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  • Up to £15,000 of cover
  • Cover for pre-existing conditions that have been free from treatment, medication and advice for two years
  • Unlimited 24/7 video vet advice
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Why compare pet insurance?

Not all pet insurance policies are created equal. You’ll find different companies have different features, cover levels and exclusions – it can be enough to send anyone into a tailspin. By shopping around and comparing features you can make sure you’re getting the best policy possible for your pet.

To help, we've joined forces with Defaqto, an independent financial research company, to make it easier for you to compare our cover with other options out there.

Our cover wins awards

You voted us Pet Insurance Provider Of The Year in the 2021-2022 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards. And we were awarded the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award 2023.

What to look for when picking pet insurance

Lifetime cover

Up to £15,000 of vet fee cover that renews every policy year.

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Cover to suit you

We have a variety of policies to suit every budget, ranging from £3,000 to £15,000 of cover.

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Pre-existing conditions

All of our policies cover conditions that have been free from treatment, medication or advice for two years. And if you need cover for conditions within this time, there’s our Pre-existing policy.


Dental cover

Our Complete policy provides up to £15,000 of cover for dental accidents and illness.

Extra fees

At ManyPets, you can choose from a range of excess and co-pay options, plus pay for your policy monthly at no extra cost.


Your pet’s age

We don’t have any age limits for our cover. However, your excess and co-pay will increase at the first renewal after your pet’s 9th birthday.

ManyPets vs the pack

See how our Complete policy compares to Petplan, RSPCA and Animals Friends based on product data provided by Defaqto as of 23/01/24. For the purposes of comparison, the table below shows individual feature limits that, unless noted otherwise, cannot exceed individually or together, the overall vet fee limit.

Feature ManyPets - Complete £15,000 policy Petplan - Covered for Life £12,000 Petsure - Lifetime cover £15,000 Animal Friends - Lifetime £18,000
Total vet fees payable in a 12-month period £15,000 £12,000 º £15,000 º £18,000 º
Behavioural limit £15,000* £12,000 º £15,000 º £18,000 º
Dental fees - accident cover limit £15,000* £12,000 º £15,000 º £3,000 º
Dental fees - illness cover limit £15,000* £12,000 º £5,000 º £3,000 º
Death by illness limit £6,000** £3,000 º £5,000 º £3,000 º
Death by accident limit £6,000** £3,000 º £5,000 º £3,000 º
Cruciate ligament limit £15,000* £12,000 º £2,000 º £18,000 º
CT/MRI scan limit £15,000* £12,000 º £2,000 º £18,000 º
Vet/qualified vet nurse direct helpline Yes Yes º Yes º Yes º
Adjustment fee £0 £0 º £0 º £0 º

* as part of the overall vet fee limit 

** separate allowance 

º data provided by Defaqto. Check the provider for full details.

A more comprehensive comparison is available here

While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the data shown, products can change, and you should always check the features most important to you with your chosen product provider before you proceed with your purchase. 

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