The winners of our britain's best rescue competition

25 June 2021 - 2 min read

Earlier in 2021, we asked pet owners to send us their nominations for the Britain's best rescue cat and dog competition.

We received dozens of entries and thousands of votes, thank you to everyone who took part. The stories pet parents sent in were amazing but there were only two winners and we're delighted to reveal the best rescue dog and cat below.

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Britain's Best Rescue Dog is Slinky

Rosie, Slinky's owner, explains the incredible impact he has had on her life..

"I suffer from PTSD as a result of losing my first baby in a traumatic way and almost dying. I was lucky enough to have an alert dog that helped me manage and she gave me the strength to start my own dog training business.

"One day in October 2020 she died unexpectedly during surgery and I was left heartbroken with the worst cluster PTSD attacks I’ve has since my baby died. Slinky, my wonderful Dachshund, who I adopted from The Red Foundation stepped up to the plate.

"Slinky became my rock.

"With family hours away and setting up alone in the middle of a pandemic I felt extremely lonely, I spent day after day on my own with my dogs for company. I was being beaten by PTSD again.

"Slinky became the love of my life; he goes everywhere with me, even to work. He gives me comfort and he paws at my head when I have PTSD attacks in my sleep and get trapped in night terrors.

"He himself overcame awful living conditions to become a happy, confident little sausage dog who was the first Dachshund in the world to obtain Trick Geek Champion Status by learning over 50 tricks and loves sniffer dog training. And even with all of that he still makes sure I’m ok.

"He keeps me safe and I’m extremely grateful for it. He’s the least expected looking assistance dog but I believe he is Britain’s best rescue dog."

Britain's Best Rescue Cat is Pickle

It took time for Pickle to become part of Claire's family, she shares her story.

"Pickle was found on a friend’s farm on her own at 5 weeks old; starving, full of fleas and lice, having been abandoned by her mother.

"She was very timid and scared.

"We rescued her and took care of her, nurtured her until we earned her trust and could, after many weeks finally pet and stroke her at last.

"Now at nearly 3 years old, she is our little Princess Pickle. Still very small but sassy and cute. She loves belly rubs, being carried like a baby and being groomed.

"I think Pickle understands that we saved her and in turn, she gives back that special unconditional love only a pet can give. She is one special little kitty."

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Irina Wells
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