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Your cat is growing up fast, and you want to give them the best care possible. But how do you deal with the new challenges they face, from scratching to feeding? In this page, we will share expert tips and advice on how to help your kitten grow and thrive.

2-6 months kitten stage

Proud parent of a new kitten? The first few months can be a little... fur raising. Here are some of our top guides to help you get one paw ahead.

6-12 months kitten stage

Don't they grow up fast. They scratch up your favourite table one day - and face more challenges the next. But don’t worry - we offer expert tips to guide you through this stage.

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Get a FREE kitten guide

Ah, tiny kittens – always a bundle of energy. As cute as that can be, it also means they’ll be running around, playing, exploring, and getting into trouble from the moment they arrive home.

But - don't panic! We've put together a 32-page guide with all the tips you need to get ahead, curated by our in-house veterinarian, Dr Kirsten Ronngren.

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Why should I get insurance for my kitten?

Do kittens really need dog insurance? You’d be forgiven for thinking that a young, healthy kitten might not need vet fee cover. But here’s the reality: young cats are a pretty accident-prone bunch.

From taking a tumble, to eating something they shouldn’t, you never know when your kitty-cat might need to visit a vet. Our kitten insurance can help with these costs, providing cover for unexpected illnesses and injuries that could later be classed as pre-existing if you wait.