Update on our cover

6 November 2020 - 2 min read

New customers can no longer buy our Fixed For Life policy. The following information is for existing customers only.

From 17 December 2019, Bought By Many's (now ManyPets) Fixed For Life pet insurance will be upgraded from per-condition and will pay for a condition year after year up to the total £20,000 limit.

We will also be transferring existing customers who have Fixed For Life policies to the new cover when they reach their next renewal on or after 17 December 2019.

We will be contacting all Fixed For Life customers by email to let them know they'll be upgraded from per-condition cover at renewal.

Under the current per-condition policy:

  • There is a limit of £7,000 for vet treatment per condition

  • New conditions that have reached the £7,000 limit cannot be claimed for again

  • There is a total limit of £20,000 for all claims over the life of a pet

Under the new policy:

  • Customers have a £7,000 annual limit for vet treatment for all conditions that resets each year they renew

  • There will no longer be a per-condition limit on claiming for new conditions

  • If a customer previously reached the £7,000 claim limit for a condition it will now be lifted

  • The total limit of £20,000 for all claims will not change

Why we are making this change

We believe this change will provide better long-term cover because it can pay for a condition year after year up to the total £20,000 limit. This means that owners do not have to worry about vet fee cover running out when they hit the per-condition limit.

We're always looking at how we can improve your policies. This year we also added unlimited access to a UK registered vet for help and advice, day or night to your cover at no extra cost.

Will this affect Fixed For Life customers' premiums?

Customers who already have a Fixed For Life policy will not see their price change and they’ll only ever pay one excess each year, however many claims they make.

Improvements to Fixed For Life cover limits

We’ll also be lifting the limit on previous claims customers may have made. If they reached the £7,000 limit when claiming for a condition, they’ll be able to claim for that condition again on your policy once it renews.

The £20,000 cap on total claims over a pet’s life will still apply. At present, none of our Fixed For Life customers have reached this limit.

What do customers need to do?

We will contact customers before their renewal by email.

They will receive their normal renewal email 28 days before their policy is due to renew.

If they are happy with the change they don’t have to do anything.

If they do not want to renew, they can let us know any time before their renewal date. They may wish to search around for another pet insurance provider so they have no gap in their cover.

If customers have any questions about the change please call us on 0345 340 4090 and select option 2.

Digby Bodenham
UK engagement team lead

Digby is an experienced journalist in various fields but has specialised in insurance for more than six years. Before joining ManyPets in 2013 he was part of the editorial teams of various magazines, including Retail Week and Drapers. He has a degree in journalism and a cat called Potato.