The best accessories for walking your dog in the dark

21 September 2022 - 4 min read
Walking a dog in the dark
Walking a dog in the dark

During autumn and winter, the days are much shorter, which means more of your dog walks will take place in the dark. And when you're walking in low light conditions or at night, safety and visibility become more important.

So we asked two qualified veterinary nurses – our veterinary relationship managers, Sarah James and Sarah Dawson – to recommend some great accessories to give you confidence when walking your dog in the dark.

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LED dog collars

If you enjoy taking your dog out to the park in the early hours of the morning or in the evening, an LED collar can make it easier to keep an eye on them.

There are plenty of options when it comes to high visibility collars and one that comes highly recommended by Sarah James is the Leuchtie LED Light Collar.

Leuchtie LED glowing collar

The collar is extremely bright and you'll always be able to see where your dog is if you let them run off lead in the dark.

Leuchtie offers a range of collars that can remain illuminated between 25 to 120 hours. It's also waterproof, which makes it ideal if your dog enjoys early morning or late night swims.

It's more expensive than some others collars but dog owners may find it offers good value for money.

High visibility dog lead

The Illumiseen LED Dog leash is a popular option, which is available in two different lengths and six colours: blue, green, red, orange, pink, and yellow.

Illumiseen dog lead

An LED leash can help other owners, pedestrians or cyclists see where the lead is so they don't get tangled up in the dark. And if you drop it, it's easy to find.

Dog owners find this colour selection useful, particularly for black and other darker coloured dogs. The bright colours definitely help keep them visible.

The leash is rechargeable and offers up to seven and a half hours of run time from a five-hour charge. There are three light modes available and you have the choice of keeping it on continuously or choosing a slow or fast flash setting.

Reflective dog vests

Reflective vests can be a useful piece of safety equipment. Motorists will be aware of pedestrians but may not be paying the same amount of attention to dogs.

A dog in a reflective vest

When choosing a vest you should consider its visibility, the fit for your dog and the quality of material for durability. We'd recommend the AAVBR Premium Dog Reflective Vest.

The vest comes in five sizes, which means you should be able to find a suitable fit for your dog. Don't forget you can wear your own reflective vest as your own visibility is just as important.

High visibility dog vests come in different styles, colours and prices, so you should be able to find something to suit your needs.

Reflective dog harnesses

Dog walking in a reflective harness

If your dog doesn't need to wear a coat, a reflective dog harnesses will also keep them visible; especially if you're walking in an area with high traffic or on a busy path.

The True Love Dog Harness Safety Vest is a well-made harness and comes in small, medium and large sizes with a good selection of neon colours that include: yellow, orange, blue and pink.

Dog owners like the fact that it's a padded and sturdy harness, which allows a dog to pull on it without any problems should they get particularly eager or over excited.

Glow in the dark balls

A glow in the dark ball is a nice accessory. You'll find a wide selection in different colours and sizes and we recommend the Good Boy Glow in the Dark squeaky ball.

Glow in the dark dog balls

These balls don't need batteries or charging as they're made from a special material that has a glow feature. The ball is 'charged' when it's placed in bright sunlight for roughly 60 minutes.

The only thing you need to remember is to make sure your ball is charged in daylight before taking it out with your dog.

Torches for you and your dog

An LED headlamp with an adjustable beam angle can be a good option for night time walking but you can use a similar item for your dog by trying a clip-on LED dog light to its lead or collar.

These clip on lights are easy to use and offer an alternative to dog collars or high visibility vests. It means your dog will be visible to other walkers, cyclists and motorists.

The Hirsrian Clips are affordable at under £10 and are highly recommended by dog owners.

Clip on collar light

There's a good selection of colours and three different light modes to scroll through. You can choose a constant glow, a slow blinking or fast blinking flash.

While most people have a torch on their mobile phones, using them for dog walking may not always be practical. Consider a separate torch, or something like a headlamp for a hands-free option.

A person high fiving a dog

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A person high fiving a dog

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