Order your pet prescriptions online

A cheaper way to get your pet's medication

Did you know you can use online pharmacies to get the same medication your vet would give you at cheaper prices? You can order at home and have them delivered to your door. And when you avoid expensive pet meds you're less likely to hit your pet insurance limit. Save time and money by taking control of your pet's prescription.

Why buy meds online?

More and more people are using online pet pharmacies, here's why.
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You don't have to go to the vet to buy medication. Order from home and have it delivered to your door.

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Protect your policy limit

Cheaper medication uses less of your pet insurance vet fee limit, giving you more room for other claims.


Lower prices

Online pharmacies usually charge much less for the same drugs that vets prescribe.

The benefits of online pharmacies

Getting a prescription from your vet and buying medication from a trusted online pet pharmacy is cheaper. Some medications cost as much as 70% less to buy online instead of from your vet.

We price-checked against ukpetdrugs.co.uk and other UK sites. But be aware prices vary across pet pharmacy products, sizes and retailers.

Even if you're claiming for your cat or dog's medication on your pet insurance, the price matters.

Think about your annual vet fee limit. If you’re using up a large portion of it on repeat prescriptions for regular medication, you’ll have less of that limit left to use if your pet has an accident or an unexpected illness.

It’s your vet fee limit – and ordering pet meds online lets you keep more of it for when your cat or dog really needs it. 

And ordering online is incredibly convenient. It saves time because you don't need to visit the vet to make your order and the medication will be delivered to your door.

Get your veterinary prescription and order online today

  • Don’t worry about asking your vet to write you a prescription. They have an obligation to help you get your pet’s medication in the way that’s cheapest and most convenient for you.
  • Shop around. Some online pet drug retailers are cheaper than others.
  • Check that your chosen pharmacy is Veterinary Medicines Directorate Approved and a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons – look for the VMD Accredited Retailer badge on their site.
  • It’s worry-free. A pharmacist will check your order and prescription – you can’t order the wrong drug or dosage.

Frequently asked questions

Everything else you may want to know about ManyPets claims.

Can vets charge for a prescription?

Your vet is allowed to charge you for a prescription, but this charge must be reasonable. They are also not allowed to discriminate against you because you’ve asked for a prescription, for example by charging you more for other goods or services.

How much is a prescription from a vet?

We found vet prescription fees ranging from £13 to £27.40 when we checked six practices in West Sussex, Devon, Scotland, Staffordshire, Gloucestershire and Tyne and Wear in August 2022.

The average vet prescription cost was £21.06.

Even when the cost of the prescription is taken into account, it usually works out cheaper to order pet medication online than from your vet.

Will my vet give me a prescription?

Your vet can’t refuse to give you a copy of your prescription if you ask for it, although they may charge you a reasonable amount for the time it takes them to write it out. Do remember to give your vet a call first as they may need 24-48 hours' notice to get your prescription ready.

Can I get a vet prescription online?

Although you can buy your pet’s prescription medication online, it’s not possible to have an online vet issue a prescription for them in the UK.

That’s because by law your dog or cat needs to be examined by a vet in person before they can write them a prescription.

What is the best online pet pharmacy?

You can read reviews of online vet pharmacies to help you decide which is the best. 

Not all websites will have the same prices, so make sure you compare and take shipping costs into account as well.

Are online pet pharmacies safe?

It’s as safe to buy your pet’s medication online as it is from your vet – it’s just a bit cheaper. 

A pharmacist will check your pet’s prescription before the medication is sent out, so you can’t accidentally order the wrong thing.

When can I order my prescription or claim?

If you're a ManyPets customer you can claim 24/7 using the online service in MyAccount. It's best to group as many documents as you can together (things like your consultation, treatment and prescription) and send them at once. And try to claim as soon as you can, rather than save up receipts and costs you've incurred over a few months.

What if the pharmacy refuses my prescription? 

Online Pharmacies will only reject prescriptions if: 

  • Your prescription is out of date 

  • You have ordered another dose of treatment too early 

  • The RCVS reference your vet has given is not registered 

  • There has been a mistake on the prescription form, and they need to communicate with you or your vet