PetsPyjamas shares their petiquette guide on how to stay in a hotel with a pet

5 October 2021 - 1 min read

Sending thousands of dogs on holiday each year, PetsPyjamas has been at the helm of dog-friendly holidays since 2014.

With their vast experience of dog-friendly travel to hotels, cottages, country houses, B&Bs and more, they’re well placed to offer tips about going on holiday with a furry friend.

We asked for their advice on taking a break with your dog.

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Here are PetsPyjamas tips for taking your pet on holiday:

  • Look (and smell) the part – Make sure your dog has been washed and groomed, either professionally or at home before travelling, as it’s likely they will be the star of the trip.

  • Pack the essentials – Don't forget their food, favourite toy, bed or dog blanket (if not supplied by hotel), towel, wipes and waste bags. A stairgate or crate can also be useful if you are leaving your dog in the room at any time. If it’s likely to be wet, windy or cold when you travel, a dog coat will keep their coat protected from dirt as well as keeping them warm, and a cute accessory such as a bowtie will impress fellow diners.

  • First impressions – After being cooped up on the journey, a dog is bound to be excited when they reach their final destination so before you check in, give you dog a quick show round the exterior grounds for a comfort break and to get familiar with their new surroundings. Also, for your own ego, don’t be surprised if your dog receives a better welcome than you do! Many hotels are now so dog-friendly that reception staff may even pop around the desk for a cuddle and offer treats.

  • Practice good manners – Whether passing through reception or enjoying drinks in the bar, keep your dog under control, on the lead and in view. If your dog prefers to sit next to you or on your lap in the public areas, it's polite to use a blanket. And it goes without saying, always clean up after your dog wherever you are staying.

  • Staying Best in Show – Dogs will be dogs but it’s important that you pay attention to their hygiene during your trip. Dog wipes will tackle light dirt but if it’s wet and muddy, or your pet just loves to get mucky, ask staff to arrange for a bucket of soapy water ready on return from your adventures.

  • To dine or not to dine with your dog? More and more hotels are happy to let dogs dine with their owners provided they are kept close and don’t get in the way of the serving staff. They may even get a treat from the kitchen. Pet-sitting and pet listening are available in quite a few hotels or if you do leave your dog to rest in the room, make sure they have had plenty of toys to play with, a comfy bed to snuggle and hang up the do not disturb sign.

  • Socialising with the other guests - Dogs can be terrific ice breakers, so expect lots of interaction with other guests. However, if a canine companion is nervous and would rather not be touched don’t be afraid to let other guests know, particularly when it comes to young children.

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