Why accident-and-illness beats accident-only pet insurance

ManyPets pet insurance includes coverage for illnesses — not just accidents.

Pet Insurance should be there for your furry fam when the unexpected happens. That’s why unlike some other companies, ManyPets always pairs accident and illness coverage together.

  • Accident + illness coverage included in all policies
  • Fast direct deposit reimbursements
  • No annual payout limits, no hidden fees
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Why get accident + illness pet insurance instead of accident-only pet insurance?

Pets become ill all too frequently, even when they’re young. Sometimes those illnesses require extensive and costly veterinary care.

In fact, some of the most costly pet insurance claims are for illnesses. ManyPets has received numerous illness-related claims that have run over $10,000. With pet insurance for accidents only, you’d never get a single cent of that money back.

Pet parents shouldn’t be punished just because their furry family member suffers from the wrong category of health condition. From cancer to emergency treatments, it’s all just vet care to ManyPets.

A closer look

How does ManyPets pet insurance compare to the competition?

Here's how ManyPets stacks up against other pet insurance companies

Many Pets NationwidePetsBestHealthyPawsLemonade
Policy Details
No Annual Limits
Not included Included Included Included
No Condition-Specific Waiting Periods
Included Not included Not included Not included
No fees (Sign-up, Interest, Claims-handling)
IncludedCosts ExtraCosts Extra Included
Accident & Illness
Sick Visit Exam Fees
Included Included Not includedCosts Extra
Pre-existing conditions 18 Mos12 MosPost 18 MosAnytime Before Policy12 Mos
Chiropractic & Acupuncture
Included Included Not includedOptional
Dental Illness
Not included Included Not included Not included
Hereditary Conditions
Not included Included Included Included
Diagnostic Testing
Included Included Included Included
Vet Specialists
Included Not included Included Included
Cancer Treatment
Included Included Included Included
Wellness Plan
Routine Checkups
Included Included Not included Included
Preventive care
Included Included Not included Included
Dental Cleanings
Included Included Not included Included
Holistic Care
Included Not included Not included Included
Customer service
Live Chat Available
Not included Included Not included Not included
24/7 Tele-Vet Coming Soon Included Included Not included Not included

Comparisons are based on quotes manually taken from each competitor's website in 2022. These are subject to change at any time.

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What’s excluded in an accident-only policy?

Pet Insurance should be there for your furry fam when the unexpected happens. That’s why unlike some other companies, ManyPets always pairs accident and illness coverage together.

So what does accident-only pet insurance cover? Just sudden events that cause injury to your pet — nothing else.

If you’re thinking of purchasing accident-only pet insurance coverage with another company, you should know what’s excluded from these policies:

  • Coverage for any and all illnesses, regardless of cause.

  • With some companies that offer accident-only policies: Cruciate ligament conditions and luxating patella. (Yes, some accident-only policies exclude these as illnesses, even though they may present as injuries.)

Is accident-only pet insurance worth it?

It doesn’t take long to assess the pros and cons of accident-only pet insurance. The cons are endless. The biggest pro is that you might pay somewhat lower premiums.

But even with the best accident-only pet insurance, those savings can be extremely deceptive. If you have to pay for 100% of illness treatments out of pocket throughout your pet’s life, there’s a very strong chance your bank account will be worse off in the long run.

It is true that some pets (particularly senior dogs or cats) already suffer from a number of pre-existing conditions that aren’t eligible for coverage. But those pets might still sprain a paw while chasing a frisbee in the park. In these specific cases, an accident-only plan might make sense. But for a dog who’s likely to be eligible for significant illness coverage, the risks badly outweigh any potential savings.

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Accident-only pet insurance and pre-existing conditions?

Even if your pet comes down with an illness that’s not a pre-existing condition, it still won’t be covered under an accident-only policy.

And here’s where matters get even worse: If you then decide that you’d like to purchase illness coverage after all, it’ll be too late.

Now the illness WILL be pre-existing and therefore excluded from coverage, even if you switch pet insurance companies.

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From substantial reimbursements to outstanding support, hear from our customers about life in the ManyPets pack.
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Insurance for all your woofs and meows.

ManyPets offers insurance* for dogs and cats of all ages, including puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats, and older dogs and cats. Get information on options for the whole furry family.



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Save on preventative care

ManyPets Wellness Plan for Dogs

  • Routine exams and vaccinations
  • Prevention for fleas, ticks, and heartworm
  • Professional cleanings and at-home dental care
  • Vitamins, supplements, and more
We've got answers

Pet Insurance FAQS

Why do all ManyPets policies cover both illnesses and accidents?

In our experience, accident-only pet insurance can be a risky gamble and is often not worth it. The one benefit is that you may wind up paying lower premiums than with an Accident and Illness Policy. However, all illnesses will be ineligible for coverage. What you gain in premium costs, you may well lose in out-of-pocket veterinary costs. If your pet develops a particularly costly illness while insured under an accident-only policy, you may even find yourself in a situation where you can’t afford treatment at all.

What does accident-only coverage mean for pre-existing conditions?

Unfortunately, any illness that arises while your pet is covered under an accident-only policy will become a pre-existing condition. This means that the illness will now be ineligible for coverage, even if you buy an accident-and-illness policy or switch pet insurance companies.

How does ManyPets pet insurance work?

We make it easy with three (3) simple steps:

Step 1: When your pet is sick or injured, visit any licensed veterinarian in the U.S. for diagnosis and treatment, and pay as usual at checkout (don’t forget to ask for a copy of your itemized vet bill). 

Step 2: Simply submit a claim online through 'My Account,' including a copy of your itemized vet bill and the details of your recent vet visit.

Step 3: Sit back and relax while we process your claim. We’ll send you regular updates via email so that you can track our progress.  If approved, we’ll pay you back for everything we cover up to your copay amount and after you’ve met your yearly deductible. 

Can I change pet insurance with a pre-existing condition?

You can always change pet insurance, but if you do, any pre-existing conditions will likely cease to be covered by any provider, even if you switch back to ManyPets. So think long and hard before switching. 

Can I cancel my pet insurance policy at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your insurance policy at any time. You’ll still be responsible for the current month’s premium, but you won’t be billed after that. If you cancel within the first 30 days of your policy effective date (15 days in Pennsylvania), you’ll receive a full premium refund if you haven’t yet claimed. 

Do all vets accept cat insurance?

You can pick any vet you want! Just FYI, most vets don’t work directly with insurance providers. Instead, you’ll just simply submit your claim directly to ManyPets, and we’ll directly reimburse you for your vet visit.

Do all vets accept dog insurance?

ManyPets doesn’t work directly with veterinarians. Instead pet parents simply submit their claim directly to ManyPets, and we’ll reimburse you for any approved claims directly. Pick any licensed vet — no networks!

Does ManyPets pet insurance cover regular or routine vet visits?

ManyPets insurance only covers vet costs related to accidents or illnesses.

However, ManyPets does offer an optional, non-insurance Wellness Plan, which can be purchased in addition to insurance. The plan reimburses routine and preventative care for pets, up to the plan's available limits.

*ManyPets analyzes every claim on its own merits, subject to the terms and conditions of your policy. Exclusions apply, including those for pre-existing conditions. Only claims unrelated to an excluded treatment or condition are eligible for coverage.

**According to Forbes Advisor’s “Best Pet Insurance of 2023”