Vet nurses in the spotlight - Brett

30 April 2021 - 3 min read

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Welcome to this month's instalment of ManyPets column about the professional routines of vet nurses, the cornerstones of every veterinary team.

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This month we spoke to Brett, a head veterinary nurse who has just started his post-graduate certificate in veterinary business management at Liverpool University. He has previously worked in both independently owned practices and corporate.

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My alarm goes off at...

At 7am every day!

I cannot leave the house without...

My dog unless he wants to snuggle under the covers and does not want to come with me! I also make sure I have got everything I need for my busy day ahead in practice ( this can include home made cake!)

My typical day...

Starts early and finishes late, it is super busy but I would not change a thing.

Words of wisdom for student vet nurses...

Would be to work hard but make sure you have a great work life balance, do not let work take over your life. You only live once enjoy it!

My favourite work memory is...

Every time I see the smile from an owner after seeing their pet after they have been so poorly feeling better and wanting to go home and return to normal life.

The main purpose of my job is...

The main purpose of my job is to make sure everyone has a great time in work doing what they enjoy while offering gold standard care. Colleagues matter, having a great working experience and environment helps create the best acre for our patients.

A perk of the job is...

Cuddles from our patients! They make me super happy.

I love the client and patient experience and believe it to be most important, as well as managing a great all round team that care for individual patients in a personal way - offering a gold standard of care in every aspect of the business.

What made you want to become a  veterinary nurse?

I always knew I wanted to become a veterinary nurse, although my dad would have much preferred me to be an electrician like himself.

I wanted it and went out to get it. I got a place at Myerscough college to study a foundation degree in veterinary nursing and qualifed in 2013. I then went on to gain my bachelors of science in veterinary nursing in 2016.

The impact of pet insurance to my job is...

Huge! It allows me as a nurse to provide care that often is not affordable to pets who are not insured.

My role in 5 words...

Rewarding, challenging, emotional, exciting and different.

Irina Wells
Content Marketing Executive

Irina is a former content marketing executive for ManyPets. She has contributed to a number of personal finance sites, including Loot Financial Services and Claro Money.