The top 10 Christmas gifts you have to get your cat in 2023

5 December 2023 - 5 min read
2023 must-buy gifts for you cat

Christmas is around the corner, and for cat parents that means one thing - another opportunity to to spoil our feline friends.

To pull together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for cats this year, we surveyed 500 cat parents to ask what presents they’re giving their kitty this year - and discover the top 10 must-have gifts for cats in 2023.

We then spoke with gifting expert, Nico Williams from Not On The High Street to get her take. It’s her job to stay on top of gifting trends for the online retailer, so there’s no one better placed to give us the inside scoop on the best products per category to treat your kitty to.

So, what trends can we expect to see for pet gifting this year? Nico had a lot to say. “Pet wellness is definitely becoming more prevalent and we're seeing new innovation within pet supplements and natural remedies to support pet-wellbeing,” she reports. 

“Another key area we anticipate more growth within pet gifting is more sustainable toys for pets - deriving from more conscious recycled or deadstock materials.”

The big question is this… what’s the number one most in-demand Christmas gift for cats this year? Well… you’ll have to read on to find out.

#10 - Collar

16% of British cat parents said they were treating their kitty to a brand new collar for Christmas.

Andy Pawhol Cat Collar

Andy Pawhol Cat Collar, by Niaski

Starting at £21

“For the playful cats out there we love this bold  ‘Andy Pawhol’ collar and charm from Niaski,” said gift expert Nico.

Created by iIllustrator, Nia Gould, this is the perfect cat collar to give a particularly creative person this Christmas.

Betsy Ann Personalised With Name Collar, by Bumble Beez


Nico gave us another option if you wanted something more classic for your cat. 

“#cottagecore meets cats! This stylish and timeless floral collar is the perfect gift for those who like to keep on top of trends.”

#9 - Kitty hamper

Stuck for an exact idea of what to get your cat at Christmas? 17% of British cat parents have solved that problem by purchasing a kitty hamper as their cat’s gift this year.

EcoKitty catnip hamper

Luxury Christmas Eco Catnip Hamper, by EcoKitty


This eco-friendly hamper option is chock full of oh-so-delicious (to cats) catnip.

“Finding eco gifts for pets isn’t always easy, so we love this sustainable hamper for cats,” adds Nico.

The Innocent Cat Christmas Gift Box, by The Innocent Hound


“If you’re looking for a combined set, we love this treat selection that comes with catnip toys in adorable designs,” said Nico.

This handy hamper comes with three delicious, healthy cat treats and a leather fish or cat toy with catnip. Perfect for the cat who loves to be pampered.

#8 - Cat tower

17% of cats will be receiving a brand new cat tower on Christmas Day.

Cat Tower

Stackable Copper Cat Tower, by Copper Constructions


This handmade cat tower comes with machine washable soft fleece layers. Handy when your cat just can’t get enough of it.

“It’s also fully customisable and features a copper piping design which is super unique,” added Nico.

#7 - Bed

Christmas is a time of rest and relaxation - especially for cats. That could be why 19% of cat parents are buying a bed for their pet’s present this year.

Two tier whicker cat house

Two Tier Wicker Cat Bed House, by Prestige Wicker


“For those who like things just right, this bed offers a shady nook and a raised platform so they can embrace being introverts or extroverts,” said Nico.

It’s also a hand-crafted, environmentally friendly option that you can customise with your cat’s favourite blanket or cushion.

#6 - Blanket

Speaking of blankets, 20% of British cat owners said they were giving their cat a brand new blanket this Christmas to help them feel festive and cosy.

Cat cocoon

Handmade Crochet Cat Basket, by Cocoon&me

Starting at £38

Who doesn’t love a two-in-one? This soft and comfy blanket doubles up as a more solid crochet cat basket.

“Cocooning is a big trend for Autumn-Winter ‘23 and this extends to our pets too. We love this cosy crochet cat basket to keep them warm,” said Nico.

#5 - Cat scratcher

Scratching posts are high up on kitty gift lists this year. 23% of you said you were getting one for feline friend this Christmas.

Cat Scratcher

Fun Rainbow Cat Scratcher, by TheLittleBoysRoom


“This rainbow option is the dreamiest of cat scratching posts that will brighten up any kitty’s day,” said Nico.

#4 - Treat jar

27% of you said that you were treating your cat to a new treat jar this year.

Cat treat jar

Personalised Good Cat Treat Jar, by Syd&Co

Starting from £32

“We love this personalised kitty treat jar you can customise with your cat’s colours, a collar of choice, and their name,” said Nico.

#3 - Catnip

If you get special tipples at Christmas, why shouldn’t your cat? That might be why 32% of British cat parents will be putting some catnip under the tree this year as a special surprise.

Cat Nip

Catnip Seed Kit, by Seed Pantry


If you have a particularly green thumb, then this catnip gift might be the one for you. 

“The gift that keeps on giving, catnip you can grow!” said Nico. 

Rainbow Paws Eco Handcrafted Catnip Toy, by EcoKitty


This bright and colourful catnip toy is hand-crafted in Cornwall from locally sourced fabric, recycled padding and organic catnip. Super soft and super sustainable.

“This bold design is sure to grab your cat’s attention,” added Nico.

#2 - Toy

A whopping 51% of Brits are planning to give their cats a new toy to play with on Christmas morning.

Interactive mouse toy

Interactive Smart Mouse Toy, by techBAR


“Looking for something to keep them occupied when you’re not home? Look no further than this interactive mouse toy,” suggested Nico.

This techy toy has three reaction modes and an LED light up tail. It looks pretty nifty zipping across the floor. 

#1 - Food or treats

The most in-demand gift Christmas gift for cats this year? Treats! 63% of you said you’re planning to help you cat join in the festivities with food this holiday season. 

Make your own cat treats kit

Make Your Own Pet Cat Treats And Personalised Bag, by When I Was A Kid


“Homemade gifts are the best way to show you care - so this kit lets you make your own treats AND comes with a personalised treat bag too,” said Nico.

This sweet kit comes with five recipes to follow and three shape cutters - making it a perfect gift for both you and your cat this Christmas.

Give them the gift of cat insurance this Christmas

Nothing says “I love you” more than protecting your furry friend from unexpected accidents and illnesses. 

Cat insurance can help you cover the costs of veterinary bills, medications and more. That means you can have peace of mind knowing that your cat is well taken care of, no matter what happens.

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