7,000 vet fee limit in future if you need to.

What else is covered?

It’s not just pre-existing problems that this policy covers. It also includes:

  • Up to £1,000 for complementary treatments within your £7,000 vet fee limit

  • Dental cover for accidents

  • Legal action against you and your pet (dogs only)

  • The option to add cover for advertising and a reward if your pet is lost or stolen

  • Saying goodbye - £150 contribution towards euthanasia, burial and cremation costs

But you won’t be covered for:

  • Pre-existing injuries or illnesses that your pet’s had veterinary treatment, medication or advice for in the three months before taking out the policy

  • Accidents that happen in the first 48 hours you have the policy or illnesses that happen in the first 14 days - unless you switch to ManyPets straight from another pet insurer

  • Dental illness - if this is important to you it's covered by our Complete policy, although that policy doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions from the past two years

Find out more about what's covered

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Is the Pre-existing policy right for me?

Almost all other pet insurance companies won’t cover recent conditions, so our Pre-existing policy is worth considering if your furry friend’s been unwell less than two years ago.

That might be because:

  • You didn’t have pet insurance before and your cat or dog has had treatment, medication or advice for something in the last two years.

  • You previously had a time-limited pet insurance policy and it’s been more than 12 months since your pet first showed symptoms. Your time-limited policy won’t cover the condition any more, but you’re worried it might crop up again in the future.

  • You previously had a lifetime pet insurance policy and made a claim. You want to switch your cover to ManyPets (good choice!) but you don’t want to be left with no cover for your pet’s pre-existing conditions.

The Pre-existing policy won’t be right for you if:

  • Your pet’s never had any illness or symptoms noted by your vet.

  • The last time your pet had advice, medication or treatment was more than two years or less than three months ago, or the condition is ongoing.

But you can still get a quote and choose one of our other policies instead.

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Policy details
Vet fee cover£15,000£7,000£7,000£3,000
Dental coverAccidents and illnessAccidents onlyAccidents onlyAccidents only
Pre-existing conditions cover
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
£500 (year 1)
£1,000 (year 2)
Cover for conditions that ended 2 years ago
FirstVet - online vet video calls
Pet house sitter membership£99/yr

Frequently asked questions about pre-existing conditions

Everything else you need to know about your pet's previous conditions and how our policies cover them.

How do pet insurers know my dog has a pre-existing condition?

When you make a claim, your insurer will ask your vet for your dog’s medical records, so they can see if they’ve had any previous injuries or illnesses.

Will I be covered immediately?

No, like most pet insurance policies there’s a ‘wait period’ at the start. That means there’s a short period of time before you can make a claim.

For all our policies the wait period is two weeks for illnesses and 48 hours for accidents. But if you previously had cover with another pet insurance provider and you switch to us with no break in cover, there’s no wait period and you’ll have immediate cover.

My cat was diagnosed with a heart murmur in the past - can I get cover?

That might be fine, as long as your cat’s not having any treatment when you take out the policy, the murmur wasn't diagnosed in the past three months and you haven't had any treatment, medication or advice for it in the past three months.

If you take out a Pre-existing policy your cat’s heart murmur will be covered up to £500 in the first year, then £1,000 in the second year if you don’t make a claim.

If the murmur then stops and your pet receives no treatment, medication or advice for it for two years, we’ll cover it just like a new condition if it ever crops up again.

My dog has epilepsy with occasional flare-ups. It can’t be cured. Can I still buy a policy?

Yes, and conditions with relatively infrequent occurrences like your dog’s epilepsy can potentially be covered with the pre-existing limit of £500 after the two-week initial wait period, as long as there’s been no diagnosis of it, or treatment, medication or advice for it in the three months before you take out the policy.

My German Shepherd had hip dysplasia in his left hip treated a year ago. He now has it in his right hip. Does my pet insurance cover this?

Your dog’s hip problems are what’s known as a ‘bilateral condition’, meaning something that can occur in the same body part on the opposite side of your pet’s body.

Most pet insurers would automatically class your shepherd’s right hip as a pre-existing condition because he’s already been diagnosed for his left hip a year ago. But we don’t think that’s fair, so at ManyPets we’ll cover it in the same way we would a whole new condition, as long as his right hip had no previous diagnosis when the left hip was seen to by your vet, and no medication, advice or treatment in the last two years.

If it was noticed and diagnosed when the left hip was, it’s part of the same condition, so depending on your policy and whether you were covered by us when that was treated, you may still be able to claim.

My Persian cat has a little trouble breathing. It’s an inherited condition. Is she covered for treatment by the Pre-existing policy?

It really depends on whether it’s an ongoing, constantly managed condition or just something you’re worried will cause future issues, though she’s healthy right now.

She’ll need to have been free from advice, medication and treatment for three months before your Pre-existing policy starts for her to have her breathing problems covered by it.

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