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11 May 2022 - 2 min read
How ManyPets

In April 2022, Bought By Many became ManyPets. Why? Because we’re completely passionate about your furry family members.

We’re on a mission to keep as ManyPets as possible happy and healthy. And we’re doing it in as many ways as we can.

We’d be nothing without pets. So here’s how ManyPets – ours and yours – it’s taken to get us to where we are today.

How ManyPets do we cover?

We’ve covered just under 686,000 pets since we set out in 2017 to make pet insurance better. More than 515,000 of them are currently still insured by us.

If all the cats and dogs we’d ever insured lined up nose to tail, they’d stretch from our office in London to Aberdeen. If they all stood on top of each other they’d be able to reach the International Space Station.

How many pets covered

How ManyPets have we helped get better?

We’re obsessed with keeping your lovely pets healthy and avoiding vet visits in the first place. But when pets do get poorly, we’re there for you.

Unlike some insurers, we look for reasons to pay claims, not ways to avoid it. That’s why we’ve paid out on over 97.5% of claims so far in 2022.

Since 2017 we’ve paid more than 396,000 claims.

How many claims paid

How ManyPets is different

Let’s be honest, no one gets excited about buying insurance. But pets are family, so we wanted to offer many more pets the right cover in as many different ways as we could.

So we looked at what was wrong with pet insurance and changed those things:

  • Many pets are too old to get cover with other insurers – ManyPets covers pets of any age from four weeks old.

  • Many pets can’t find cover if they’ve been poorly before. ManyPets has a policy that can cover pre-existing conditions and all our policies cover conditions that ended two or more years ago.

  • Many pets have smaller claims that aren’t worth it with high excesses. ManyPets offers a range of excesses, the lowest being for £69. So that for smaller claims, it is worth it.

  • Many pets rarely make a claim and don’t get the best value form their policies. That’s why ManyPets added a MoneyBack option that repays 20% of your premium if you don’t need to make a claim.

  • Many pets run out of cover because their policy is time-limited or has a limit for each condition. ManyPets only offers lifetime policies because we don’t want your cover to run out. Instead, you’ll have an annual vet fee limit for all conditions that refreshes each year.

How many ManyPets experts are there now?

We’re all fanatical about pets at ManyPets and now there are more of us than ever.

In 2017 we were a team of 65 dedicated pet lovers. But there were so ManyPets to help that we had to expand.

Now there are nearly 500 of us globally – and counting.

Manypets team

We’re obsessed with pets – just ask the many, many ManyPets pets.

Almost nine out of 10 of us have pets of our own – and they’re as much a part of the team as their humans!

ManyPets staff pets

Derri Dunn
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Derri is a personal finance and insurance writer and editor. After seven years covering all things motoring and banking at GoCompare, Derri joined ManyPets in 2021 to focus on pet health. She has fostered cats and kittens for Blue Cross and Cats Protection and is owned by tabby cat Diggory and two badly behaved dogs.