Best pet dental products

27 June 2022 - 4 min read
dog with toothbrush
dog with toothbrush

There are dozens of products out there that claim to be good for your pet's teeth.

We don't want you to waste your money on the wrong ones. So we asked veterinary surgeon Dr Sophie Bell which pet dental products are really worth buying.

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Why's pet dental care so important?

Many dogs and cats experience dental disease at some point in their lives. The most common is periodontal disease, caused by bacteria found in plaque. Advanced cases are expensive to treat and stressful for both your pet and for you.

But regular dental care can help prevent issues developing or stop them from becoming serious problems.

Any daily treatment like pastes, mouthwash and sprays will make a difference and using them will help you to spot dental issues early. But brushing is the best way to really keep your pet's teeth clean.

Best pet toothpaste

Dr Bell says anything containing chlorhexidine is great.

You can even apply it without a brush. Just use your finger to rub it round your pet's teeth and gums and their tongue will distribute it around the mouth.

There's also a product called Dentisept that's an extra sticky paste. As an extra benefit as it can help lower irritation and infection.

Using a paste like this that doesn't need to be brushed in can be a good way to start if you're not used to cleaning your dog's teeth.

Best pet dental toothbrush

For dogs over six months, you could just use a child’s toothbrush, or you can get a dog-specific brush from a pet shop as these will have similar soft bristles.

For puppies, a finger brush is ideal to get them used to the process of brushing.

There are even ultrasonic dog toothbrushes that can be more effective at removing plaque if your dog tolerates them. But they're expensive - for example the Cleany Teeth brush for dogs costs over £200.

Introduce brushing from an early age to help get your pet used to it.

Check out our guide to brushing your pet’s teeth to find out how.

Best pet dental wipes

There are lots to choose from, but ones containing chlorhexidine give better results for less effort. Wipes are useful if your pet dislikes brushing.

Best pet dental water additive

Aquadent is good but there are many other options available. Just make sure they don't contain xylitol, which can be toxic for dogs.

Best pet dental sprays

Sprays are easy to use, so they're good if you're struggling with other methods of cleaning your pet's teeth.

Petzlife oral care is a good product, as well as all chlorhexidine-based products.

A pet may prefer one product over another, so if one doesn’t work for your pup or cat, try something else.

Best pet dental treats

Some dental treats might help remove plaque but brushing will tend to do a better job.

Avoid dental sticks that are high in sugar and calories. You can check packets for information, but manufacturer might not list all ingredients.

Meaty bones are a healthy option with no additives, but be careful as bones are harder than teeth so they can actually cause dental damage. Make sure you're giving them when your pet's an appropriate age and not too often.

Hairy treats like rabbit ears can work away at the plaque and are safer.

Chewing can help remove plaque and also gives your pet some mental stimulation to calm anxious cats and dogs.

Best pet dental food

A raw diet can be good for dental health, but make sure you understand the risks and the potential benefits.

If you don't like the idea of feeding raw, branded food like Royal Canin dental food is a good option.

You can also buy a food additive, which means you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing your pet's diet.

PlaqueOf is one that many of our owners and vet experts recommend.

Best pet dental chews

Some of our team have good things to say about Lily’s Kitchen’s Woofbrush chews.

Like dental treats, anything harder than the enamel on teeth can cause problems, so keep an eye on your dog with any chew. You should especially pay attention if they eat them fast, as some can get stuck in their throat.

Chews improve wellbeing as well as dental health and can prevent boredom, but again, they won't do as good a job as brushing your dog's teeth.

A dog eating a credit card

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A dog eating a credit card

Best kitten and puppy dental teething toys

Any toys that can be frozen can be useful for teething pups as they'll cool and sooth inflamed gums. You can also buy teething gels that have a similar effect.

Avoid toys that have really hard, solid surfaces, for pets of any age, because they can damage or wear down teeth.

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