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27 October 2020 - 6 min read

Everyone’s excited to get out and about this summer. And more than ever, it’s your pet’s turn to take the lead.

With ManyPets pet insurance, our comprehensive cover and unlimited, 24/7 online vet advice service lets you enjoy your days without having to worry about your furry adventurer. We're with you and your pet this summer wherever your roam.

We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to great dog-friendly locations around the country so if you're eager to go on a trip or just a long walk, what are the essentials you should pack?

Here's our pick of some of the top dog accessories to bring as part of your pet travel kit.

Water bowl

A good supply of water is the most important thing to take on a long walk with your dog.

The Beco Travel Bowl is a collapsible food and water bowel and a convenient accessory to have in your pet travel kit.

Look for brightly coloured bowls so you won’t forget to pick them up when you’re ready to continue with your walk or return home.

Dog water bottle

If you don't want to bring a water bowl try a water bottle. They're perfect for dog walks when the weather is warm.

You can find bottles in various sizes but ideally you want a bottle that will hold enough water for a few hours of walking.

We'd suggest a bottle such as the Wadeo dog water bottle, which doubles up as a bowl. It might be on the small side for some dog owners but it's light and easy to attach to your belt or bag when walking with your dog.

Pet cooling mat

If you're concerned about keeping your dog cool during the hot weather, you might want to consider a cooling mat.

You can try the Pecute Dog Cooling Mat, which comes in different sizes. The mat works by absorbing your dog's body heat. The heat is then evaporated back into the air from the areas of the mat not in use.

This accessory is especially useful for more vulnerable dogs who are elderly, suffer heart problems or short-snouted breeds that struggle to pant as easily.

Check out our article on heatstroke in dogs, which explains what it is, what to do and whether your insurance cover it?

Cooling vest and coats

An alternative to buying a mat is a cooling coat or vest, which can also keep your dog cool and comfortable while they're out walking in hot weather.

A good light weight and comfortable option, particularly if your dog isn't used to wearing coats or vests is the Petface Cooling Dog Coat.

One tip you can try when out with your dog, is to pour water onto the coat from a water bottle or tap.

The Petface Cooling Coat is popular with small and medium sized dogs such as  Cavalier King Charles or Cocker Spaniels.

If you have a larger breed you may need to find a coat more suitable but regardless of dog breed or size, you should look for a coat that's lightweight, airy and easy to maintain.

Dog leads

Dog owners will know there are many types of leads available to suit different breeds, temperaments and different uses - and sometimes the choice can be overwhelming.

The best dog leads should be sturdy enough to stand the test of time, be comfortable for your dog and provide all-round value for money. With those criteria in mind, we'd suggest considering the EzyDog Zero Shock lead.

They're popular with dog owners due to their durability and the fact they can last for many years. They are easy to put on, comfortable and there are plenty of colour choices available. There are also two options when it comes to the length; 25 or 48 inches.

If you're going away or heading out for a long walk it's always a good idea to have a spare lead just in case there's an accident.

Ezydog life jackets

Ezydog also makes dog life jackets that can help dogs gain confidence in the water.

Dog owners who enjoy spending time on boats or out in the open water should make sure they feel confident their dogs will be safe in this environment.

Most dogs love to swim but life jackets can be useful if your dog gets tired on open water or find themselves caught in strong currents.

Treats and activity toys

Just like us, our dogs need a few snacks and treats to keep them going during a long walk so make sure you pack plenty of food.

We like the Kong Wobbler Dog Toy, which is a toy and a treat all rolled into one.

It provides good stimulation and a tasty reward.

For younger dogs, treats are a way of rewarding good behaviour, particularly if you have a dog who gets excited by new sights, sounds and smells when out for a walk.

Toys can also help draw the attention of your dog if they get excited or distracted by other dogs and people. One other toy we like is the Chilli Out Watermelon Slice Dog Chew.

This chew will help keep your dog hydrated whilst playing in the hot weather.

Dog tents

If you want to bring your dog camping with you - or need a light dog shelter for a long hiking walk, a dog tent might be what you're looking for.

We'd suggest the Pet Tent Dog/Cat Oxford Cloth Fiber Rod Waterproof Detachable Sleeping Bed Mat.

It's affordable at under £10 and will cater for smaller sized dogs. There are other tents available for bigger breeds too.

Paddling pools

We've checked out their dog cooling mats but Percute also does dog paddling pools, which are large enough for kids to enjoy with pets as well.

Dog owners like the clever design, which includes slotted wooden panels inside the edging of the pool. This gives it that weight to stay up securely in place; some cheaper pools can collapse when holding too much water.

The inside of the pool uses material that is non-slippery, so your dogs won’t fall while enjoying a cooling bath when outdoors. It's easy to fold and store once you've finished using it.

Poop bags

You have to be prepared for all sorts of eventualities when out with your dog. One of the most likely will be their need to go to the toilet; it's why you should always have a poop bag to hand.

The Earth Rated dog poop bag is one of the most highly rated poop bags around.

They're a good size, which means they should cope with larger or multiple deposits. They're strong and don't rip easily.

You'll be pleased to know that the lavender scent is strong enough to overpower the smelliest of odours. The fact that they are biodegradable and green makes it better for the environment.

Dog tracking devices

If you have a dog that's impulsive and likes to run off, having a GPS tracker device attached to their collar could be just what you need.

Many come with an app that will let you know exactly where your dog is when they're out roaming. The Pawfit is one tracker that comes highly recommended by dog owners.

The tracker updates their location every 5 seconds within a 10 minute time frame. This mode provides the most frequent and accurate update of your pet's location.

Overall it helps give you the reassurance you need if your pooch decides to scamper away on one of their little adventures.

First aid kit

A dog first aid kit is a sensible accessory to have on a long walk as you never know when an emergency might happen. A good kit should include essentials items such as: bandages, cotton wool, surgical sicky tape dressings and scissors.

Mountain Paws Dog First Aid Kit is suitable for all dogs. It's reasonably priced, you can treat common injuries and it's easy to carry round with you.

If you don't have a first aid kit with you but find that you need Veterinary advice; ManyPets customers have access to an unlimited, 24/7 online vet advice service.

The accessories you take on your staycation will depend on how long you're going away for and the type of activities you have planned.

If you're shopping around for pet accessories check out Pets Corner who offer a wide range of pet accessories. Everything from dog toys, collars, leads, grooming and feeding equipment.

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