Get to know the ManyPets TV stars

30 June 2022 - 3 min read
Therapist Couch
Therapist Couch

In the latest ManyPets TV adverts, our talented squad of cat and dog help to calmly unpick life’s ups and downs with an emotional pet parent on the therapist’s couch.

Whether it’s a Chihuahua life coach, a Dalmatian diet guru or a cat counsellor you need, our team of pet therapists have you covered.

And as they look after us so well, you can look after them too, with the right pet insurance policy for your very own four-legged therapist.

A person high fiving a dog

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A person high fiving a dog

We thought you might like to know a bit more about our four-legged therapists and their health and happiness credentials.


Cheech Chihuahua

Qualified at: Royal Academy of Dramatic Arfs

Specialism: Charisma coach

Fabulous Chihuahua therapist Cheech knows how to light up a room – and can teach you how to do the same. Cheech can show you how to shine in any social situation and silence those inner doubts.



Qualified at: University of Pawrick

Specialism: Pawsitive mental attitude

Full of self-doubt? Bloodhound life coach Dixie can sniff out the best in you. She knows a good hooman when she sees one, and that’s why she’s the best in her field.


Dolla Chinese Crested

Qualified at: Le Cordon Woof

Specialism: Diet and clean eating

Our turtleneck-loving Chinese Crested dog Dolla is a great listener with a taste for the finer things. He can help you get your healthy eating back on track too. Having tasted meals the world over, his knowledge of the stomach-mood relationship is unparalleled. Trust the process – you’ll feel better in no time.


Sphinx Bruce

Qualified at: Heriot-Catt University

Specialism: Caring counsellor

Wise Sphinx cat Bruce is one of our most experienced counsellors, having coached our clients through break-ups, fall outs and mid-life crises galore. He always knows how to coax the best out of people with his knowing ways.


Schaunzer Dudley

Qualified at: Heriot-Catt University

Specialism: Mind coach

Dudley the Schnauzer therapist believes that a healthy mind is an ambitious mind, working with clients to inspire a positive mental attitude. His wide-ranging experience in coaching and mentoring will leave you ready to take on the world.


Moggie Scooter

Qualified at: Meowversity of Warwick

Specialism: Wellness

Wellness practitioner Scooter the cat has trained the world over in human healing. When Scooter’s around, you can’t help but feel a sense of calm – it’s all his clients talk about.



Qualified at: University of Mans-bestfriend-chester

Specialism: Tough love

Straight-talking English Bull Terrier Snoopy is our no-nonsense therapist. ‘Let’s cut to the chase’, he says! You know how to help yourself, you only need him to point the way.


George Dalmatian

Qualified at: London School of Ruffonomics

Specialism: Happiness healer

George the Dalmatian can help you reflect and find your inner-peace. Clients tell us he knocks the spots off other therapists and that no matter how rubbish they might be feeling, George can help them find a positive spin on it.


Collie Tuggi

Qualified at: University of Leads

Specialism: Self-discovery

Wise Tuggi the Collie helps people reconnect with themselves. He knows how to get to your emotional core in a way that'll make you rediscover yourself more completely.

Lewis Martins
Communities marketer

Lewis has worked in pet health since 2017. Before joining ManyPets in 2021, he led content production at VetForum and PetsApp. Lewis has collaborated with some of the world’s biggest vet groups and suppliers to write educational articles for vets and pet parents. His Instagram feed is 60% dogs, 40% cats.