Best Motorbike Insurance 2020

16 September 2021 - 7 min read

We’ve combined online customer reviews with ratings from an independent financial review service to rank the top motorcycle insurers.

Best Motorcycle Insurance Cover 2020

You can compare prices and cover levels of providers using

Other motorbike insurance providers such as Harley Davidson, BMW and Suzuki score well with financial services review firms, but we have excluded them because they are specialist services for specific types of motorbikes.

We compiled our top 10 list of the best motorbike insurers based on the ratings from an independent financial review service and combined these scores with online customer reviews from websites such as, and Trustpilot, where customers rate providers based on reliability, trustworthiness and their claim handling process.

This method means both the quality of the product and customer experience are taken into account.

This means that the best companies on the list should provide a decent level of cover and have broadly positive customer service reviews.

Other well-known providers such as RAC also offer cover.

If you ride a moped you can find out more about the best moped insurance, or find out about how much moped insurance costs.

How to Compare Motorcycle Insurance

The cover offered by many motorcycle insurance companies may look fairly similar so it's worth comparing prices and any special or optional features the insurer includes.

You can compare premiums and some cover features using

You may want to check whether a provider offers these features and compare cover levels between providers:

  • No claims bonus protection

  • Multi-bike discount

  • Cover for riding off road

  • Motorbike legal expenses cover

  • Personal accident cover

  • Helmet and leathers cover

  • Breakdown cover

  • Excess protection

  • Cover for driving in Europe

Some of these features will cost extra.

Here's how some of the top insurance compare for certain features:

  • Carole Nash Motorcycle Insurance - up to £100,000 legal expenses cover included as standard, breakdown cover included as standard, up to 90 days Europe cover as standard

  • Bennetts Motorbike Insurance - up to £100,000 legal expenses can be added for £29.99, basic breakdown cover can be added for £39.99 (more expensive options are available), up to 90 days Europe cover as standard, helmet and leathers cover can be added for £48

  • Devitt Bike Insurance - up to £100,000 legal expenses can be added for £19.99, basic breakdown cover can be added for £39.99 (more expensive options are available), up to 90 days Europe cover as standard, helmet and leathers cover can be added for £39.99

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance?

Like car insurance, motorcycle cover is a legal requirement. Even if you keep your bike off the road (unless you have a Statutory Off Road Notification with the DVLA) you'll need insurance. If you're caught without it you'll be liable for a fine and your bike can be confiscated.

Of course, insuring your bike isn’t just about following the law. Sharing the road with larger vehicles, particularly buses and lorries, poses a danger to any bike rider. Getting motorcycle insurance protects both your bike and yourself in the event of an accident. It can also offer cover for claims from other motorists involved in an accident.

You can get a range of quotes tailored to your needs from

How Much is Motorcycle Insurance?

Fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance can cost around £70 to £120 a year for an experienced rider but it may be more or less than that depending on the bike you ride and the policy features you select.

New riders may find their premiums are much higher but they will reduce over time.

The cost of insurance is affected by factors such as the make and model of bike you ride, your age, postcode, experience and where and when you ride your motorcycle. Generally, the more powerful the bike the more expensive it will be to cover.

There are ways you can influence the cost of a policy and make it cheaper. If you have a full driving licence and take advanced rider courses your insurer may offer you a lower premium. Investing in security devices such as an alarm, security markings, decent locks and trackers may also bring down costs.

If you increase your excess it can lower the cost of monthly payments, but make sure you can afford the excess if you do have an accident.

Click the link to get a personalised quote from one of our top providers Hastings Direct Motorcycle Insurance here or shop around on

Why the Cheapest Quote Isn't Always Best

With cheap motorbike insurance, you get what you pay for. The cheapest policies might not cover everything you need, and there's a chance that the excess will be high.

That said, when researching motorcycle insurance, comparison sites can be a great help. Sites like allow you to check policy details and the price of our chosen companies, as well as other providers.

Just remember that some providers aren’t on comparison websites so it is worth shopping around. Additionally, some companies create cheaper policies with fewer benefits to appear higher on price comparison tables so make sure you read the fine print of your policy carefully to avoid any surprise charges and exclusions.

What Makes a Good Motorcycle Insurance Policy?

This varies according to your personal circumstances, so the first step would be to decide what type of policy you require: third party (this is the minimum required by law and only covers damage you cause to others and their property); third party, fire and theft; or comprehensive.

If you opt for comprehensive, things to look out for include:

  • Are you covered for driving your bike abroad?

  • Are you covered for driving other bikes?

  • Is there a no-claims discount?

  • Is accident recovery included? (Getting you home safely if you break down or have an accident)

  • How much money are you covered for in case of loss, damage or theft?

  • New for old replacement

You might also want to consider additional cover such as legal expenses, personal accident cover, breakdown and cover for accessories and equipment.

Specialised policies are available for different requirements, including insurance for classic motorcycles, young riders and modified bikes, as well as temporary motorbike insurance and six-wheel cover (for those who also drive a car) from Carole Nash Motorcycle Insurance.

Multi bike Motorcycle Insurance

If you have more than one bike, getting a multi bike motorcycle insurance might not only save you the hassle of managing multiple policies but might also save you money.

Devitt's multi bike insurance policy calculates the price of your premiums based on the most expensive bike you own and adds around £30 for every additional bike you'd like to insure, allowing you to pay a lot less than you would if you were to insure your bikes on separate policies.

Motorcycle Direct's multi bike cover operates on a mirror bonus scheme. For example, if you have five years no claims bonus on your first bike, you'll get five years discount on your second bike.

Hastings Direct offers two levels of cover and savings on insuring multiple bikes on both of them.

Bear in mind that most multi-bike policies are built on the condition that you only ride one bike at a time while the rest are stored away safely.

Motorcycle Breakdown Insurance

Breaking down on a bike can be a traumatic experience. To ensure you've got the right support in place you might want to consider purchasing a specialist motorbike breakdown cover. Regular motorcycle insurance policies do not include breakdown cover but some providers give you the option to select breakdown cover as an add-on to your policy. For an extra £69.99 Motorcycle Direct will add UK motorcycle breakdown cover; for £99.99 - UK and EU motorbike cover.

The types and levels of cover available on breakdown policies vary depending on the provider and the policy. Hastings Direct offers three main levels of motorbike breakdown cover (roadside recovery, UK recovery and home service) and the opportunity to modify each level by adding optional extras.

The most basic level - roadside recovery - includes, as standard, misfuelling in the UK, UK-wide cover and roadside assistance (they'll send a service team to your location and if the bike can't be fixed, drive it to the nearest local garage).

Devitt provides motorbike breakdown insurance through RAC. The policies include four levels of cover: Roadside, which will cost you around £39.99 per year; Recovery - around £66.99 per year; At Home (if you're less than a quarter of a mile away from your home) - around £74.99 per year; and the most comprehensive one - Onward Travel plus EU cover - for around £95.99 a year.

If you're looking to learn more about breakdown cover providers take a look at our article listing the best breakdown cover.

Classic Motorbike Insurance

If your bike is over 20 years old it may be considered classic. Classic motorbike insurance can be cheaper than standard motorcycle insurance, provided that your bike does not have any modifications and is not a rare make.

Carole Nash, , MCE and Devitt, among other insurers. These four made our 'best motorbike insurance' list.

Young Riders Motorcycle Insurance

Insuring a younger rider tends to be more expensive due to their lack of riding experience.

You might be able to find suitable cover with a moped or scooter insurance policy. Cover for bikes between 50cc and 125cc tend to have lower premiums.

Some insurers, like Motorcycle Direct and Bennetts, offer specialist Young Riders Insurance.

Motorcycle Direct will cover 16 to 25-year-olds for scooters and mopeds with less powerful engines. It advises that the price of your premiums might come down if you have an impeccable riding record and take additional training such as the Institute of Advanced Motorist advanced test.

Most young rider policies cover bikes from 50cc to 125cc but this varies. Make sure to check with your chosen provider.

Modified Motorcycle Insurance

Insuring a modified bike is likely to cost more. Modifications can increase the value of your bike and make it more likely to be stolen. This naturally means that most insurers will charge higher premiums.

Some insurers like Hastings Direct, will not cover modified bikes. Others, like Bennetts, will insure certain modifications as standard. Bennetts promises to insure 16 modifications as standard and allows three more.

You might also be able to get specialist insurance for modified motorcycles. Insurers like MCE, Motorcycle Direct, offer specialist Modified Motorcycle Insurance.

If you insure your custom bike with Carole Nash you'll get a free DNA+ Forensic protection system, so, if stolen, your bike will carry a unique ID easily detectable by authorities.

Motorcycle Direct offers to insure the 16 most common motorcycle mods and MCE says it can cover an unlimited number of modifications with the exclusion of fitting a turbo, a supercharger or nitrous.

Getting an insurance quote for a modified bike through a standard online form might be tricky due to the many possible modifications you might have made to your bike.

Motorcycle Direct suggests that you give them a call while has listed the 16 most common bike mods in their online quote form and recommends that you contact them should your bike have modifications not listed on their website.

Travel Insurance for Motorcyclists

A lot of standard motorcycle insurance policies offer to cover you for a few weeks away with your bike but will not cover you outside the EU.

offers up to 90 days European cover as standard and so does Bennets.

If you're planning on travelling for longer, and worldwide, you might want to look into getting a separate motorcycle travel insurance policy. For more information take a look at our list of the best motorcycle travel insurance.

Whichever type of cover you opt for, make sure you get the best policy for your needs (and not just the cheapest) and that you read the policy documents so you know exactly what’s included.

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