How we use facebook data

8 May 2017 - 2 min read

At ManyPets transparency is important to us. We know people are concerned about the amount of data held about them and what it is used for.

One reaction we see on social media regularly is: ‘I was going to join but you wanted access to all my Facebook data’, so we thought I’d explain how we use the data to make the process of joining easier and to let you know we take information security seriously.

Of course, you do not have to log in with Facebook - any other social login or an email and password is fine - but many people choose to use it because it is so convenient.

Most members come to us from posts they have seen on Facebook. If they then log in with Facebook they do not have to create and remember a new login and they don’t even have to input their Facebook login details (because they are already logged in).

And because we get some data about members from their public profile we can pre-fill some fields on forms when they’re getting an insurance quote.

When you log in with Facebook on ManyPets you will see a box that tells you what we will be able to see when you log in.

Facebook login

As you can see we request:

  • Public Profile - this is provided as a minimum by Facebook for all logins

  • Friend list - in reality, we only see your friends who are already members of ManyPets, not all of them

  • Your email address

  • Your Likes

At the bottom is says: ‘This doesn’t let the app post to Facebook’, which means we cannot put anything on your timeline, or that of your friends.

You may see our ads in your timeline, this is because you have visited our website recently and not because you have joined using Facebook

Edit Facebook login

If you click on the ‘Edit This’ link it gives you the option to deselect all the requested data except the public profile.

We would prefer members not deselect any of these for the following reasons:

  • Friend List - Accessing the list of your friends allows us to show you whom of your friends is already a member of ManyPets and therefore provide you with some reassurance that people you trust, trust us.

  • Email Address - Your email address allows us to contact you in the future. We do this for two reasons: To notify you of important events, for example, to send you policy documents or let you know your policy is due to renew. And to let you know about offers and products, of ours, we think you might be interested in. You can unsubscribe from these emails if you like. We never pass your email address to anyone else.

  • Likes - By collecting likes we are able to more accurately send offers we think you might be interested in. For example, some dog owners also own horses - we can see this from their Likes. If we were to launch an equine insurance policy we would email those people to let them know about it. This capability is in its infancy for us but we hope it will help us to reduce emails that are not relevant to you.

We take your privacy, and our relationship with you, seriously, and we do not share personally identifiable information to third parties, other than as described in our Privacy Policy. ManyPets is regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

We, at ManyPets, work to the principle that we will not do with your personal data, anything that we would be unhappy about another company doing with our personal data. You need to decide if that is a restrictive enough for you and if you trust us to adhere to that principle.

Irina Wells
Content Marketing Executive

Irina is a former content marketing executive for ManyPets. She has contributed to a number of personal finance sites, including Loot Financial Services and Claro Money.