Megan’s on the High Street review: Brunch served sunny side up

26 March 2024 - 3 min read

It’s Sunday afternoon, we’re in London, we’re on dog sitting duty. To eat out today, there’s really only two acceptable options – a roast and vino at a dog-friendly pub OR an all-day brunch. So a quick TikTok search and a tube ride later, we find ourselves soaking up the bohemian vibes at Megan’s On The High Street in Kensington.

A lunch, brunch and evening restaurant, the Megan’s chain began life, bizarrely, as an antiques shop on the Kings Road in 2002. Since then, they’ve branched out to more London neighbourhoods, serving up Mediterranean-inspired food and eclectic, Insta-friendly interiors from Fulham to Balham. They’re also proudly dog-friendly, making it a great spot for us to take Ted.

“Stepping into the fairy-lit space felt like being transported somewhere much sunnier.”


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After a 5 minute walk from Kensington High Street tube station, we arrived at 1.30pm, which Google had dutifully warned us was a busy time to visit. Megan’s on the High Street are walk-in only until 3pm on the weekend, so we were fully prepared for a wait – but to our pleasant surprise the friendly wait staff found us a table within 5 minutes. They also immediately proved their dog-friendly credentials, providing Ted with a water bowl and, later on, a complimentary cup of doggy treats. 

On this blustery January day, stepping into the fairy-lit space felt like being transported somewhere much sunnier. No tree in this Megan’s, but an abundance of wicker lamp shades hang from the ceiling and macrame rope decor lines the walls; overall the feel is of a rustic, well-lit beach house. They even have a few romantic beach hut booths (decked out with fairy lights of course) but we weren’t lucky enough to nab one of those this time. 

Now for the most important bit: the food. With Ted settled at our feet we ordered a couple of coffees and - after much deliberation - the Megan’s brunch and their signature chicken open kebab. The brunch option - featuring sausage, eggs, mushroom, bacon, shakshuka and sourdough - while tasty, was slightly too greasy. The kebab on the other hand, was perfect. 

“The menu has some promising options for those with a sweet tooth and room to spare.”

The lesson learned? When ordering at Megan’s, stick to their specialties. We spied some scrumptious looking Turkish feasts and Mediterranean trays arriving at other tables, which are on the list to try for next time. 

As the portions were generous, we ended up skipping dessert. But the menu has some promising options for those with a sweet tooth and room to spare. There were also some excellent cocktails on offer, plus a price for 90 minutes of bubbles if you were thinking of turning your brunch bottomless.

In Kensington (and London in general) the prices at primo brunch spots can be, quite frankly, frightening. So it was with relief that we noted that our bill at Megan’s came in at a pretty average price point for a mid-range eatery in a big city. No, it wasn’t exactly cheap. But it’s definitely on the more affordable end in an area where a side of poached eggs could leave you filing for bankruptcy.

Brunch for us, lots of fuss and dog treats for Ted - what could be better? Megan’s on the High Street gets a solid four paws from us.

Scarlett White
Senior Copywriter

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