Insurance Emporium Pet Insurance Review

7 March 2022 - 4 min read

How does Emporium Pet Insurance compare to ManyPets?

All ManyPets policies are lifetime pet insurance. The Insurance Emporium offer three different cover levels of lifetime policy.

Lifetime pet insurance means the vet fee cover level resets every year you renew so it can cover ongoing illness and conditions throughout the lifetime of your pet.

Insurance Emporium's highest cover level fee of £8,000 which is £7,000 less than the £15,000 vet fee cover available with ManyPets's Complete lifetime policy. You can choose a lower vet fee with ManyPets's Regular and Value policies if you don't need that much cover.

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Pet insurance with up to £15,000 vet fee cover.

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With Insurance Emporium, you can choose the level of cover you want which are listed under the three categories of: Bronze, Silver and Gold. For their Lifetime policy, Insurance Emporium's cover levels are: £2,500 (Bronze), £5,000 (Silver) and £8,000 (Gold) if you choose a lunar monthly policy. If you instead choose a yearly policy the cover levels are lower: £2,000 (Bronze), £4,500 (Silver) and £6,500 (Gold).

If you choose a lunar policy it costs more over a period of 12 months than a yearly policy.

Insurance Emporium also offer less comprehensive time-limited and maximum benefit (sometimes known as 'per condition') policies. Alongside an accident only and a standalone public liability policy.

One main difference between the two companies is that ManyPets policies cover conditions that ended more than two years ago. We also offer a policy that can cover more recent pre-existing conditions. Any conditions that occur in the three months before your policy starts are covered once they have been free from treatment, medication or advice for at least three months..

ManyPets customers can claim for dental treatment if they choose our Complete policy. You'll still need to make sure your pet has a dental checkup with a vet at least once a year for any claims to be valid.

When making a claim, ManyPets customers can use an online claims process without having to fill in any paper forms. With Insurance Emporium customers will need to download a claim form which should be completed and returned.

ManyPets offers a multi-pet discount of up to 15% for more than one pet insured on the same policy (our multi-pet discount is not currently available on our Value 2k policy). This is higher than the 10% multi-pet discount on offer from The Insurance Emporium.

If you're worried about your pet and need quick advice, ManyPets customers can get free 24/7 unlimited access to video consultations with a qualified veterinary professional. This service is provided as part of their partnership with FirstVet. Insurance Emporium currently do not provide any video or telephone help service for customers.

We've compared the top levels of cover that we and The Insurance Emporium offer. The table uses our Complete policy.

ManyPetsThe Insurance Emporium
Highest level of vet fee cover£15,000 (Lifetime)£8,000
Video vet calls as standardYes (24/7 video vet call through FirstVet)No
Claims waiting period is removed if you switch to the providerYesNo
Excess payableOnce a yearPer new claim
Multi-pet discountDiscount of up to 15% for pets insured on the same policy (our multi-pet discount is not currently available on our Value 2k policy)10%
Cover for dental accidents and illnessYes  (Up to full vet fee limit)No

What types of Pet Insurance does The Insurance Emporium offer?

The Insurance Emporium is a trading name of The Equine and Livestock Insurance Company Limited (E&L), which has been in business for over 70 years and also offers its own pet policies.

The Insurance Emporium offers pet insurance for dogs and cats and has a range of cover levels available. It offers lifetime, maximum benefit (also known as per condition) and time limited policies and for each of these it has Gold, Silver and Bronze cover levels.

It also offers accident only and liability only policies.

Find out about the definitions of insurance types with our pet insurance FAQs.

Here are some of The Insurance Emporium key pet insurance cover levels:


Vet fees Gold £8,000, Silver £5,000, Bronze £2,500 Death or loss of pet Gold £1,500, Silver £1,250, Bronze £1,000

Maximum benefit

Vet fees Gold £7,500, Silver £4,500, Bronze £2,000 Death or loss of pet Gold £1,500, Silver £1,250, Bronze £1,000

Time limited

Vet fees Gold £6,000, Silver £4,000, Bronze £1,500 Death or loss of pet Gold £1,500, Silver £1,250, Bronze £1,000

All policies include £1.5m of public liability cover and range of cover levels for things like holiday cancellation, accidental damage and boarding kennel fees.

The Accident Only policy covers £3,000 of vet fees for claims relating to accidents, not illness.

The Public Liability Only policy features £1.5m for liability claims and no other cover.

Policies can be taken out on a lunar monthly basis, meaning they renew every 28 days, or a yearly basis. lunar monthly works out more expensive over the year but you get higher cover limits.

The Insurance Emporium offers separate policies for senior pets (over eight years old). The cover is largely the same, though some of the terms may differ (see your policy documents for details).

Cover for death does not include pets over the age of eight that die as a result of an illness.

Certain claims, such as death and loss by theft or straying, will be reduced by 50% if the pet is over the age of six.

Excess fees apply to vet fees claims (calculated by policy type and cover level) and public liability claims (£250).

Optional extras including European cover, National Pet Register, legal helpline, euthanasia and cremation and premium waiver are available for an added premium.

Is behaviour training covered by The Insurance Emporium Pet Insurance?

The following exclusion appears on the Insurance Emporium’s terms of policy: “Costs arising from vicious tendencies or behavioural problems shown by your pet or as a result of worrying livestock.”

The company also states that it will not cover pets who are known to have vicious tendencies or behavioural problems unless they have been previously told about this and have accepted it in writing.

Behavioural treatment covered up to your vet fee limit.

How much does pet insurance from The Insurance Emporium cost?

The cost of pet insurance is affected by many different factors, including the type and breed of pet, the pet’s age and medical conditions, and the owner’s postcode.

Are promotional codes available for The Insurance Emporium Pet Insurance?

We couldn’t find any promo codes for The Insurance Emporium products online.

The company offers a 20% introductory discount to new customers (for the first year’s premium only), and a 10% discount for customers insuring two or more pets.

Make sure you take these discounts into account so you don't get a nasty shock from a steep increase in premiums in the second year.

How to make a claim on The Insurance Emporium Pet Insurance?

Step 1: Take your pet to the vet to be treated.

Step 2: Contact The Insurance Emporium asap in one of the following ways:

By post: The Insurance Emporium, Thorpe Underwood Hall, Ouseburn, York, YO26 9SS

By email:

Or by phone: [03300 244 006](tel:03300 244 006)

Step 3: The Insurance Emporium will send you a claim form – fill in the parts relevant to you and sign it.

You can also download the claim form on the company’s website.

Step 4: Ask your vet to fill in the sections of the form relevant to them.

Step 5: Send the form, along with all the relevant documents to The Insurance Emporium, by post or email (using the addresses detailed above)

Step 6: The Insurance Emporium will acknowledge the receipt of your form within two working days. According to the company’s website, they aim to assess all claims within five working days and issue payment for successful claims within 10 working days.

If you need more help call The Insurance Emporium’s customer helpline on [03300 244 005](tel:03300 244 005).

Other services available from The Insurance Emporium

The Insurance Emporium offers a wide range of insurance products, including Motor Insurance, Equine Insurance, Caravan Insurance, Wedding Insurance, Life Insurance, Camera Insurance and Home Insurance.

We were voted Pet Insurance Provider of the Year in the 2022 MoneyFacts Consumer Awards.

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