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Mixed breeds are magical – but not invincible. Check out the cover options we have for them.

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What’s the difference between mixed breed and crossbreed dogs?

A mixed breed dog will have at least one parent who isn’t a pedigree or purebred. Their heritage will be a wonderful mix of three or more breeds, which means the pups are often blessed with the best traits of all of them. And they also enjoy lower risk of hereditary health conditions, which is a nice plus.

A crossbreed dog is slightly different. Their parents will be pedigrees or purebred, but from two different breeds. Many popular breeds, like Cockapoos and Labradoodles, fall into this category. Confused yet? Don’t worry, this article explains it in a bit more detail.


We insure lots of mixed and crossbreed dogs

Here are some of the most popular crossbreeds that we cover.

Can’t see your breed here, or not sure about their lineage? Don’t worry, we cover (nearly) all dog breeds. Start a quote today to find out how much your cover will cost.

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How much does pet insurance cost for mixed and crossbreed dogs?

The cost of any dog’s insurance depends on several factors. Their age, your location, their breed – it all has an impact. Why? Well for one, we know that some breeds are more prone to health conditions than others. Luckily, because of their genetic diversity, crossbreeds and mixed breeds are usually at lower risk of hereditary issues. That means they can often be cheaper to insure than pedigrees.

How do I buy or adopt a mixed breed dog?

When purchasing a puppy, it’s important to find a trustworthy breeder. There are many private sellers and puppy farms out there who put on a credible front while breeding dogs in terrible conditions using unethical practices. Not only is this cruel, but often produces sickly pups.

Your best bet is to go with a Kennel Club Assured breeder, or one with a licence. They should have up-to-date paperwork, have made sure your dog is microchipped, will provide all the information you need about your new pup and much more.

Adopting from a rescue centre is also an amazing way to bring a mixed breed dog into your life, while doing good at the same time.