Petplan Sanctuary insurance review

6 July 2022 - 2 min read

Policy highlights

  • Petplan Sanctuary offers up to £5m public liability cover

  • Interest-free monthly direct debit payments

  • Up to £100,000 professional indemnity cover

Check out the Petplan Sanctuary website for more.

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Petplan Sanctuary is the sister brand of Petplan, which offers pet insurance for cats, dogs and rabbits, and Petplan Equine, which covers horses.

What types of insurance does Petplan Sanctuary offer?

Petplan Sanctuary offers insurance for a range of pet businesses. The types of cover it provides falls into three categories:

  • Liability

  • Care of animals

  • Buildings and property

Each category features insurance products to choose from when you get a quote.


Public liability – This can cover legal claims if your business activity injures someone or damages their property. Petplan Sanctuary’s policies offer up to £5m of cover.

Professional indemnity – This cover can protect your business from claims made by clients for loss or damage due to your negligent advice or services. Petplan Sanctuary’s policies offer up to £100,000 of cover.

Employers’ liability – This is a legal requirement if you have any employees or volunteers. It can cover claims if an employee dies or is injured while working for you.

Care of animals

This cover can cover costs relating animals in your care. The following limits are the maximum you can claim per animal in a policy year. The total you can claim in one policy year for this cover is £3,000.

  • Veterinary Fees - £1,250

  • Death of Animal - £1,250

  • Loss by Theft or Straying - £1,250

  • Loss of Boarding Fees - £350

  • Advertising and Reward - £350

  • Animals in Transit - £2,000

Custodial responsibility cover also falls under this category. It can pay out to defend claims for negligence made against you by someone using your services under normal contract or conditions of business.

Buildings and property

  • Damage to buildings, contents or stock – accidental damage can be added to any of these

  • Loss of money

  • Goods in transition

  • Loss or theft of keys – this can be a useful policy for pet professionals who hold the keys to a client's home

  • Computer and other business equipment

  • Specified risks – this can include mobile equipment that will be used away from your business premises such as grooming tools or baths

Is liability insurance covered by Petplan Sanctuary?

Yes it is. Public liability is one of the key types of insurance that businesses should consider.

Some local authorities or clients may require that you have it.

Petplan Sanctuary offers up to £5m of public liability cover. You can see other liability limits in the section above.

You can get a quote for liability cover from Petplan Sanctuary.

How much does Petplan Sanctuary insurance cost?

The cost of cover will depend on a range of factors such as the type and size of your business.

The annual cost of its dog walker is around £130 and the price rises to about £186 when you add £10m of Employer's Liability insurance covering up to 10 people as standard.

You can find out about the average cost of liability insurance here or get a quote from Petplan Sanctuary.

Are there any exceptions for Petplan Sanctuary insurance?

As with all insurance, it’s worth reading the company’s policy documents before you buy so that you’re aware of any exclusions and how they would apply to your business.

Petplan Sanctuary does not cover wear or tear to equipment.

There is an excess for most claims and the amount varies depending on the type of cover the claim relates to.

How to make a claim with Petplan Sanctuary

To make a claim relating to the care of an animal you’ll need to get download a claim form from the Petplan Sanctuary website. It can be found on the ‘Make a claim’ page.

You’ll need to fill in some personal details and information relating to the claim and return the form to Brooks Braithwaite (Sussex) Ltd., Third Floor Front, Oakfield House, 35 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath RH16 3BW.

For all other claims, you’ll need to call the telephone number 0345 070 1064 to speak to Petplan Sanctuary’s customer services.

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